Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Everything and the moon

Victoria was waiting for someone and he was late, so she called his name "Robert" and a man appeared but it was not the Robert she was waiting for. Robert was in his father's land and he found a girl that was really beautiful and when she called he stepped out from his hiding place. Victoria was shocked that a handsome man stepped out instead of a boy and this man introduced himself as the son of an earl. She liked him and there was something that made her heart feel something. Robert decided that he has fallen in love and they spent most of their time together. Since she was new to the place, he showed her around and explored places together. It was such good time and two months down the road Robert wanted to be more intimate and decided to marry her. 

Robert told Victoria that he will inform his father before visiting Victoria's father (the vicar of the town) to ask for permission. Robert's father, the earl of Macclesfield did not approve of his decision and said to disown him and leave him with nothing if he were to marry Victoria. Robert did not care for his father's money and told Victoria that they will elope. Victoria's father kept telling her that Robert was lying and would never marry someone like her. Both fathers were not in favor of the relationship hence eloping was the only way. Robert planned everything well and they were to meet in the middle of the night at the road down Victoria's house. Victoria was sneaking out of the house but she hit something and it landed on the floor which woken her father up. Her father was furious and could see she was trying to run and he tied her up in her bedroom along with her sister Ellie. Robert waited an hour but she did not show up so he went to her house and looked into her window where he found Victoria sleeping which made him furious and also proved his father's words that she only wanted him for the money were true and so he went to London. 

The next day Victoria was untied and when she had the chance, she went out her window and ran to Robert's place but only to find that he had left for London. The earl told her that Robert never wanted to marry her in the first place. Victoria was heart broken and the earl suggested that she should leave the district so that no one would learn of her affair with Robert. She left and for seven years she has been a governess. Now she was at a home taking care of a young boy and the mother has a terrible character but she had no choice. Lady Hollingwood was going to have some guest over for a few days and told Victoria to act properly and not be seen too much in the house. Victoria was chasing after Neville and found that he was in the hedgerow maze but in the end she was lost and left alone there. For hours she just sat on the ground and hope for someone to discover her and suddenly she heard voices of a couple. They were getting closer and it was an awkward situation which in the end she was found. To her surprise, the couple was Robert and another lady who was someone's wife.

Everything and the Moon  by Julia Quinn about a love at first sight that came into trouble and parted ways. Many years down the road the couple never thought that they would meet again and they both were furious with each other. This book is the first book of the Lyndon sisters which I did not realize and I purchase the second book and read it first. So I have purchased this book to read about Eleanor's elder sister and it was an okay book because I loved Eleanor's story more. This book plot's was not the type where you know what was coming and I liked that but it wasn't as funny as Brighter than the sun. Still this book was well written with good plots and of course an ending that I wanted.  In the future I might just pick it back up and read all the parts that I love but not really the whole book. Some plots were really exciting and those were my favorite. Overall it was a book that worth my money and I'm glad I read it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fifty Shades Freed

Ana is having a great time alone with Christian in their honeymoon. As she lay down sunbathing she recalled how her wedding was and how the start of her honeymoon was. It was the best time of her life because she get to spend so much time with Christian in Europe where she wanted to visit all her life. Sadly during their trip something happened in Christian's office and she spent less time with him because he had to deal with it through the phone. Returning home, they were followed by an unknown person and a car chase happened. Too much things happened and the family is not safe at all. Is Ana's happiness at stake here? Her happy ending doesn't seem to be all happy but more dangerous.

 Fifty Shades Freed by E L James is the last book of the trilogy where Ana and Christian's married life is told. Marriage is not the end but just the beginning of their family and danger lurks just around the corner. The ending to the book is predictable but it's an ending that I liked. This book is definitely more exciting than the second but not as much as the first. I loved how new scenarios make the couple react differently. The relationships of other characters of the book also have an ending for them which I like. The best part of the book is definitely the climax of the story as I was anticipating how the heroine and hero will be acting. In terms of writing style it has been consistent through all three books. Again I love the conversations of the characters which makes me motivated to finish the book. Honestly I would not pick up this book to read again in the near future but maybe 10-15 years I just might. This book is an okay book to keep but if you bought one you should have the whole trilogy anyway. If you do not plan to buy it just go borrow it. Have fun reading!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The perks of being a wallflower

Charlie is a boy who just entered high school as a freshman. He has his fears as he is not popular and extremely shy. He writes to a person anonymously telling that person his life. He writes about school life, his friends and his family. He tells the person what happens but not on a daily basis. It tells how Charlie made new friends, read many books, watched The Rock Horror Picture Show and music. He is a wallflower because what he sees he doesn't tell, what he knows he just keeps.

