Monday, July 23, 2012

Pocket Clothier: An Overview

Converted from the Japanese version we now have an English version available on Google play store. I bought this game just by reading people's feedback on the Japanese version so I didn't know what to expect.  Basically the game is on you managing a clothing store which will be expanded to a department store size. I have to admit this game is easy, you can earn easily and there is not a lot of things to juggle. You have to rely on sales to unlock more different clothes to sell. Other than that, different clothes also bring about different type of customers. There are also plans that help customer discover careers but to get to their goals you will have to pair clothes that will increase the percentage of succeeding.

My advice in earning in this game is that keep selling and don't bother with upgrading the fixtures unless you have plenty of cash to spare. Also set your staff priority well so it improves sales such as skill that attracts more male or female customers. What I did is I arrange all female clothing in one floor and male clothing on another floor alternately, it helps to keep track of the clothes you have. Ultimately this is the easiest Kairosoft game I've played and it's not much of a challenge. I don't really think it was worth my money because there's nothing much to do in the game since everything is simple. But there is one thing I love about this game is that you can move the things that you have installed anywhere you like because some Kairosoft games do not have the move ability.

It's still my first round with the game so when I start a new one I will track what clothes unlock what customers, careers available and also what tenants bring about what customers.


  1. Looks great ! On the itunes store soon hopefully~

  2. It's a simpler game because there isn't things like leveling up clothing or anything that requires some guessing in order to review special things. It's a straightforward game but enjoyable :) Yes hopefully going to itunes store because my friends are looking forward to it .


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