Thursday, July 19, 2012

Missing in Action

I've been neglecting my blog for more than 2 months which naturally made me disappointed because in the end I did not follow through my resolutions for the year. After Diablo 3 was released, there is where I spend most of my time. It's a fun game which then turn repetitive, so why did I continue playing a repetitive game if I know that it's not that fun anymore? Well my answer is I wanted to beat the odds. What odds is these? Well it's the many many nerfs implemented by Blizzard themselves. 

These nerfs are not to balance the game but are flaws to ensure that the company will profit from the game continuously. IF you have been playing the game you will not that everything revolves around the Auction House that has been set up by the Blizzard making selling items and gold in the game legal instead of turning to illegal means and farming (not vegetables or fruits) organizations. How the game revolves around auction house is whenever you find difficulty in your progress in the game, there is where you spend in game gold to buy items that will help you. Even real money can be used to buy items because Blizzard earns 1 dollar for every sale made, as for in game gold it's 15% of the sale. 

Why is it hard to progress in the game? It's because the nerfs made items drop rarer and also more random. Besides that, the elites in the game are getting harder and the "powers" or "skills" of these mobs are so random and tough that you'll die many times trying. So you think just die and try again? Well recently dying costs you more gold as they have made the percentage higher. 

How to enjoy a game that places these obstacles that will profit Blizzard? That depends on you mind set and that is why I want to beat the odds because I don't believe that I will have to follow the crowd and do the same thing. Yes I will have to buy gears from the Auction House or either just work harder to farm elites and get drops. But I won't pay real money for items. Trying to beat the game has been eating up my time for other games and also making me read slower. I still read but just couldn't find the time to write a review but I will write it and I need to make use of time that I have to do it. I admit I've been lazy and taking naps when I shouldn't have on my weekends because those are precious times to read and write. 

I told myself many times that I shouldn't waste time like this and it's always effective for a few weeks and then I'm back to the lazy me. It must stop and I promise myself to change because I need to. This weekend I will review one game and a book. Hopefully I have enough time to review two books though. Time is precious and I am not spending it wisely. Anyway I apologize for leaving this blog empty without entries and I will pick up on my book reviews and move back to the Japanese learning entries. Thank you for the support and patience, happy weekend. BTW I watched The Dark Knight Rises and I loved it, do check it out, it's the best one of the trilogy by Christopher Nolan which is the last one.

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