Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cafeteria Nipponica short guide

This is so far one of the Kairosoft games that required me to play many times and unlock many items. Much time was spent on the game so I thought it would be good to write a short guide on the events that happens in this game so as a player you have a bit of direction going on. Until now I'm sure I've yet to unlock all the possible events generated from clients as some of them have not given me points that are satisfactory in the game to trigger one. The way to please the customer is to cater to the type of food they like and the only hint you get when you click on them is the attribute they would like to see in the dish. 

What you can aim to do is to upgrade some dishes to fit this 5 types of clients available which is student, youth, housewives, business man, and tourist. All the different types of attribute of a dish is the key to impress the customers such as tourist will like food that is rare so pick one dish that uses an ingredient that is rare or ingredients that holds a high amount of stars, you will see the points the customer give going up. Just continue reading this post and you'll find the items or recipes that will be unlock when you go ingredient hunting. It only happens every 3 months so pick a place and make sure you have enough employees to go or else you will need 2 rounds to actually find a treasure from the area. My tip for you is the start with the 1st three spots and make sure your restaurant ranks #1 in the first two areas and then move those stores to new areas. Keep the third store at the third spot and the rest of the games continues on with ranking up the 4th and 5th area which is harder to rank up. I have also included what treasure is found in those areas.

The taste, appeal, pricing and star of a dish carries over after you have completed the first high score. The staff that you have hired in your game has a  job level, stats, job experience and skills recorded when your high score is calculated and you will get those in your new game. I hope this small guide helps and I will continue to update this post as long as I've unlocked something new in the game.

I was asked by a reader that which dishes has great value and I wanna thank that person because I have not thought of that. It is indeed useful information so that you know which dishes served would bring in more business. Below is a few of dishes that I feel is good to sell because of the stars and pricing.

Bird's Nest Soup 9 stars 12,000 yen
Gold Ice Cream 9 stars 8,000 yen      
Hamburger Steak 7 stars 9,800 yen      
Hot Pot                   5 stars 9,500 yen      
Ikizukuri                  9 stars 12,500 yen
Kaiseki Cuisine       9 stars 16,000 yen
Kid's Lunch            9 stars 9,500 yen
Sashimi                  6 stars 9,100 yen
Shark Fin Soup      6 stars 9,500 yen
Steak                     5 stars 9,200 yen
Topgrade Sushi   9 stars 10,000 yen
Yakiniku                8 stars 15,000 yen

Local woods - 1st treasure - udon dish, yaki onigiri recipe
2nd - fried rice recipe, popular table
3rd - salad recipe, $5000

Steep Hills - 1st - Toast dish, bookshelf
2nd - Spaghetti recipe, Chinese table
3rd - Rice omelette recipe
4th - toy corner

Local Farm - 1st - Pop table
2nd - oak cast set
3rd -

Green Pasture - 1st - ice cream, chinese counter
2nd - Omelette dish
3rd - public phone
4th - Stew recipe, 10k

Fishery - 1st - Sauteed Chicken, standard sofa
2nd - Red table
3rd - vending machine
4th - simple room

Veggie Market - 1st - karage, luxury set
2nd - orange crate
3rd - Bird's nest soup recipe

Fish market - 1st - salad, simple counter
2nd - shumai
3rd - relaxing sofa
4th - salad
5th - bench

Craggy rocks - 1st - grilled fish, chocolate parfait recipe
2nd - western sofa
3rd - Kid's Lunch recipe
4th - Dining sofa

Fisher's House - 1st - Grilled fish dish
2nd - Arcade game
3rd - Steak recipe
4th - White sofa
5th - Takoyaki dish
6th - Japanese set

Contract farmer - 1st - toast dish
2nd - aquarium
3rd - tempura recipe
4th - simple sofa
5th - Ramen dish
6th - Theater set

