Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review of 2013

It felt like time really flew by quickly this year. It has been a tough year at the beginning months and those events really help me grew and gave me more insights. After some struggles, the following months was more calm and I'm grateful for that. The thing that changed was  my attitude and my maturity that I believe have been better now. Nearing the last few days of the year, I would think back and review my year, assessing how well I've progressed. Then I look at my resolutions post that I made at the start of the new and see whether I have achieved any of it. Sadly I only manage just a few. 

  • Exercise more (hopefully twice a week)  did not achieve this
  • Eat healthily (more greens, more water, more fruits and less fast food) I did it! I actually ate very little fast food which is less than 10 times
  • Read 50 books I manage to read 37 books where 2012 I only read 27 and there were many great books, great reading year!
  • Separate my book reviews elsewhere I did not work on it at all =(
  • Blog more often I did not blog more than 2012 sadly
  • Become more positive I think I am slightly more positive but there is room for improvement
  • No excuses for laziness I did get lazy in my skin care sometimes but I did not slack on my book reviews for every book I read in 2013 I did a review.
I think I could have done better especially on exercising. In terms of getting closer to my dreams, I am quite far behind. Overall, it's been a calm and good year for me as I know there are many who have to struggle more. I am quite fortunate to be where I am now and I'm thankful to have the people I love beside to support me. As I end the year feeling grateful of my life and slight regret on my laziness, it is a must that I have new resolutions which I will do in a new post. Goodbye 2013 and thank you for being good to me.

Anna Dressed in Blood

Cas Lowood is a ghost hunter and he sends them to the place they were meant to go with his athame. The athame is a special knife that is passed down in his family. It's now his because his father was killed in a hunt and that was very long time ago. It takes some time for Cas to get a ghost because he needed to investigate before confronting the ghost. After Cas is done, he will move to a new town where his source provides him information. His mom and him are already quick packers because this is their lifestyle, go to a new town, eliminate the ghost then on to the next mission.

Cas and his mom moved to a new town in Canada after receiving information from his source Daisy. According to the rumours, the ghost Anna was on her way to prom in a white dress and she was murdered. When she was found, her throat slit and the blood soaked her white dress red hence she's called Anna dressed in blood. Cas could not help but think of the thrill of a new target, what will Anna do to him when she sees him and what kind of tricks will she pull.

Cas picked a school to enroll in and from there he would gather information about Anna. When it was lunch time, Cas could quickly locate the socialite or popular person in the school. He sat down at Carmel's table and introduced himself and Carmel was a friendly person who quickly invited him to a party. Tonight at the party Cas would have to find out Anna's location.

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake is a paranormal series where boy meets girl but girl is dead. This book is a first for me when reading about ghost as I'm quite new to the paranormal genre for young adult books. I quite enjoyed it because the characters of the book were wonderful and surprising. The plots of the book was good and smooth. I wouldn't say that this book is fast pace nor is it slow. Every event that happens fit into place fantastically.

This book is a page turner for me as I wanted to know more about the heroine of the book and I wanted more character development from her. The mystery behind the heroine is well thought out and definitely entertained me. I kept on reading because of the mystery and it was revealed at a good timing I say. The turn of events was also surprising which captured me and I decided that I would read more from this author. Overall this is a unique paranormal book for me and I really liked it. I don't know what to expect for the next book since the ending seemed quite conclusive so I'm excited to read it. Sadly, I'm not so in love with it till I'll reread within the year but maybe in the future but it's a book that I will recommend to paranormal lovers.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lola and the Boy Next Door

Lola is a person who never dresses the same thing twice and everyday she would be in a different outfit. That's her personality and it's the special thing about her. Lola currently has a boyfriend called Max who is 22 years old making him 5 year older. Her parents (who are gay partners) can't really accept him and to have a good watch over them, Max is invited to have Sunday brunch every week. When they both go out, Lola have to often call to check in with her parents.

It was a usual Sunday where her parents often questions Max's decision in not going to college at brunch. Max is the lead singer of his rock band and Lola met him in a club where she was allowed to go for the first time. He approached her after his performance and asked for her number. After a few dates and finding out that Lola was really young (which Max didn't mind) they manage to start dating.

Lola kept bugging to leave that morning and was told to bring her dog for a walk while her parents chat with Max. So Lola took her dog for a walk and she saw that new neighbors were moving in. Lola was feeling nervous and she glanced to hope that "the family" is not back. After her walk, she fussed to leave for her date soon and grabbed all the plates on the table to clear it. She looked out the window and manage to peek at the neighbor which was who she feared Calliope Bell and all the plates were smashed by her shock.

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins is just as wonderful as her first book. The author's series is the type where characters from the first book has a slight involvement but ultimately it's a new love story. This book picks off in the timeline where Anna and St Clair has left Paris and studying in college this year but they are not the main, it's Anna's coworker that is the main heroine. I love how simple this story is again with a plot that is smooth and the pace is just perfect.

The personalities of the characters dictate how they response to events happening in their lives. I love that these characters like the first book is just as real a person in reality. The young love that is depicted in the story is fantastically real and it is often how teenagers would have reacted. This book is just a joy to read because the events happening to the characters are so surprising and lovely. I enjoyed the feelings that I've gotten from reading the book which reminds me of my teenage years but I only had one sided love though. A definite page turner that kept me glued to the pages. I loved the ending and because it met my expectations well. When I'm in for a innocent, young and simple love story I will reread this book for sure.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Anna and the French Kiss

It's Anna final year in high school and she was looking forward to it but then her father decided to transfer to Paris. Anna was to experience new culture and complete her final year there. Anna was sad to leave her best friend behind and also there was a potential boyfriend in the picture. That summer holiday, Anna was working in a cinema and she meet Toph there whereby something sparked between them. On her final day at work, they kissed and Anna was hoping they would start dating but not anymore. Anna's parents were there to help her with the orientation week and both her parents left on the night before class started the next day.

After they have left, Anna could not helped but cry because she was in a new place all alone. There was a knock at her door and her next door neighbor came to offer her a cup of hot chocolate to comfort her. Anna felt slightly calm and went back to her room where she bumped into a guy who was really handsome. That guy was looking for her neighbor Meredith. The next day, Anna decided to go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast and Meredith invited her to join her table of friends. There he was the guy she bumped into last night whose name is St Clair. There were two more person at the table which is Josh and Rashmi who are a couple. Anna went to order breakfast with St Clair's help because it was written in french. St Clair is such a nice guy to Anna and she could not help but feel something, unfortunately he has a girlfriend who is a year older which graduated from this high school.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is a contemporary young adult novel. I have to say that this book makes me happy, thrilled, swoon and also envious. It's a simple book with a love story that is quite true in reality. Reading this book makes me envious of all the young innocent love that teenagers have and it's so sweet. I had a lot of fun reading this book and throughout the book it was just capturing to me. I kept reading to find out what happens to the characters' lives. 

