Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Parrot Green Tote Bag

I love tote bags and I've been on the look out for one that is large enough to carry lots of things. Things like tablets, a book, a scarf/sweater and if possible a laptop that is smaller in size. I like the brand Marc by Marc Jacob for sometime and their tote bags are made of good quality but the color design is not what I wanted. My cousin sister went to Singapore to visit my grandmother and saw the current summer color was Parrot Green and told me that it would be something I liked. She was right, because after two weeks I went to visit my grandma and I loved the color hence I bought the bag. 

The bag costed 330 SGD and in Malaysia it actually costs RM 990 to RM 1099. It's cheaper in Singapore so I'm happy that I made the right desicion. I've been using this bag for months and I really like that I could keep so many things in there. Recently, my friend went to Paris and bought me a traveling pouch and cosmestic pouch. It was an early birthday gift for me. This brand is really overpriced in this country because the tote bag costs 210 Euros. Also the smaller pouch that my friend bought for me cost 45 Euro but cost RM 330 here. For the other pouch it costed 65 Euro and it's around RM 600+ here. Overall I like the brand but not the pricing so if I were to buy other merchandise of this brand I would probably get it from Singapore. 

Parrot Green Pretty Nylon Medium Tate

The right one is Pretty Nylon Small Cosmetic Case

Size difference of the pouches compared to the tote bag

The size of the bag with me carrying it


  1. Hm .. that bag is big indeed, i'm sure you could fit a body in there !

    1. Nah, that's too much, LOL. One thing about having a big bag is you try to carry a lot of things and then it ends up being too heavy to carry =P

  2. Every year, different styles and designs are produced to meet the growing demands of tote bags. Even popular fashion labels create their very own signature imprinted tote bag for their fashion seasons and celebrities have their very own favorite tote bag which they carry to parties, outings and even when shopping. ipad holder


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