Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Traitor Queen

Lorkin has returned to the Sachakan city from Sanctuary which is the Traitor's hideout after many months. Lorkin came back with a message from the Traitors for the guild which was to negotiate an alliance between The Allied Lands and the Traitors. He also brought back the knowledge of stone making to share with the Guild. Once news of his return reached the king, Lorkin was summoned to the palace and King Amakira wanted to know everything about the Traitors.  Lorkin said he was not allowed to reveal anything without the orders of his Imardin king which made King Amakira unhappy and locked him up in the palace's prison. Lorkin was interogated to tell everything but he persevered because of his love for Tyvara.

Cery, Anyi and Gol was attacked at their new hiding place which forced them to travel into the underground tunnels and hide under the University. Gol was hurt and so Anyi went to seek Lilia's help to heal him. They have no other place to hide and stay safe except the University tunnels as it's not known to Skellin yet. It's not an easy and comfortable place to hide because Lilia has to provide them food secretly and they also have to sleep in the cold, hard floors. Cery knew that he was in trouble and had no where to run but he did not want Lilia to inform Sonea because she has her own troubles. While they were hiding there, they also explore around other parts to seek better refuge. Cery had in mind a way to trap Skellin because sooner only later he would be found by his enemy and so he wanted to be prepared.

Meanwhile, Sonea was to travel to Sachaka to meet with the Traitors to discuss on an alliance. She was chosen because women are ranked higher than men in the Traitor's way of living and another reason was because she was a black magician which makes her comparable to the Traitors who practice higher magic. Sonea is eager to go after knowing that Lorkin was locked up and sending her to Sachaka to rescue Lorkin ia a mask to the real mission. Lord Regin was selected as Sonea's assistant as he was good help in helping to locate Skellin previously. After the Guild announced her travelling, Administrator Osen asked the guild for volunteers to give power for Sonea to store in case she needed to use it in her journey. Sonea was overwhelmed by the people who offered and was surprised that the Higher Magicians all had a farewell dinner prepared for her before she left.  Sonea left with Regin to Sachaka without telling him the true nature of the travel and she's thinking when would be a good time to reveal it.

The Traitor Queen by Trudi Canavan is the last book to the Traitor Spy trilogy. I have to say I wanted the book to be longer and I wanted more action. It was a conclusion that is slightly suspended and you can tell that there might be a sequel to it. Some new characters were introduced in this book but there was one that I feel needed more depth on the personality of that person. I felt that I needed to know more of the character to understand that person's actions. Perhaps more will be revealed if there was a sequel. There are many incidents which I thought was too short and there were too many perspectives and characters covered in the story till there was too much swapping around done.  It has the ending that I expected which was good for me but I feel it was a bit too rushed. 

Overall I still love the book but I feel it was not as great as The Black Magician trilogy and I feel it's because too many characters were covered with too short of a time spent with them. This book would have been great for me if there was more action involving my favorite character Sonea. I look forward to a sequel to this series and I hope I can get more Sonea's perspectives.

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