I love the flow of the book because it's just perfect for the whole story and there isn't any complaints from me. The author did a good job with the characters as they are really people who are real and they also make you get drawn in. Those characters in the book are real to me because they're not perfect and they have flaws too, the handsome boy has a flaw, the pretty girl also have flaws which made the story feel real. The feeling that I get after finishing the book is I wished I had a love story like that. I'm also impressed by the author and can't wait to read her next book. This book is a good book to reread and can be finished quickly because it's a page turner. I will definitely reread because it gave me such good feelings at the end.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Sum of All Kisses

Lord Hugh Prentice made a mistake three years ago and it was a costly mistake. This mistake cost him to unable to walk properly, it was a mistake that affected many people. Lady Sarah Pleinsworth hates Hugh because he ruined her relatives which made her life hell and she did not get to début on her first year. That season 14 couples got married and she missed the chance. She hate him because of that and also that her cousin was exiled from the country to hide from Hugh's father as he wanted to kill him for causing his son to be crippled.

It was Honoria's wedding weekend and Hugh was invited to the wedding to show society that her brother Daniel and Hugh have resolved their problems. One of the cousins of Honoria and Sarah was to sit at the head  table but he fell ill so Honoria asked Hugh to replace him and his partner is Sarah. Sarah was not pleased that she had to sit there with him but it was better than with Cousin Arthur. Honoria also asked for a favour from Sarah to accompany and make Hugh were welcomed this weekend. Sarah is best at chatting with people and making them feel welcomed so the task was hers to do. Sarah hates him and Hugh just can't understand women like her but they're forced to be each other's company for the wedding weekend.

The Sum of all Kisses by Julia Quinn is the third book of the Smythe-Smith quartet. At the start of this book, it dwells quite a bit on the past to explain some things that are significant to the characters. I find the story a bit slow at the beginning  and midway but the pace quickens nearing the end of the book. I feel that I know the hero quite well but the heroine on the other hand I do not know her well enough. I feel that the heroine did not get enough emphasis on her personality at all.

This book is not romantic enough and I feel that more could happen between the characters before they fall in love with each other. I would love if more events and incidents for the couple happened in the book. The conversations were good and the involvement of the other characters from the previous books were good too. The book was only okay for me because it did not feel that it made the same impression as the previous two books in the quartet series. I absolutely love the other characters of the first two books but these two characters was just fine for me. I doubt I would reread this book as it did not have the all the romantic and funniness that matched the author's usual writing. I'm sad to say I was slightly disappointed because I usually have a lot of fun reading Julia Quinn's books.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Clockwork Princess

Tessa is trying on her wedding dress as Jem and her has decided to get married in December. The dress was gold in color not like the traditional white because it's a shadow hunter custom. Someone knocked on the door and apparently it was Jem telling Charlotte and Tessa that Gabriel Lightwood came to the institute asking for help. Everyone was gathered where Gabriel was and he explained the situation. His father had turned into a demon and Gabriel needed help to find it.

Cecily who is Will's younger sister showed up two months ago wanting to be a shadowhunter insisted on following the boys and Henry. Tessa also went with them to go but it was not agreeable by Will that the two girls went along. Once they reached the Lightwoods' house, Gideon noticed that his sister's carriage was there and was worried that something might have happen to Tatiana. They all divided themselves and searched the house for the worm. Tessa followed Jem, Will and Cecily but Will told her to wait by the carriage and then they saw a female figure running towards them.

It was Tatiana and she described a monster pulled her husband out of the carriage and went to the Italian gardens. All of them moved towards the garden and suddenly Tatiana muttered her husband's name. In the hedge, there was a man's boot protruding and that was all that was left of Tatiana's husband. Tatiana screamed as she was devastated and they rushed to her thinking there was trouble. Suddenly, the ground exploded where dirt and mud was geysering into the sky and in the center there was an enormous pale grayish-white color blind serpent.

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare is the final book in the infernal devices trilogy. I am so happy with tears while I read the ending, it was just so beautiful and so unexpected for me. Throughout the whole book, the plots were fantastic and there wasn't a dull moment or any parts that I felt were not  necessary. It was such a journey following the characters. I felt their emotions strongly and it was just so wonderful. This book was hard to finish because I did not want it to end not that it was bad. It was too good to finish quickly but then again I wanted to know the ending eagerly too. I was really conflicted as I couldn't put down a good book that I did not want to end.

The characters were fantastic and with new people added into the story I felt that it was just good to the plots. Every character grew and they were so essential to the whole series. If those characters were real I would really love to meet them, know them and be close to them. Besides loving the characters and the plots, I also love that the title of each chapter is related to some short poems and snippets of classical works. It was fun reading some poems before you continue your story and it also makes you curious to search on those authors who were quoted in the book. 

I do not know what else to praise about this book. I can only say that it left me with the same feeling when I finished the last Harry Potter book. That feeling is love, admiration, joy, excitement and a big grin on my face after I was done. It would be a shock if I told you that this book is not a page turner. One last thing that I love about this book is how it slowly relates to the Mortal Instruments series and you can slightly pain a picture or mapping of the timeline for the families involved. This is really a story like no other, I know I have not read many young adult fantasy but I can say I have read none that is similar at all. Lastly I would like to say that this book would make a great movie and if it does not happen you can always use your imagination to picture your version of this series. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Keeping up with dreams

I haven't been writing a post like this for a long time because I wasn't sure I should put my thoughts and feelings into words. For most of this year I have been trying to chase my dreams slowly but surely and at one point which was some months ago I thought of giving up as I couldn't see much results in it. I told myself that I'm working hard and I did but after reviewing myself I know that it's not enough.

I don't only have one dream and hence I have too many things to work on and thus I easily get distracted. I think I can multi task and handle more than one thing but it's easy to lose focus too. Even being a person who is persistence it isn't enough, you must really want it so bad, work so hard that even if you're tired you don't feel it. Reading is like that to me, even when I'm tired I still wanted to read and this passion is something that lasted longest in me. 

Blogging is also a passion but I'm reluctant to write about personal things here. When it comes to reviewing I sometimes feel that I'm not qualified enough to do so and I worry much about view of others. I know all these are setbacks and excuses to just give up but I do have a small glimmer of hope and so I continue to blog when I feel like it. When I know I have to do something I always have the negative thought of it first before thinking of the positive effect. I look at the bad side of things before the brighter side and this is a major hold and myself committing to my dreams.

When those things came that I do some self reflecting I'm quite saddened by the result as I'm clearly far from my dreams and achieving something I should have been able to. The person holding me back is myself and since it was so clear it still is not enough. I know it is time to act more and think less because all those thoughts will just come rushing in and clouding up my passion and enthusiasm. After writing this, I feel a slight relieve that I am able to admit to the world I didn't work hard enough and that's why I am not where I thought I would be now. So end of my emotional episode, less thinking more working. I hope whoever who has many dreams and you really want it, don't think too much but work on it. Use the energy as efficient as you can and slowly but surely you will be there.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Clockwork Prince

Tessa and Jem traveled to Westminster Abbey as there was a meeting there with the council. Jem was showing Tessa something and then they stumble upon Will at that time and all three headed to the amphitheater. Charlotte, Henry and Jessamine was already there and they entered late. Tessa could see that the Lightwoods were there and also some other shadowhunters who had came for a meeting before the de Quincey ambush. At the center of the meeting was Consul Wayland and the Inquisitor as well. Charlotte explained the whole situation about Mortmain on what happened with the de Quincey raid to the institute being attacked.

