Friday, December 21, 2012

Brighter than the sun

Ellie was minding her own business walking home on a regular day, when all of a sudden a man fell from the sky. Actually the man fell from a tree where he landed on her feet and he reeks of alcohol. Lord Billington had trouble and drinking was a way to help him cope with that day. He needed to be married before he turned thirty to keep his fortune with him or it will be his cousin's. It was hard to find a wife that suited his requirements and here he fell on one that is intelligent, independent and did not look ugly at all. Ellie helped Charles to where his curricle was placed since he sprained his ankle from the fall. Charles was a bit tipsy but he know that Ellie would make a fine wife and hence he asked her to marry him.

The question gave Ellie quite a shock and she dropped him which resulted him to fall to the ground because his ankle could not support him. Ellie thought that it was a cruel joke to be played by him but Charles explained his situation to her to clear the air. Ellie told him that she will consider his offer for a few days and then left for home. Ellie did not feel the need to get a husband and was okay for being a spinster. When Ellie reached home and it did not please her that her father's fiance Mrs Foxglove was there. Ellie was heading to her room but was stopped by Mrs Foxglove with a list of chores for her to do since Mrs Foxglove will be the lady in charge soon. One of the items on the list is cleaning the chimney and they could very well afford a person to clean it for them, Mrs Foxglove also commented that Ellie ate too much and asked to eat less. 

The thing that made Ellie even more mad about Mrs Foxglove is the list of eligible bachelors that Ellie should pick as her husband. One was younger than sixteen, few were older than sixty and there was one who was known to beat his wife. Ellie was determine to leave the house and live on her own till her sister is back from overseas. She was into investment hence years ago she used her own money to do so but with her father's name. She decided to remove some money so she could sustain herself till her sister is back. 

The next day Ellie went to the place to retrieve her money but was refused because her father was needed to come in person to get it and there is no way that she could let her father know about the money. So Ellie decided to discuss more on the marriage arrangement with Lord Billington and she headed to his home. She was upset as it seems the world was against her, with Mrs Foxglove setting her up to not getting her money and soon it rained a thunderstorm. She showed up all drenched in front of Charles's home and was mistaken as a person who wanted a job but she put her boot at the door and demanded to see Charles. Charles asked the butler to let her in and said that he did not recognize Ellie and so she went straight at him which caused both of them to fall to the ground and then he said he now remembered her. Charles noticed the desperation in her eyes and knew that she would accept their marriage deal which is he will help her get her money and their marriage would help him get his money.

Brighter than the sun by Julia Quinn is about a marriage convenience where both parties get what they want. For Charles it would be to keep his inheritance and for Ellie it would be her money and also a way out of her household. I have to say I loved this book because the story line was good, you would not know what to expect after the characters had a deal to be wed. You would be thinking how else can the story go on since marriage seems to be the end but this author made it funny, interesting and romantic. Their marriage was just the beginning of this wonderful story and it was satisfying for me. I finished reading this book in about one days time and enjoyed every part of it. The characters have personalities that suited the story very well and the minor mystery of the book was exciting. I am glad that I picked this book and Julia Quinn made me love historical romance more and more. If I could choose a time to be born into, I would picked the 1800's that is portrayed in the author's stories.

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