Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Traitor Queen

Lorkin has returned to the Sachakan city from Sanctuary which is the Traitor's hideout after many months. Lorkin came back with a message from the Traitors for the guild which was to negotiate an alliance between The Allied Lands and the Traitors. He also brought back the knowledge of stone making to share with the Guild. Once news of his return reached the king, Lorkin was summoned to the palace and King Amakira wanted to know everything about the Traitors.  Lorkin said he was not allowed to reveal anything without the orders of his Imardin king which made King Amakira unhappy and locked him up in the palace's prison. Lorkin was interogated to tell everything but he persevered because of his love for Tyvara.

Cery, Anyi and Gol was attacked at their new hiding place which forced them to travel into the underground tunnels and hide under the University. Gol was hurt and so Anyi went to seek Lilia's help to heal him. They have no other place to hide and stay safe except the University tunnels as it's not known to Skellin yet. It's not an easy and comfortable place to hide because Lilia has to provide them food secretly and they also have to sleep in the cold, hard floors. Cery knew that he was in trouble and had no where to run but he did not want Lilia to inform Sonea because she has her own troubles. While they were hiding there, they also explore around other parts to seek better refuge. Cery had in mind a way to trap Skellin because sooner only later he would be found by his enemy and so he wanted to be prepared.

Meanwhile, Sonea was to travel to Sachaka to meet with the Traitors to discuss on an alliance. She was chosen because women are ranked higher than men in the Traitor's way of living and another reason was because she was a black magician which makes her comparable to the Traitors who practice higher magic. Sonea is eager to go after knowing that Lorkin was locked up and sending her to Sachaka to rescue Lorkin ia a mask to the real mission. Lord Regin was selected as Sonea's assistant as he was good help in helping to locate Skellin previously. After the Guild announced her travelling, Administrator Osen asked the guild for volunteers to give power for Sonea to store in case she needed to use it in her journey. Sonea was overwhelmed by the people who offered and was surprised that the Higher Magicians all had a farewell dinner prepared for her before she left.  Sonea left with Regin to Sachaka without telling him the true nature of the travel and she's thinking when would be a good time to reveal it.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sigma Traveling Brushes - Tokyo Set

I bought this set last year during the black Friday sale. The company offered free shipping any where in the world  for the black Friday weekend and I took that opportunity to purchase this set. This set is a traveling set and I bought it because it was limited edition and most brushes in the set I do not have. There were three colors available which are pink, red and black with different city names as the label. The size of the brushes are good for me since I have a small face. One thing that disappoints me is these brushes sheds compared to the full size ones that I have but it's tolerable. Sigma brushes is mostly known for their affordable pricing and quality which is what every girl who does make up daily needs. Buying a MAC brush is very costly where I  live hence I choose to buy from this brand. My advice when buying brushes is to look at what sets offer and think of how much you use it and then decide. Every month sigma have a discount code so be sure to put it to good use. This is this month's code below:

Pictures of how the set looks like:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SG trip Dec 2011

Since my grandparents have moved to Singapore each year I will make two trips to visit them. So I was sorting out my camera memory card and I realized that I forgot to share these pictures of the trip. It's all pictures taken in Orchard Road and that time was 10 days before Christmas so the place was already decorated for the occasion. The decorations were not as beautiful as the previous year and there wasn't much to see in the daylight. There was an interesting display of elephant decorated by various people all over Orchard Road and I thought that it was better than the Xmas trees around the area. The elephants decorated by various people have a description telling what it meant.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Please click this link for more pictures: more pictures

Monday, October 15, 2012

Gifts from Jessica magazine

I saw this special edition from the Kinokuniya website and decided it was a good deal. I bought it last Saturday and I'm impressed with the gifts. I got a Winko Photo Frame said to be RM 149 and the quality of the frame is definitely there but not why it cost so much. I also got a Dior nail vernis and a Dior Top coat. I have yet to try the nail polish but I've tested a Dior nail polish before and one coat is enough. I'm told that not all nail polish will always give the same results so after I have tried it I will update this post with pictures of it on my nails. Below are some pictures of the packaging. It came in a really hard cover box and it was a sturdy box. The whole thing was quite heavy because the frame was made from metal and the box was heavy too.  Although I can't read Chinese well but the magazine has a lot of fashion shoots, products  info and make up shots that I enjoy. My mother can read Chinese so the magazine didn't go to waste. 