Benedict said that Charlotte was not fit to run the institute since she could not see that there was a spy under their roof which was Tessa's brother and easily allowed Mortmain to attack. Benedict Lightwood challenged for her position and was supported by 3 more shadowhunters. In order to make matters fair, Consul Wayland gave the task of finding Mortmain within 2 weeks for Charlotte. If she could not prove herself then she would lose her place in the institute. Since Charlotte will be busy searching for Mortmain, Benedict offered his two sons to train Sophie and Tessa to be combat ready. Charlotte was upset with Consul Wayland's decision but she had no other choice. They all went back to the institute and began to investigate everything about Mortmain and why he hated the shadowhunters.

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare  is the second book to the infernal devices trilogy. It continues where the first book has left off which was Mortmain escaping and also killing two servants of the London Institute when he attacked. I love how the story continues smoothly from the first to second book and the plots are just wonderful. There are so many beautiful scenes and dialogues that I love and some humor here and there too. I was amazed by the first book and this book really tops it and made the story even better than it was.

I have to say that this book covers it's mysteries really well leaving no room for flaws in the story. From the start till the end the characters draw me in and I could not help feeling the same as they do. I really really love the main characters of the book because their personality, actions and emotions are just so real. There is just so much happening to a person that it's so acceptable that those people are reacting the way they do. The author did not just wholly focus on the main characters but also gave many of the side characters room to grow and change. The interactions of all the characters and how they grow is what makes this book so interesting besides the plot of course.

I honestly get really excited when there are plots about relationships and I couldn't stop reading and just wanted more of it.  The climax and the ending of this book was fantastic and I know I can expect good things from the final book. A fantastic page turner and the author manage to keep us readers on our toes about the mystery that the shadowhunters have yet to unlock. If you have read the first book then no doubt you should pick up the second. This book will not let you down and I'm so excited that I picked up this series after the whole trilogy is completed so I don't need to wait for the third book. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Star Wars : Tiny Death Star

I could not help myself when I saw this game being announced and the Darth Vader song immediately filled my head. It's the most recognizable tune for Star Wars series whenever Darth Vader appears. Anyway back to the game, I have always like tiny tower as it was a game that reminded me how much fun I had with Sim Towers when I was younger. When I saw this game I thought it was just Tiny Tower that looked different which was with Star Wars theme.

The concept is the same where you build your tower and make money from it but in this case you are building the death star. The subjects are working in your death star to help you earn money to win wars in the empire battles. Some things that are a clear different from tiny tower is that when you send a visitor to the designated floor not only do they pay you, they also deduct one minute in your restocking time or building time. There are also missions given out by the emperor and if you manage to fulfilled it you will be rewarded.

Like tiny tower there are colours to represent the type of floor you are building and the only difference is that red color is no longer creative floor but an imperial floor which is built under the first floor onward. The imperial floors are where the activity of the bad guys happen. I see this game as a promotion for Star Wars since there aren't many in the generation Y would know about Star Wars.

Clockwork Angel

Tessa was aboard a ship heading to London from New York. Her aunt Harriet passed away not long ago and her brother sent her a ticket to live with him in London. Since her brother was the only family she had left, hence she packed up her stuff and got on the boat. Once arrived she was escorted by a man she did not know and then forced into a carriage where there were two weirdly dressed ladies. For a long time Tessa was trapped inside a house and threatened to learn a kill she did not understand.

Everyday the same maid Miranda would come to escort her and if she refused to go meet with the Dark Sisters she was dragged there. They gave her objects and asked her to change and if she could not perform she would be punished. Often her brother's life was mentioned to threaten her. Tessa has manage to change for a few days and the Dark sisters were very pleased with it. They told her that it is time to meet the magister and he would be really happy with Tessa. Tessa was to dress up prettily and meet with the magister but she refused to. On her way back to her room, she asked Miranda who was the magister and why she needed to dress up. Miranda told Tessa that it would be Tessa's honor to  marry the magister. Tessa was very upset to hear the news and so she attacked Miranda and tried to escape the house.

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare is set in the 1800s where our heroine was locked up in a place and forced to learn something that she doesn't want to and then her hero came to save her. I really love this book!!! This book was unexpected, full of adventure and filled with fantastic characters. I especially love the characters and I want to learn more about them. The plot is so exciting and there were many chapters that caught me by surprise and kept me hooked. I always have a thing for settings in 1800s with the location being London. This book was set in those times with shadowhunters, downworlders and demons altogether it really was a story that I never dreamed of.

If I compared it with the first 3 books of the Mortal Instruments series, this book is exceeding those. For me, the characters are really more superior in their attitudes and personalities compared to Mortal Instruments'. The fighting was not too much action and or too hard to imagine. The descriptions of places was wonderful even thought it's not a entirely real London. It's a good page turner and it is now one of my favorite young adult books. The ending of the book was just really good for me where my heart was squealing and I couldn't wait to start reading the next book. I'm kinda out of words to continue my review, just know that this book is at the top of my favorite. I'm so excited to read the second book and I'm hoping for many unpredictable things to happen. I highly recommend this book to people who loves stories that are in the young adult fantasy genre.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Bride wore size 12

Heather Wells had one more month to go before her wedding day and today she had an appointment with the wedding planner. At her office where she works it was crowded with parents because they wanted to request for a residence hall transfer. Fisher Hall is now the cool place to live instead of the old nickname of Death Dorm because there was a very important residence who just moved in. This VIR had four spaces assigned to him on the fifteen floor and since he is the crown prince of Qalif, there was also extra security set-up by the state department on the second floor and extra cameras were installed. In the front of the queue was a Mrs Harris here to request a room change for her daughter. As claimed by Mrs Harris the roommate is a slut because she did not spend many nights in the room. Mrs Harris also claimed that her daughter did not like it and would like to have a room change.

Heather was telling Mrs Harris that her daughter was to fill in the request form herself and then a bunch of young people came in with the prince.  Kaleigh which was the daughter said she loved her room very much and did not need a change. The prince invited the girls for lunch and then Kaleigh said that they tried to wake her roommate Ameera. They shook Ameera hard and there was no response from her. Heather was worried that there'll be a dead student before the semester even started. She called for the RA in duty but could not get her either so she asked Sarah to go to fourteen floor to check on the student and the RA Jasmine. After not long, Sarah called Heather while crying saying that Ameera was okay where she was just hungover but Jasmine was dead.

