Monday, November 26, 2012

Vroom vroom

I have always been a fan of Formula 1 racing but Ferrari is not my favorite team. Shell Malaysia currently have this event occurring where you pump petrol at their station and if it is RM 40 and above you will get to purchase Ferrari Model in Lego for RM 12.90. There is a total of six models to collect and the promotions runs from 8th November for three cars and then 29th November for another 3 cars. I have to say the quality is not as good as the normal Lego because some parts is harder to fit together. The price point is excellent because Lego is an expensive toy here and RM 12.90 is cheap. It's fun to play with Lego again, it's one of the first toys that you could build anything in your imagination and it also brings back childhood memories. My first car of the collection is the Ferrari 150° Italia which is the car driven in the Formula 1 racing team. Below are some pictures of the model, as I get the other models gradually I will write posts and share pictures there. Have a nice day!
The packaging (front)

The back side of the packaging

Ferrari certified sticker (so fancy =P)

The Lego pieces poured out from the packet

Final product

Top view of the model

The models available in the collection

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