Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking back at 2012 >.<"

It had come to that time of the year again where I reflect on how 2012 was. I started with reading back on my blog post on 2012 resolutions and realized I didn't complete most of it. I guess I drifted away from it which is sad because I didn't stay focused enough. So below is this year's resolution and my analysis

  • I realised that if I wanted to read a book a month then I won't achieve reading 50 books this year, therefore I have to change it back to reading a book either a week or just slightly pass it. Sadly I did not manage to read 50 books but it was more than 2011. In total I read 27 books which was slightly pass half of the amount.
  • I only played one game which was a professor Layton series and I loved it
  • Continue learning Japanese myself have to relearn everything again. This is the saddest thing I've realized because I left this alone since the first quarter of the year.
  • Share my learning experience on blog as often as I can I think I did?
  • Gain weight ( a big challenge for me) I'm happy to say I've gained 2kg but my target was 5kg
  • Stay fit (eat well, drink less cold drinks/ soft drinks, eat more vegetable) I've learned to eat more vegetable, manage to cut out soft drinks (maybe cheat a little), manage to less fast food.
  • Take more photos and learn photography and photo editing Nope
  • Learn eye make up techniques Too little
  • Learn new programming language Failed T_T

Even though I seem to fail at my resolutions but there are certain things that went really well this year. Firstly I have picked up a sport, picked up a hobby and made new friends. Spending time with my new friends was fantastic and my new hobby resulted from hanging out with them. I didn't read 50 books but I'm proud I did read more than 20. The thing that made the difference for me this year is the boost of visit in my blog and I'm glad that my Kairosoft tips are appreciated. I am also happy that I got a tablet because it made reading eBooks easier than on my mobile. There some things that I'm not proud of and I will work harder to make a difference, there were many lessons that I learnt and I hope I can apply those things my life in 2013.

I have not made up my mind in what new resolutions I want to set, maybe tomorrow after lamenting the good things of this year I will write a post. For now I like to wish everyone in the world a Happy New Year and I wish there will be less war, less disasters and more happiness in the world. I also hope the world economy will be better and recover instead of getting worse.

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