The Bride wore size 12 by Meg Cabot is the finale to the Heather Well series. I love this ending for the series because it doesn't seem like an ending but only the beginning of the character's new life. The writing as usual is funny and witty without losing it's main theme of the book. I love that it's a simple mystery book which focuses on our heroine's curiosity and love for solving mysteries. Towards the end of the book, I love that the author brought in a character which was from her other series for just a bit.

The flow of the plots were really good, never revealing too much which made the climax good as I couldn't predict what was to happen. I love that a book can be so simple and thin but yet unpredictable for me. It was definitely a page turner for me being a fan of Meg Cabot and Heather Wells hence I manage to finish the book quite quickly. If I want some murder mystery and humor in it, I'll definitely read this series again. I rarely get disappointed by Meg Cabot so I highly recommend this series to pick up.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pocket Harvest

After many many months Kairosoft have finally released an English version of Pocket Harvest. I was truly waiting for earnestly for this game and when it was out I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. When I first run the game I was already kinda disappointed with the song. A little about my kairosoft games obsession, I can tell every games's theme song, I don't need to look and you just start the game I can tell you what game it is. That's how much I love their games and this song was a bit disappointing.  

Never mind about the song then where I was hoping the game play is good. So the game starts where you plant crops and make money from harvesting it. Then you start saving up to purchase land that are nearby you. When you enough to use, the land you purchase will have a shop there. Those shop specializes in certain crops and you can plant those crops in the vicinity of the shop which is highlighted when you select the shop. Something fun about those shops is that they give out missions and when you manage to harvest the amount wanted by the shop you will be rewarded. Other things you can do in the game is to upgrade your crops to make them have better rankings. There is also the option of investment where you unlock more buildings and also visitors to the farm.

The reason to upgrade the crops is to take part in contests and ensure that you have better chance to win. Winning gives you items which helps your crops, farm and your employees which can up their stats. You can also create special items to sell in your shops but before that you will have to unlock the Lab that extract things from the crops as ingredients. You can also use those ingredients to create items instead of getting them as rewards. 

Overall there can be many things to do in the game but it's very repetitive because you have to keep upgrading crops, leveling up employee stats and such.  I don't particularly love this game because it's nothing new at all hence I think this game is not really worth the money at all. I was really looking forward to a new idea in Kairosoft but I was disappointed. Below are some pictures of the game, hope it gives you some insight.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Tana woke up in the bathtub at her friend Lance's party and she wondered what happened when she was in there. She went out to the kitchen to get coffee and all was quiet in the house. It was odd but she figured everyone else was sleeping. While she went for the coffee pot there was a hand in the living room with the fingers stretched out.  She noticed that the hand was oddly pale and decided to take a look in the living room.

Once she passed the threshold to the living, she tried hard not to scream. The carpet was stiff with dried blood and there were dozens of bodies lying in odd angles. People she knew since kindergarten were all dead and some of them were piled up. Tana got dizzy from the scene and sat on the floor where she noticed one of the windows were left open. She thinks that a vampire must have came in from the window and attacked everyone. She quickly went to the guest room to get her stuff so she could leave with her car. Once in the guest room, she noticed Aidan her ex-boyfriend was tied to the bed and his mouth was taped over with duct tape. For a long moment all she could do was stare and then next to the bed there was another boy gagged and chained up. He looked up at her and those eyes were bright as rubies.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black is a story about a teen girl who wanted badly to not have anything to do with vampires. Sadly for her  it's an unavoidable and she seems to be heading to a place with more of them there. This is my first time reading this author and I think I'm in love with her writing. The plotting of the book is good and not easily predictable. I was surprised by many of the plots and it was so exciting to read through the book because you'll  never know what to expect. I particularly love the starting of the book because it's where you'll be thinking what's this book all the about and where you can't figure out what's next. I also love the ending very much because it's the type where you get to imagine your epilogue.

The characters of the book is quite unique and the heroine is not a damsel in distress which I absolutely love. The male lead of the book is dark and haunting which has an interesting past is quite refreshing for the story as he is not acting as a savior of the female lead but a good partner for her story. This book is not entirely about love but more about the deeper and darker sides of human. A part of some people who either will embrace it, hide it or detest it and try to deny all they can about their true self. This is what I love about the characters because they're not typical humans or vampires and their actions in the story is just refreshing. 

Maybe I didn't read enough paranormal type books to make comparison but it's a good vampire story. Of the other books I read that revolves around vampire which are Twilight and Meg Cabot's Insatiable and Overbite, I think I am able to put this as my second favorite where Meg Cabot's ones are first. Since this book is in the young adult category and Meg Cabot's is in adult, I guess this book makes it my favorite for young adult then. I'm looking forward to reading more of Holly Black's writing and I'm going to pick up her Curse Workers trilogy. I highly recommend this to readers who love vampire stories.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Cather and Wren is moving to their dormitories for their fist year of college. Sadly for Cath, her sister did not want to share the same room with her so Cath would have to share with a stranger and she felt quite nervous about it. When Cath was carrying her box up to her room, there was a boy there and she thought she went to the wrong place but it was her roomate's boyfriend. Her roomate Reagan just left her things and went to eat with her boyfriend while Cath went with her father to eat. After the meal, Cath unpacked her things with a bit of Simon Snow posters stuff being displayed at her corner. She felt it was a bit like home where Wren and her used to share the room and they both have one side each but this room was much smaller.

Cath was afraid to find the dining hall to have dinner alone and so she decide to hide in her room and eat her protein bars. The next day after class, Cath walked back to her room starving and worrying that the protein bar would finish soon. Sitting right outside her door on the floor, Reagan's boyfriend was waiting there. He introduced himself as Levi and asked to wait inside the room but Cath had refused. The next day it was her first class in Fiction Writing and she was really excited because she had been writing a lot of fan fiction on Simon Snow series. The professor in the class was asking for reasons to write fiction and for Cath it was to disappear. For most days, Levi is always around in her room with Reagan and he tried to converse with Cath.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is about a coming of age story particular on the first year of college for our heroine. We read the struggles and emotions of our characters in college and also the fun times. I absolutely love this book and I have to say this author has wowed me much. Rainbow Rowell is now one of my favorite contemporary young adult writer. The characters of the book is fantastic because they are just real and true because there are people like this in the world.

Even though it may seem like a simple book but it triggered emotions in me and also thoughts about my college years. It was really fun reading this book because I did not have those kind of experiences in college. How the characters grow and deal with situations really make up a lot of great plots. I love the writing of the entire book where there were parts that were dear to our main character shared with the readers. I love that the author made a lot of effort writing those parts that defined the heroine. I really can't describe the excitement and fun I had reading this book, it was so good that I kept reading and I finished the book in two days.

