Monday, October 22, 2012

Sigma Traveling Brushes - Tokyo Set

I bought this set last year during the black Friday sale. The company offered free shipping any where in the world  for the black Friday weekend and I took that opportunity to purchase this set. This set is a traveling set and I bought it because it was limited edition and most brushes in the set I do not have. There were three colors available which are pink, red and black with different city names as the label. The size of the brushes are good for me since I have a small face. One thing that disappoints me is these brushes sheds compared to the full size ones that I have but it's tolerable. Sigma brushes is mostly known for their affordable pricing and quality which is what every girl who does make up daily needs. Buying a MAC brush is very costly where I  live hence I choose to buy from this brand. My advice when buying brushes is to look at what sets offer and think of how much you use it and then decide. Every month sigma have a discount code so be sure to put it to good use. This is this month's code below:

Pictures of how the set looks like:

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