Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kairobotica : An Overview

This game is absolutely the bomb!!! Best game from Kairosoft so far for me and it's really addictive. The moment I saw the game on Google play store I've hit the purchased button. Immediately after installation , I tested the game without realizing time at all. I was playing for 2 hours non-stop and it was fun and I was just at the start of the game. The more I play the more new things I discover. 

I have to say that this game is similar to Dungeon Village which was another great game but what's better is you're not stuck at same village. Your colony gets to travel from one planet to another to complete quests and patrol areas to protect the planets.  Besides doing all those, you get to upgrade your colony with items obtained from patrols and quests. This game is a lot of fun for me because each upgrade produces a different design of the building. There are some things that you'll need to figure out which is what items are helpful to upgrade your building. If you are a Kairosoft fan, you'll understand that it's just so cute to see kairobot fighting and protecting planets.  This is not your typical Kairosoft game where you build and earn money, impress customers and unlock items, because you get to have an adventure! If you like other Kairosoft games, you'll love this game, just read the comments on Google play store. I didn't regret buying this game at all. Below are some pictures of the events that occur in the game and the last picture is how my colony looks like. I hope you enjoy your game and please look forward to a guide that I will publish soon, hopefully next week.


  1. It's the bomb ? Oh my, not literally i hope ~

    1. Just an expression =P can't think of a more exaggerated one

    2. Well that is good, i was hiding under my desk ~

    3. Oh my >.< so sorry for the scare =P


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