I would definitely read this again in the near future which is probably just a few months away. The characters are so good and special that I hope there might be a sequel to it because I'm so interested in more of their college life. Judging by the ending, I think there wouldn't be a sequel. If you loved Eleanor & Park, then you'll love this book too. It's a fun book and definitely a page turner. I highly recommend this book to people who love this genre (young adult contemporary) of story.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Fault in Our Stars

Hazel is sixteen years old living with cancer. She only wants to stay at home and watch tv which her mom believed Hazel is suffering from depression a side effect of cancer. Hazel mother decided that she needed to join a support group to social and go outside more. The support group consists of other teenagers who are also either living with cancer or have cured suffer. One day she met a new boy who is a year older in the group and throughout the whole session he kept staring at her. Hazel stared back as a contest with the boy. When he was his turn to share, Augustus was suffering from cancer and he was there to support his friend Isaac. Soon Hazel and Gus became friends and hang out together where they eventually fall in love.

The Fault in Our Stars  by John Green is about two teenagers who are young but with limited lifespan falling in love and living out the best of today. I was greatly challenge when I read this book because it was intelligently written. Almost every chapter I had to pull out the dictionary to look up words. I believe my vocabulary is weak but I loved that this book is written with big words beautifully. I have never came across another young adult fiction author using words like hamartia, sedentary or contemporaneity. This book is a very meaningful book and it makes you think about life much. I would really put this book under the slice of life category because I believe that there are similar instances like these happening to people around the world.

I love the characters of the book which makes the book fantastic. The thoughts and actions of the characters is what makes this book real and touching. The characters are not sophisticated people neither are they difficult,they are just real. This book have a smooth flow in the plotting and suddenly it takes you by surprise and leaving you with strong emotions. This is not your typical romance between teenagers but how people deal with their diffcult situations.

The book is simple with a strong message to the readers. I was nearly crying at the end of the book but I restrained because my sister was next to me. This book made think real hard about life and ponder many things. I would definitely read this book again next month to hopefully get a different insight and also to brush up my vocabulary. I highly recommend this book as it is now my favorite slice of life/contemporary young adult novel. If you want a tear jerking story and thought pondering one, this is the right book.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass

Both Mortal Instruments have already landed in Valentine's hand and the last one which is the mirror is well known to be in Idris. The Clave does not know the whereabouts of the last one but they fear that Valentine will come attack the city. All shadowhunters were called back to Idris to have meetings to discuss dealing with Valentine. A lady named Madeleine had approached Clary telling her that a warlock named Ragnor Fell would have the antidote to wake her mother up. But the warlock would only meet Clary and he is in Idris hence Clary is going to Idris with the Lightwoods.

Clary was excited and anxious to go to Idris because she have not seen the place and another thing would be meeting a warlock to convince him to save her mother. Jace was not fond of the idea that Clary would be going. They were suppose to go at night time but Simon was called the institute in the evening by Jace. Jace told Simon that he did not want the Clave to know about Clary's abilities so he requested that Simon lied to the Lightwoods that Clary wouldn't be going to Idris with them.

Simon was pissed at the idea and telling off Jace when suddenly there was a lot of smoke coming from where Magnus Bane and the Lightwoods were at. Jace raced over to find that they were under attack by a lot of Forsaken. Magnus opened the portal abruptly and urged them to go across quickly. Simon was curious at what was happening and he was knocked out in the fight which gave Jace no choice but to drag him into the portal. Clary then later arrived with Luke knowing that she was left behind. She was really sad and upset because she needed to go to save her mother. She found out that Madeleine was killed and there would be no one who could meet with Ragnor Fell but her alone. With her steele Clary worked on a rune that will make a portal to let her travel to Idris and without permission she is not allowed to enter Alicante. Luke caught on to Clary while she used the portal because it was dangerous and he had to protect her. While in the portal, Clary's grip broke off from Luke and she found herself drowning at the end of the portal.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare is the third book of the series and it's kinda like the ending for this arc of the story. The reason why I think it's considered an ending to the arc because the ending was a good one without any suspense or cliff hangers. As it is stated in Wikipedia, the first three books is the first cycle while the fourth to sixth book is the second cycle of the series.  This book gives the whole story a proper ending also covering some pasts that I think most readers were curious about. 

I had really high expectations for the book and I was really impressed. The first two books was good but this one is just great. All the plots weave together wonderfully and it was a smooth story till the end. It was amazing that the characters continue to grow and mature. I think the two characters that I love the most is Jace and Simon because they have matured much especially Simon. Along all three books Simon has been a character that went through the most changes and adapted in situations perfectly. As for Clary I would have to say she has grown too but still a bit of a damsel in distress in her. The actions and plots are written very well and I love imagining all the fight scenes in my head.

There is a slight dissatisfaction towards the end of the book where I believe a certain important event could have more emphasis. It felt like some parts are left out and I would have prefer more elaboration on it. But those parts can be also ignored because it's not the highlight of the event.  To summarize, I love this series and I hope that the movie will do it justice and not disappoint me like Twilight movie did.  I have the fourth book and I have no idea what will it be about since the ending was not a cliff hanger. I definitely have high expectations on the books that Cassandra Clare writes. The probability of me picking up the books again would be to refresh my memory before the movies. When I'm yearning some young adult fantasy adventure I would definitely reread the series.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes

 Maryse Lightwood was back at the Institute in New York and she questioned Jace whether he knew that Valentine was his father. Jace was considered to be Valentine's Arrow and was being suspected. Maryse did not quite trust Jace and decided it was best for him to leave the institute. Clary loved Jace not the way brothers and sisters would have and Jace felt the same way. Because they can't be together Clary started dating her best friend Simon. Clary was hanging out with Simon and she got a phone call from Isabelle informing her that Jace was missing.

Jace was upset and he had no where to go so he went to The Hunter's Moon bar where lycanthropes  hang out. Jace was acting like a jerk in the bar which cause a fight to happen and it was stopped by Luke before more harm could happen. When all the fuss was happening, a young werewolf was attacked where his throat was cut. The werewolf was asking Jace to save but he was still in a bad mood and wanted more trouble by being arrogant. Luke called Clary to come talk to Jace to find out what was wrong with him. Clary arrived with Simon and then talked to Jace with Luke while Simon waited.

Jace asked for help from Luke and Clary to talk to Maryse so that he could stay at the institute because he had no where else to go. They all went to the institute and it was a long time since Maryse have seen Luke. After some talk it was known that the Inquisitor would be visiting and interviewing Jace and in order to protect him, Maryse thought that it would be better that he wasn't around to be interrogated. Jace said that he had nothing to be afraid of and he would stay so that the truth would be known instead of being doubted. That night the Inquisitor arrived and met with Jace in the library. Many questions were asked and Jace answered with an attitude. The inquisitor did not like Jace's behavior and decided to put him in jail which was located inside the city of bones so that he will learn his place.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare is the second book of the series where Clary's new changed life begins. After knowing that Jace is her brother, there is sort of an awkward and uneasy feeling between them. Simon also confessed his feelings for her which then turn the relationship into a dating one. After reading the first book, I have greater expectations for the second and I'm impressed by it.