The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is a book about a boy growing up. He watches people and slowly he tries to participate in life. He makes new friends and have all sorts of experience with them. This book is just okay to me, nothing special even though a movie was made. I picked up this book without reading any reviews and I just based it that since there's a movie it will be good. I was wrong and I think it's because I can't relate to the book. Yes it's about growing up but my growing up in south east Asia is very different than the States. Parents discipline us differently, education was different and cultures are different.  

There is nothing in common in that book compared to my growing up days but it does make me think back. To compare I think my growing up days might be boring but it was good because all was safe and sound as I did not attempt dangerous stuff like the characters in the booking smoking pots and cigarettes. One thing I learn from the writing is the letters greatly convey the personality of Charlie. From the way he writes you could slowly read his personality besides his participation in the stories. 

Honestly I would not pick up this book the second time to read. It did not make a great impression with me because it's a typical slice of life book. I have seen many slice of life Japanese animation to compare with and those are much much better in terms of story line. The book is quite thin so I kinda regret buying the book, I should have just waited for the movie. But since the book is like this, I think I might not watch the movie even though my favorite actress is in it. If you're still interested in the book, go to a library and borrow it from a friend, to me it wasn't worth my money.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fifty Shades Darker

Sadly without looking at the book and flipping it's pages I couldn't recall what the second book was about. This just proves that it did not make any impression till I could remember like the first book. The only thing I could remember is unlocking more of Mr. Christian Grey's past. This will be the shortest book review I've written. The only thing interesting about this book is Christian's past and regarding Ana she just same old same old. I didn't feel much character development from her and also other characters in the book. I could finish the first book within days and this book took longer because it didn't grasp my attention well. The writing is still the same, there is a little bit of development in their relationships. The romantic behavior of Christian Grey is as usual and sometimes a bit too dreamy. 

I wouldn't read this book again and again because it's just too bland. Am I looking forward to the next book? It's just a little and there is no rush in starting the third book nor finishing it fast because this book let me down. The excitement from the first book did not continue here and I have little hope how great the next  and final one will be. I'm disappointed but I still read it because I gave it a chance and I bought the set already. If you bought the set then you should read it, if you have not then wait for discount or borrow the book to read, it's not really worth your money.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions!!

The first day of the year has always been a holiday for me through my years. Even though it is a holiday it's not a day I actually enjoy because when I was young it was a day I feared. What I feared when I was in school days was I was going to start a new school year which results in having to learn new subjects, having new teachers and exams all over again. Among all those that I fear, growing older is a fear of mine. Every now and then I have the same fear and it's because I always feel I could have done more this year. So this year my biggest goal is I must do more than I did last year. It is something that is really general but I hope every night I will evaluate the day and make goals for the next day. I have put a lot of thought into my resolutions that will put me closer to my dream coming true.

  • Exercise more (hopefully twice a week)
  • Eat healthily (more greens, more water, more fruits and less fast food)
  • Read 50 books (trying to achieve this again this year)
  • Separate my book reviews elsewhere
  • Blog more often (I have this every year because sometimes I'm lazy and I  need to stop this habit)
  • Become more positive (I'm a pessimist)
  • No excuses for laziness
These resolutions are what I believe that will help improve my lifestyle and also bring me one step closer to my goal. It's hard to achieve it but saying it's hard is a negative thinking so I'm trying to switch to I can do it, I can grow more and I can be better than I was before. I won't say I will try but say I can instead and instead of hoping I will make it an action. Let's all work harder towards a better tomorrow and grow as a person. Happy New Year!! 2013 will be a great year! Lots of love to everyone all over the world. 
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