Friday, December 21, 2012

The Pyraplex : Power spots

I have played the game several times now and below are the power spots that are created from building certain shops next to each other. The table is tabulated based on the data I obtained in the game and the sequence is what I have in the game. After the table I will insert the pictures if that is easier for you to understand. I hope this helps your game play and continuing the game I will try to write posts that contains stats of items and other data that I think will be beneficial to know for higher scores. Have a nice day!

Power SpotShopShopShopShopEffect
Plant spotPlum TreePapyrusAppeal +5
Oasis SpotPlum TreePlum TreeAppeal +3
Forest SpotPlum TreePlum TreePlum TreeAppeal +5
Jungle spotPlum TreePlum TreePlum TreePlum TreeAppeal +7
Mural SpotMuralMuralAppeal +7
Bread SpotMuralBakeryP. Power +5
Reading spotPlumBookshopP. Power +5
Paper SpotPapyrusBookshopAppeal +8
Hammer spotHammer ShopStone YardAppeal +8
Library SpotBookshopBookshopAppeal +10
Arcane SpotMouth of TruthMuralP. Power +15
Poor PlanningHammer ShopGlass WorkshopPrice +2G
Hot SpotHammer ShopGlass WorkshopP. Power +10
Burger SpotBakeryButcherGreengrocerAppeal +20
Beef bowl spotCafeteriaCattle StableAppeal +5
Stir Fry SpotButcherGreengrocerAppeal +7
Tender SpotButcherMassage parlorAppeal +10
Café SpotBakeryTea HouseAppeal +10
Laundry SpotFountainLaundryAppeal +8
Collaborative SpotGlass WorkshopDish ShopPrice +3G
Kiln SpotGlass WorkshopBakeryAppeal +8
Hieroglyphic SpotSchoolPapyrusP. Power +8
Study spotSchoolBookstoreP. Power +8
Serene SpotMassage parlorFountainPlum TreeAppeal +25
Commerce SpotButcherGreengrocerFishmongerPrice +5G
Tourism SpotPapyrusCamel StablePrice +4G
School Lunch SpotCafeteriaSchoolAppeal +8
Travel SpotCamel StableCobblerP. Power +12
Fun SpotSandboxFountainAppeal +15
Sand PowerSandboxCamel StableAppeal +20
Lunch SpotCafeteriaCurry ShopPrice +3G
Beef Curry SpotCurry ShopCattle StableAppeal +15
Meat spotButcherChicken YardCattle StableAppeal +24
Domestic SpotLaundryWeaverPrice +4G
Chicken Curry SpotCurry ShopChicken YardAppeal +12
Livestock SpotCattle StableChicken YardCamel StableAppeal +23
Kids SpotSandboxSchoolAppeal +20
Girls SpotGeneral storePerfumeryP. Power +15
Soothing SpotPublic BathTea HousePrice +4G
Bathing SpotPublic BathMassage ParlorAppeal +25
Turban spotCarpet PortSnake CharmerAppeal +15
Mystical SpotCarpet PortPortalP. Power +20
Handicraft SpotWeaverGlass WorkshopP. Power +10
Snack SpotVineyardTea HouseAppeal +15
Outing spotDish ShopCobblerGeneral StorePrice +6G
Dance SpotCobblerDance HallAppeal +20
Curry SpotCurry ShopCurry ShopCurry ShopPrice +5G
Leisure SpotSandboxPublic BathMassage ParlorAppeal +25
Dress Party SpotWeaverDance HallPrice +4G
Animal SpotSnake CharmerSphinxCamel StablePrice +5G
Celestial SpotObeliskSphinxP. Power +30
Golden SpotSphinxPublic BathP. Power +25
Egypt SpotMuralSphinxObeliskP. Power +25
Madam's GlowPerfumeryJewelerAppeal +15
Celeb SpotDance HallJewelerPrice +5G

Click below to view the pictures:
Pyraplex Power Spots

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