I thought the new characters introduced were quite fitting to the plots. It was also wonderful to read about the changes that occur to the characters because of dire situations. There are traits that stay strong and steady which make those characters so lovable as well. As always the flow of the book is good where you have a steady pace and then climaxing towards the end of the book where I can barely put the book down. I also love the action parts of the book because it comes at right timing and the description is well written. It's definitely a page turner for me and I truly enjoy this second book and I am looking forward to their adventures in the third book.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Clary Fray was queuing up with her best friend Simon to enter an all age club called Pandemonium. While in the line there was a boy being stopped by the bouncer because he had a sword. That incident caught people's attention and Clary's too because of the way he looked. The boy manage to prove to the bouncer that it was a fake sword and in the end he manage to get into the club. The club was filled with many people and there were many people on the dance floor. 

The boy went in feeling triumphant as he manage to pass the bouncer by tricking him. He had a motive being there and his target was vulnerable humans to suck up their life source. In the midst of the dance floor, a beautiful lady approached him and beckon him to an empty storage room. To him it was so easy to get a prey tonight but Clary saw there were two black figures following behind. She also saw the two figures had weapons with them and then she reacted and told Simon to call for help while she followed them. Once she entered the room it seemed empty but suddenly she could see that the boy was being bounded to a pillar. Clary didn't know what to do except to yell for them to stop before one of the person plunge a knife at the boy. 

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare is a story about a girl who could see something that no ordinary people could. Her journey follows as she discovers a world that is hidden from her. This is the first book for the series and also the author's debut book. I have to say I really enjoyed it and it was a wonderful adventure. I thought it would just be demon hunting and killing judging by the movie trailer but I was surprise by the story thoroughly. I loved all the characters of the book and I love that most of them have a fascinating past to it.

I like how the author plotted the chapters and the story had a wonderful fluid to it. For me I think this book is better than Twilight because there is so much more to the story besides forbidden love. This book is more about adventure than love which is amusing because it can't always be love but it's not lacking in that department either. I love the action of the book and I think the author truly wrote well in fight scenes. I really think this is a good fantasy world and there were many parts that were awesome to read. I didn't know what to expect for this book and it caught me by surprise with it's twists of plots. This book is definitely a page turner and I wished I didn't need to put it down due to work and sleep. I'm looking forward to the second book as our heroine's new life and journey has just begun. I had much fun with this book as I did with Divergent.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Gemma managed to escape death from Lexi because Penn killed Lexi for harming Daniel. Liv who was suppose to be Gemma's replacement is now Lexi's. In a way Gemma gets to live longer but she knows that Penn will find another replacement soon. Daniel was going to execute his agreement with Penn and since he was injured that will have to be postponed. Thea came to see Gemma after the fight and handed her the scroll that Gemma was looking for. Thea said that Gemma can try to break the curse and this is the only help she could give her.

The new siren Liv was Harper's roomate until she freaked out and attacked Harper. Harper got out of it and wondered what was wrong because she doesn't know that Liv is a siren. Liv left the dorms and college to stay with Penn and Thea because they needed to babysit her. Since she had became a siren, Liv had manage to kill and eat 3 person which left Penn and Thea cleaning up the bodies because Liv did not know how to. Since getting the scroll, Gemma had tried to get help from Lydia to translate it and tried using items to destroy it. Sadly most things did not work to tear the parchment up. Harper also went to meet a professor in her college for help to translate the scroll and it seems that it's hard to pinpoint what language it was in.

Time is running out and everyone who knew about the sirens worked to help break the curse and translate the scroll. The only reaction that Gemma got was when the scroll was poured on with salt water, the writing will glow in crimson but only for a moment.

Elegy by Amanda Hocking is the final book to the Watersong quartet series. Somehow when you're at the last book, you could kinda feel what the ending would be like and you can get just the general idea of it. I anticipated a grand ending for the series or at least more action packed in this book. I was slightly disappointed because it did not meet my expectations. As the story continues, there are some parts that I thought would have needed more emphasis.

My thoughts are that certain characters needed more background and story to them and also being more involved in the story. The story will be more fantastic if those parts can be covered because it seems like a flaw to the story. Another thing that I feel that gives out too much is the summary behind the book. It tells a bit too much in my opinion but in a way there is something to anticipate. For me the summary gave me an outlook of the story but then disappoints me when the book reached that part.

Overall the series was just okay to me because it revolves around one thing only. That one thing has been talked about in four books and to me because there weren't much of other elements besides the main key to the story it made it just an okay book. The drive of the whole story is basically how the characters reacted to the situation/problem and the villains seem to not know what's happening behind their backs. My last thoughts after finishing the book was I think I wouldn't  miss out if I have not read the series. The third book was the best for me out of the four and the rest was just mediocre. I hope that the author will come out with better stories because her debut trilogy The Trylle series is still the best to me.

Friday, September 6, 2013


The sirens decided to stay as per Penn's decision as she finds Daniel to be an interesting person. Since Daniel is immune to the siren song, Penn wanted to find out the reason. Gemma needed to protect the people she loves and so she used the siren song on Alex telling him not to love her. Gemma was really sad about breaking up with Alex and so she moped around too much in the house. Her sister told her to get out and relax which she took the advice and joined the play. 

Thea was also joined the play to pass her time in town . Daniel was also hired to work on the set and also to keep an eye on Gemma upon Harper's request. Everyday Gemma will go to play rehearsal and try not to worry so much about her impending doom. She needed to break the curse and so she asked Thea but failed to gather anything useful because the sirens are also clueless on that matter. Time is running out because Gemma knows that Penn is finding a replacement for her slot. 

Tidal by Amanda Hocking  is the third book in the Watersong series. We were left off at the sirens deciding to stick in town because of Penn's interest in Daniel. I quite enjoyed this book more than the previous two because I thought the other books was a bit slow paced. This book was much much better where I get to read about the sirens. It's just wonderful that there are more development in the sirens' story and also relationship in the book.

I kept on reading because I wanted to know what's going to happen next as there is much plot that cannot be predicted here. In terms of writing, I see no difference in terms of conversations, grammar and words that are use. Amanda is definitely a good writer because she builds up the series slowly from book one to two and then book three is a good climax. This book definitely holds my interest and makes me look forward to the last book. I think with her style of writing I cannot predict how plots will unravel slowly towards an ending. 

I highly recommend spending time to understand the titles of each chapter because it helps you imagine what that chapter could be. This book is worth the money and the time spent. Because this book is good, I changed my mind about it being just an ordinary fantasy story. In previous reviews, I have compared book one and two to the Trylle series and found that those two did not meet my expectations. I'm glad that this book meet my expectations and is on par with her previous trilogy. I already have the forth book in my hand and I shall end this review and carry on with my reading. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My life next door

Samantha grew up with her older sister having a single mother. Her father have left before she was born and her mother took care of both sister with her trust fund. Her mother have taught her many things and her mother was also a sort of perfectionist. When a new neighbor moves in, Sam was excited because she will have new friends to play with. Her mother did not like the Garretts for they are a big messy family. 