I've always liked the idea of magazines/ fashion catalog working with high end brands and including a gift with the monthly or quarterly issues. That way the readers get to enjoy the magazine and also enjoy the brand even if it's a small scale product. Good way to market your brand and get people introduced to it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 random facts about me

It's already October, I just feel that time flew too fast and I didn't achieve much in the past 9 months. Looking back at my resolution for the year I know I failed terribly. I have no excuse at all, I always am motivated for a month or two and then it just dies down. The fire within me was not strong enough and that is such a bad thing to ignore. Today suddenly I thought of writing about myself but I was at work so I'm blogging after I'm back. It's funny and kinda hard to think what facts I should put in this post that people don't already know. So here I am feeling a bit brave and telling the "world" who I am if my writing doesn't reveal much.

  1. I'm totally afraid of snakes and if I see a picture or any snakes on the TV, I'll be haunted in my dreams. It's scary and I can't bear to see real ones even with just a glass in between at the zoo. 
  2. I'm Chinese but my mandarin level is as good as a 10 year old and I can't write much anymore.
  3. I used to learn ballet till grade 3 but was stopped because the teacher complained that I talk too much which disrupted the class.
  4. I talk gibberish in my sleep and can't recall that I did it in the morning. Sometimes I engage in a short conversation with my sister but I also can't remember it.
  5. All my soft toys are animals because I'm afraid that dolls will turn into Chuckies.
  6. I'm afraid of heights hence I don't go on roller coasters, usually start shaking in a Ferris wheel, and can't cross a bridge that can swing a bit.
  7. I used to role play with my sister and cousin brothers as Sailormoon and Power Rangers when I was in primary school.
  8. I love potatoes more than rice (being Chinese rice is like their essential food) and I can live without it.
  9. I'm a prankster when I was younger and it was bad. Once I stapled my friend's water bottle and remove the staple to make water leak out. Another terrible thing was I threw water at my friend's cubicle while she was in the toilet and ran away without them knowing.
  10. I love dogs but I can't stand to be licked by it.

There it is 10 facts about me and I hope you had fun reading it. I'm sure you are now thinking how I was as a child, and you're right that I'm quite mischievous but let me tell you I'm also quite nerdy. Thinking back was fun and I would like to have that much of fun without worries at all. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Parrot Green Tote Bag

I love tote bags and I've been on the look out for one that is large enough to carry lots of things. Things like tablets, a book, a scarf/sweater and if possible a laptop that is smaller in size. I like the brand Marc by Marc Jacob for sometime and their tote bags are made of good quality but the color design is not what I wanted. My cousin sister went to Singapore to visit my grandmother and saw the current summer color was Parrot Green and told me that it would be something I liked. She was right, because after two weeks I went to visit my grandma and I loved the color hence I bought the bag. 

The bag costed 330 SGD and in Malaysia it actually costs RM 990 to RM 1099. It's cheaper in Singapore so I'm happy that I made the right desicion. I've been using this bag for months and I really like that I could keep so many things in there. Recently, my friend went to Paris and bought me a traveling pouch and cosmestic pouch. It was an early birthday gift for me. This brand is really overpriced in this country because the tote bag costs 210 Euros. Also the smaller pouch that my friend bought for me cost 45 Euro but cost RM 330 here. For the other pouch it costed 65 Euro and it's around RM 600+ here. Overall I like the brand but not the pricing so if I were to buy other merchandise of this brand I would probably get it from Singapore. 

Parrot Green Pretty Nylon Medium Tate

The right one is Pretty Nylon Small Cosmetic Case

Size difference of the pouches compared to the tote bag

The size of the bag with me carrying it

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