Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Laniege products that I love

Laniege is a brand from Korea that is famous for using Himalayan Snow water as an ingredient. I first got to know the brand from a Youtube beauty guru Bubzbeauty where she was talking about the sleeping mask that was a star product of the brand. You wear the mask to sleep and you wake up with bright, soft and supple skin. I'm not a mask users then and so I decided to try the mask. I was really impress with the results the next day because my skin was so soft even better than the normal moisturizer. Another thing I love about this brand is that their promotion sets always offer a lot of travel size of their products. The beauty consultant is also generous in giving samples. 

After testing the travel size multi-cleanser, I fell in love with it. I was comparing it with my experience with other cleansers and this one after wash my skin felt fresh and most of all it felt soft like after I applied the sleeping mask. So I tried more products and felt in love with more of them. The products I bought are all over period of time since last year and I have been slowly changing into the brand from Estee Lauder. 

I love the smell of all their products that I purchase, it smells really fresh and soothing. The water essence and the water bank gel moisturizer have watery texture and it absorbs into the skin really quickly, after that my skin feels so soft to touch. I really love how this product has worked for me because lately Estee Lauder has stopped working for me which was saddening. Another thing I like to mention is the price point for this brand is definitely above drugstore but below brands like Estee Lauder, it's somewhat on par with Clinique and this factor is one of the attractions for me because it's value for money. Lastly the packaging of the products are very sturdy plastic, the essence and moisturizer are in glass which the only downside is it will be heavy to travel with.

Free travel size with purchase of sleeping mask

wonderful packaging

face scrub which smells so berrylicious

Another face mask to keep skin hydrated takes only 5 to 10 minutes

travel size of the essence, sleeping mask and multi cleanser

Christmas value set, 2 sleeping mask inside

Christmas set with water essence and water bank gel moisturizer

Multi cleanser, cleansing oil (remove makeup) and Christmas special 400ml toner

Products removed from the boxes, look at how cute the Xmas toner bottle look

Cleansing oil and cleanser

After I'm done with this bottle I'm keeping it

Sleeping mask, water bank gel cream and Water bank essence
I highly recommend you go to a Laniege counter and get samples because they are always generous and happy to help. Hope this "review" helps because I can't really write like a beauty guru.

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