She always complains about their toys being all over the lawn, complains about why people have so many children and the list goes on. The neighbors were always lively and noisy all the time. Sam is fascinated that they have that kinda of life and she usually sits outside her window and watches the family. She tried to figure out who was who sometimes, pinpointing the names of everyone but there were too many boys. One night while she was watching, she nearly fell when Jase the second son talked to her. She felt shy but also wanting to tell her somethings that was happening in her life. Slowly they fell in love with each other but seeing how Sam's mother was judging the Garretts, she had to keep this relationship a secret.

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick is about a young girl, her summer love and her life. This book is realistic when it comes to teenagers' life and I love it. Although I don't have that kind of life but I bet there will be many who can relate to it. I love the simple writing of the book and the best part for me are the characters of the story.  I love how real the characters react to situation, their thoughts and their actions. Reading this book makes me want to be young again hoping to have a different kind of high school experience.

The plots are smooth and slowly edging to a climax which made reading quite pleasant. I have to say that the printing on the book made me slightly excited to find out what's the secret and what choice was needed to be made. When I found out I thought it was quite a good plot to it. This book really has good meaning to it where it teaches you a moral value. I love books who can always tell a good story, relate to the real world and teaching people at the same time. Although I would not pick up this book to read again anytime soon but when I'm feeling nostalgic of my youth I will definitely read it again.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Pierce and John managed to revived Alex from the dead and brought both Alex and Kayla to the underworld to protect from danger. Alex was still unconscious so Pierce decided to help John out in the docks. She distributed water to the people who were lining up and waiting for the boat that brings them to a better place. There Pierce encountered a few people who were asking much questions and she tried her best to control the crowd.

While Pierce was trying her best to calm those dead people down, Alex was running towards her with a whip in his hand. He was telling her that he came to rescue her and they will be escaping from this place. Clearly Alex was flustered and he was not aware of what was happening. Pierce tried to explain to him that the boat those people are waiting were not going to Isla Huesos but somewhere else. When Alex finally get the picture he demanded to go back because he claimed he had evidence to save his father. While everyone was bickering about this and that, the ravens that were flying above seems to be more aggressive in their flying which means something bad might happen. John realized that the boats were about to crash the docks. He asked Pierce to get herself to safety with his horse and he will settle the problem.

Awaken by Meg Cabot is the final book for the Abandon series. The story continues from the second book and I have to say it was not a super exciting adventure but it was not lacking either. After saving her cousin, the underworld is suffering from imbalance and they have to find out what is the problem. This time our heroine is a stronger person and I like how she reacts to situations. I didn't expect a lot from the book and that is why the plots are able to keep me entertained quite well. I love how the story pans out in the end and I believe this ending is the best for the series. 

In terms of the characters in the book, they resume who there were without development because they were already stable in the second book. New characters were introduced and I thought that was fantastic. There were a bit of funny bits here and there because how can a Meg Cabot book not have it. There were some mystery too because it's really the writer's forte for such writing. Overall I think the series was an okay story because right now there are many YA books that are more exciting which I compare to. But the thing that I have to point out that this book is different in terms of it's not a dystopian future and the idea behind the book is inspired by Greek mythology. I think in YA genre mythologies are often use such as the Percy Jackson and I have not read those before so I can't compare. To me it's quite a refreshing idea followed with some romance that is enjoyable to read.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Loreal Hydrafresh Moisturizer

First of all my skin is in the combination zone where my t-zone usually oils up a bit when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes the tops of my cheeks oil up too but not really bad. I've been using Estee Lauder's Hydrationist moisturizer for years and it is a costly jar of 50ml truth to be told. But it really works, after applying it, my skin always feel so soft and supple. My jar was on the verge of finishing and so I thought of trying a cheaper alternative since I had a friend who was using this and her skin looked good.

The price difference is almost 10 times so I think it will be worth a try and if it doesn't work I would just restock back on my Estee one. The texture of the Loreal moisturizer is of gel type but leaning slightly towards watery. When you rub it on your fingers before applying it seems like it's water. When applying to your face there is a mild cooling effect which is sort of nice but leaves my skin with a tinge of stickiness. There is also a faint smell that I can't describe what but it's okay for me. After testing it for weeks, this moisturizer does not break me out but it does not keep my face moisturized for long. Usually after 3 hours where I work in air con room, my t-zone oils up and so I needed to blot my face quite often.

I think it's a good drugstore brand but it's not good enough for my skin since I've been pampering it with higher end brands. But for someone who is in high school, this is really affordable. In order not to waste it, I will finish this jar before I buy back the Estee Lauder one since it works best for me.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Emma Dunster grew up in Boston because her father's shipping business was there. Her aunt who loves her dearly was in London and invited her to join the season which was encouraged by her father too. Emma wants to stay and help her father with the business and hopes to one day take over the business. Sadly, not many people would like to do business with a female and so deep down she know it could be hopeless. Alex Ridgely is the Duke of Ashbourne who did not believe in marriage. He is also a well know rake in the society and he keeps several mistress.

Emma was going to have a debut party and her aunt wanted her to help make all sorts of decision which also includes flower arrangement and it was boring. Emma and her cousin Belle changed into maid's clothing and sneaked to the kitchen to hide. The kitchen was very busy and the girls insisted in helping and so the cook gave up and gave them petty tasks. The cook soon found out they were out of eggs and Emma volunteered to go buy them. While on the way back, there was a child who was going to be crushed because of being on the roads. Emma rushed to him and saved him from harm's way but hit her head on the ground in the process. It was Alex's nephew that Emma saved and he moved her into his carriage to try to wake her up. While he attempts to do so, he could not help that this maid was so beautiful and when Emma woke up, he kissed her. It gave Emma a shock and she then lied about her name.

Alex and her sister was very grateful to Emma and offered to send her home. Emma was afraid to tell how she came to be in costume and it was quite hard to explain the situation. They offered to hire Emma if her house was not treating her well but seeing that she works for Emma's aunt they felt that she was in a good place. Emma rushed into the house with the eggs and told her cousin part of the story excluding the kiss. Alex was really curious of the maid and since there was a party he decided to attend to check on her. When he was at the party he soon realized that Emma is related to the hostess and was crowded by the ton.

Splendid by Julia Quinn is her debut book which was why I got excited when I was reading it. It's about one man who is against marriage and a lady who wanted to inherit her father's business in America. They met unexpectedly and soon became friends. But they could not deny that they were attracted to each other but since the male is a known rake, it's best not to get involved with him.

Seeing it's her first book I thought it was not bad although there are some parts that are a tad boring but before the book ended it was exciting. The characters are interesting people and they often have cross fire between each other which made conversations funny. Other members involve were not greatly focused hence you not know much about others. Because I have read many of her other books, I could tell the difference and the mass improvement from then on. I did enjoy it but I won't read it again because there's not much parts that I would like to reconcile. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor is new to the neighborhood, with family troubles, red messy hair, and clothes that mismatch all the time. When she started school, she takes the bus to avoid being driven by her stepdad. Her first day on the bus was a disaster because there was no place to sit as everyone moved their things to the empty space. The bus driver was urging her to sit before he can start driving and then nearest to her was Park's empty seat and so she sat there everyday.

