Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Pyraplex : An overview

The Pyraplex is a complex in the shape of a pyramid. This is Kairosoft's new game in Google Play Store that was out a few days ago and I was so excited to purchased it at 4.99 USD. The concept is similar to Mega Mall story where you built a shopping complex but there are some extra things in the game. Firstly you will have to build rooms to house your employees and also complete requests from merchants to obtain stamps. The more stamps you obtain, you collect gifts from it which unlocks new stores and events. 

I love that the move feature is already include and need not to be unlocked. I also love the idea of housing your workers and being able to assign them to jobs and training them is also a plus. The game is more realistic this time where to build stores, stones are required and the workers have to carry it there. I love the idea that besides building you also have quests to fulfill which allows you to collect stamps to unlock things. Most Kairosoft games always revolve around pleasing the different type of customers visiting the place and I'm glad that this game does not have this. Instead you trade with people from different countries and unlock more people visiting the place. The game also included the feature of power spots where when you build certain stores next to each other, you'll get a combo and a boost of stats. The stats of your pyraplex influences the amount of people visiting, their spending and also attracting new employees. 

This game is addictive like any other Kairosoft game and it's good that it has a lot of new features to it. I have no complains for this game except for the bug that everyone is facing now which is the text in the message box are out of alignment and words that fall at the corner cannot be read. Hopefully that bug will be fixed soon but it's not much of a trouble if you play the game without reading much of the messages. Below are some pictures of the game play and I took many screenshots this time. Absolutely love this game, will play more to collect data to share. Have a nice day!!

Update: I've got a post on the power spots, check it out here : Pyraplex Power Spots

Starting screen
Your assistant
Starting worker
Starting worker
Starting worker

Text alignment bug

Stamp card for stamp collection, note the items on the box are items to be unlocked

Assigning different jobs for staff

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