Monday, October 15, 2012

Gifts from Jessica magazine

I saw this special edition from the Kinokuniya website and decided it was a good deal. I bought it last Saturday and I'm impressed with the gifts. I got a Winko Photo Frame said to be RM 149 and the quality of the frame is definitely there but not why it cost so much. I also got a Dior nail vernis and a Dior Top coat. I have yet to try the nail polish but I've tested a Dior nail polish before and one coat is enough. I'm told that not all nail polish will always give the same results so after I have tried it I will update this post with pictures of it on my nails. Below are some pictures of the packaging. It came in a really hard cover box and it was a sturdy box. The whole thing was quite heavy because the frame was made from metal and the box was heavy too.  Although I can't read Chinese well but the magazine has a lot of fashion shoots, products  info and make up shots that I enjoy. My mother can read Chinese so the magazine didn't go to waste. 

I've always liked the idea of magazines/ fashion catalog working with high end brands and including a gift with the monthly or quarterly issues. That way the readers get to enjoy the magazine and also enjoy the brand even if it's a small scale product. Good way to market your brand and get people introduced to it.

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