Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 random facts about me

It's already October, I just feel that time flew too fast and I didn't achieve much in the past 9 months. Looking back at my resolution for the year I know I failed terribly. I have no excuse at all, I always am motivated for a month or two and then it just dies down. The fire within me was not strong enough and that is such a bad thing to ignore. Today suddenly I thought of writing about myself but I was at work so I'm blogging after I'm back. It's funny and kinda hard to think what facts I should put in this post that people don't already know. So here I am feeling a bit brave and telling the "world" who I am if my writing doesn't reveal much.

  1. I'm totally afraid of snakes and if I see a picture or any snakes on the TV, I'll be haunted in my dreams. It's scary and I can't bear to see real ones even with just a glass in between at the zoo. 
  2. I'm Chinese but my mandarin level is as good as a 10 year old and I can't write much anymore.
  3. I used to learn ballet till grade 3 but was stopped because the teacher complained that I talk too much which disrupted the class.
  4. I talk gibberish in my sleep and can't recall that I did it in the morning. Sometimes I engage in a short conversation with my sister but I also can't remember it.
  5. All my soft toys are animals because I'm afraid that dolls will turn into Chuckies.
  6. I'm afraid of heights hence I don't go on roller coasters, usually start shaking in a Ferris wheel, and can't cross a bridge that can swing a bit.
  7. I used to role play with my sister and cousin brothers as Sailormoon and Power Rangers when I was in primary school.
  8. I love potatoes more than rice (being Chinese rice is like their essential food) and I can live without it.
  9. I'm a prankster when I was younger and it was bad. Once I stapled my friend's water bottle and remove the staple to make water leak out. Another terrible thing was I threw water at my friend's cubicle while she was in the toilet and ran away without them knowing.
  10. I love dogs but I can't stand to be licked by it.

There it is 10 facts about me and I hope you had fun reading it. I'm sure you are now thinking how I was as a child, and you're right that I'm quite mischievous but let me tell you I'm also quite nerdy. Thinking back was fun and I would like to have that much of fun without worries at all. 

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