Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nexus 7

Got my tablet recently and I am excited to use it for various thing. This is my first ever tablet so I get to do anything I want with it =P. My dad has the Ipad 1 and I could only borrow it occasionally for games but it ain't games that could keep me occupied for long.  One thing that I'm excited on having this tablet is that I could start buying eBooks and reading it on my Nexus 7. My cupboard is full of books and I don't have space to keep anymore books hence eBooks are my options. I like the size of the tablet, as you can see from the picture below it is slightly smaller than this book. Of course it's also bigger than some other books but the size is just nice for my hands to hold it. 

Many things that I use my smartphone for will be transferred to the tablet such as games and reading (eBooks, websites, blogs, news). The reading experience is pleasant as it's not small and just right for the eyes. The only comparison that I can make is between my smartphone and the tablet in terms of size and the lighting. This tablet is definitely smoother than my smartphone as it has a quad core in it and also using Jelly bean (latest Android OS) while my phone is on dual core using Gingerbread. The difference in loading games are noticeable and the tablet is definitely faster. 

One thing that I appreciate having this tablet is that I can now blog even though I am not in front of a computer and with this convenience I hope to update my blog more often. Sometimes inspiration and the mood to blog comes to me in unexpected times and I hope to quickly write those down and share with the world. I'll also like to highlight that certain apps are much enjoyable to use on the tablet such as G+ and YouTube because the screen is bigger than a smartphone, you get more views of updates packed in a screen.

Google Currents

G+ app

YouYube app
Cut the Rope: Experiments

Kairosoft: Kairobotica

I have two things to complain about the tablet. Firstly, the speakers aren't up to my expectations, my smartphone is louder than it so I'll be using it with earphones more often. Second thing is the power button and the volume buttons are too close to each other, every time I want to switch on my tablet I end up pressing the volume up button and vice versa. It's quite annoying because when you want to volume up, you end up turning off the screen. I like the idea that my smartphones button are both on different sides of the phone. With this new gadget I'm going to venture into programming android apps and hope to test it on my device. Below are some pictures of me unboxing the tablets and comparisons of games. 

Need a knife to cut the sticker seal

Manufactured by Asus

Love that it is printed in soy ink

Nexus 7 in the box

Items included in the box

Swicthing it on the first time

My Samsung Galaxy S II lock screen and Nexus 7 lock screen


  1. Oh my, Kairobotica x2 ? Hope you enjoy ~

  2. I enjoyed it more on the tablet so won't be playing new Kairobotica games on my smartphone now

    1. Oh indeed i agree ~ Once i got my iPad i only played Kairosoft games on there from then on, much more enjoyable.


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