Park likes to be invisible and ignore the people in the bus which made him wear his headphones and blasted music on the bus. When Eleanor came onto the bus, he saw she was in distress and hope she didn't sit next to him. Unfortunately, she had no where else to sit and he swore the moment she sat down. Everyday she sat next to him with six inches apart in the middle. Park noticed that she was always looking at his way and realize that she was reading his comic books. Feeling bad for how he acted when she sat down last time, some times he turned his pages slowly for her to read but they never talked. 

Park decided that he needed to talk to her because it seemed unfriendly to treat her the way he did. He decided to borrow her comics and hence he left them on her bus seat and Eleanor would take it home to read every day. Slowly they started talking and discuss about comics, music and sorts and then they fall in love. 

Eleanor & Park  by Rainbow Rowell  is about two teenagers who fell in love for the first time. We are on this journey with them discovering new feelings and experiences. This book can be said to be a historical romance since the timeline is 1986 which was the 80's where I was only 1 year old. This book is quite enjoyable as you read it, you would be thinking of your first love as well as other firsts. There are many emotions that I can relate to in this book and the experiences are just a joy to read about. 

This book is simple, realistic and a bit funny. I love how two different people can be together sharing their love for same things. I love how this book addresses teenager behaviors. It's certainly fun to read about love in a different time. Even though the time setting is different but I feel that there are many first loves that are similar so if you don't know about the 80's it's still a fine book. The plot of the book is good which kept me reading non stop as I did not expect what's to come and what will happen to the lovers.  I would also like to add that this book addresses some issues that are happening in real life and no matter the timeline or generation some things never stop as a problem. Whenever you're in a difficult situation in school there will be times that it's hard to tell other people and also hard to solve the problem but do not lose hope and strive on. This is certainly a book that I will read some time again to reminiscence about the past. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Tale of Time City

Vivian Smith and many other children from London was being evacuated into the countryside because of the war. She was going to live with Cousin Marty until it was safe to go home. Once the train had arrived at the platform, a tall person took her suitcase and escorted Vivian around the station. She followed him because he took her suitcase. She had no idea how cousin Marty look like so she assume this must be him. She followed him into the Waiting Room of the station and then something weird happened where she was crowding with the person in a telephone booth. 

Once everything seemed clearer, she found she was in an office and there was a small boy waiting. The small boy said happily "You got her" and Vivian know something strange is happening. The taller boy slowly stripped off his costume and he had pigtails, his name is Jonathan. The smaller boy had red hair and his shoelace was undone is Sam. Apparently Vivian is the time lady and they kidnapped her to save Time City which was where Vivian is currently at. They both asked her about her husband Faber John who is the founder of the city and where to find to him. Vivian told them the truth that she has no husband and she does know who Faber John is. It seems that Jonathan and Sam have kidnapped the wrong Vivian Smith because she is not the time lady. They both are in big trouble because they have broken many laws by time travelling and also bringing a person from history into the city.

A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones is about a city that is about to crumble and three children doing something in order to save the city and history. This book has an excellent story because the plots are quite surprising. It's isn't about how the characters grow but it's about their adventure and how they act on each incident. It's quite straight forward who these characters are but there are some who are unexpected. The description of the city is detail and if you have a good imagination it's a beautiful and weird place at the same time.  

The author truly made this story real and true to the behaviors of human. Although stories regarding time travel is tedious but don't think too much into it and just enjoy the plot. I have to say that the time travelling does indeed impact those places but because of certain factors it happened without any flaws. I have always loved this author's books and this one is another added to my favorites. Even though this book is intended for young adults but I feel any age would love this book. If I wanted an adventure that had time travelling and a unique city this book is definitely a good one. I would read this book again because it's just a wonderful adventure. I also forgot to mention that this book is funny too.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pocket League Story 2: Overview

Pocket League Story 2 is the latest English game from Kairosoft that is available in Google Play and the best's FREE!!!!!! I have to admit that it's been a long time that I'm stuck playing Pocket Stables and Ninja Village which made this new game such an excitement for me. Even though you're not a football fan, fear not I'm not but I manage to understand this game easily. Like the first game you train your team, get them to play in matches against other teams and also take part in leagues.  

What's so exciting about this games is there are many new things introduced into the game and those elements made the game more realistic. There are more strategizing to do in the game, more thinking and planning to build the best team to win the game. Because of the new features I think the game just gotten more interesting. I'm still at the beginning of the game hence I can only list the new features that I come across so far. One thing that I can say that stays the same are some of the player names are reused but their role might vary. This game is a mash up of some concepts from Dream House Days and Beastie Bay. Firstly you can add friends whereby you'll be able to hire them as one of your players. The next thing is for every 10 minutes you play without counting in menus, you'll get a coin. This coin is a crucial item just like the one in Beastie Bay because it can purchase better items. 

The things that are introduced to make the game more realistic is that all players have stamina bars in matches and it affects their fatigueness. The important thing about it is when the player runs out of stamina in a match, he/she will be injured and it takes months to recover which affects their performance. Another new thing is the players playing in a match might commit a foul which results to yellow/red cards and we all know red card means the player is out. Time out is also introduced in matches where you can use it to change formations. 

Your players now have skill slots where they learn specified skills and you equipped it for them to perform better. Items can also be used to boost the player's stats. In this game you have scout level which influences the player you can hire, the higher the level the better the candidate. Selecting matches are different now that the outlook has a map like sort of look. There are also bonus requirements to obtain besides beating a certain match against a team. When these requirements are met, you will get extra rewards besides the winning prize. This allows you the reason the beat those teams over and over again to complete those requirements. What I love the most is the interface of the game is much improved and everything looks so much better compared to the previous game. Lastly, when you start the game you get to customize your character which will be the captain of the team. There will be 30 points to spend on the stats and also the role of the player. 

Overall there is much learning to do in the game which makes the game more worth to be replayed many times over. We the gamers will have to take note of managing resources in terms of the money, coin, tech points and also heart points so that we can get the best team. If one method does not work, play until the end and start a new game so that some of the stats will be carried over. I've been really addicted with this game and I think I will need to play it 2-3 times more the get a rough idea and then I'll be able to post some tips. Get the game here from Google Play store. One final note, I'm in no way affiliated with Kairosoft company, I just love their games and want to share the joy. Below will be pictures on how the game looks like.

Outlook of a match

Stats of a candidate to be hired

Mapping of the matches that will slowly be reveal when certain conditions are  fulfilled
Experience obtain after a match

Income earned after a match
Process of hiring player

Using items on players

The whole album can be found here because I took many screenshots: Pocket League Story 2 album
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