Top fish market - 1st - Shumai dish
2nd - student set
3rd - meat stir fry recipe
4th - Luxury sofa
5th - Japanese set, tuna bowl dish, 10k hidden stash

Associated Store - 1st - nimono recipe
2nd - Luxury counter
3rd - top-grade sushi recipe
4th - Berry parfait recipe

Dept. Store - 1st - Miso soup dish
2nd - Office set
3rd - Ikizukuri recipe
4th - Corn chowder dish

NY Market - 1st - Toast dish
2nd - Luxury room
3rd - Hamburger dish
4th - Pasta cabonara dish

Kairo Island - 1st - Ice cream dish
2nd - Relaxing Room
3rd - Gratin recipe
4th - Grand piano
5th - Floor Cushion set
6th - Gold kairobot

Store #1 reach rank 1 to unlock moving
Greenville pass top 50 rank unlock Invite Masked Reviewer
Ocean view pass top 50 unlock Invite assoc member
Crab fried rice bring actor
Shark fin soup bring king
Hamburger steak bring necromancer
Invite reporter - 100pts gives simple room
Invite assoc member 88 pts - relaxing room
Invite masked reviewer 100 pts - Luxury room
Invite injured king - 100pts - Oil king visit
Invite wairobot - 100pts - wairbot visit restaurant, orange crate
Invite pro wrestler - 100 pts - Pop table
Invite Princess Prin - 81 pts - Gold kairobot

Customers and events

Programmer - Mobile Phone Ads
Freelancer - Store cleaning, watch sports
Artist - Point cards, EZ cooking class
chess player - cleaning, french fries
Trader - Water tasting, fried udon
Gourmet kid - student discount, distribute menus
Lingerie Seller - Hostel promotion, chef lecture
Hyper Kid - Kids' Dishes
Executive - EAting contest
Adventurer - Theme song, Nutrition class
Femail student - hot pot, Foreign menus
Yuppie - Pamphlets
Singer - Caesar salad recipe, add spring water
Eating champ - Free Souvenirs, Manners class
Hot Springs fan - hamburger, inn promotion, seaweed cooking
Tourist - foregin posters, doughnut
Manager - coupons, cheese tasting
Buyer - magazine ads, exotic food tasting
Gambler - pizza toast, online ads, fish cooking
Little girl - chicken bowl, toy prizes
Researcher - Canned foods
celebrity - endorsement
Secretary - hand out tissues
Dancer - pasta cabonara recipe, naming rights
TV personality - Veggie stir fry, free vouchers
Tea master - skyscraper ads
Opera singer - health food club
PTA member - farm-fresh food
Preschooler - Birthday cakes
Magnate - Fancy napkins, Pro Chef class
Pop idol - Banners
Wannabe singer - Birthday discount
Kid - New equipment
Noh Actor - Skin care class
Sumo wrestler - Stew cooking
Oil King - Space choco tasting, traveling chef alton green
Actor - Food Tasting
Koala - Gourmet food club
Performer - Chocolate tasting
Exec Assistant - Pro Chef Lecture
Necromancer - Expert eatng class

Mobile Phone Ads - bring Executive
Store cleaning - recipe found Rice porridge, curry n rice, Yuppie
Point cards - discover rice, Lingerie seller
Cleaning - japanese pasta recipe
Water tasting - miso soup
student discount - female student
EX cooking class - hot pot recipe
Hostel Promotion - Adventurer
Distribute menu - hyper kid
Chef lecture - pork bun recipe
Watch sports - Taloyaki recipe
Kids' Dishes - Little girl
Eating contest - eating champ
Theme song - singer
Pamphlets - ramen recipe, researcher
Foreign menus - Indian curry recipe, tourist
Free Souvenirs - Manager
Nutrition class - Gyoza recipe
Manners class - Corn chowder recipe
Foreign posters - Hayashi rice recipe, buyer
Coupons - crab fried rice recipe, secretary
Inn promotion - gambler
Magazine ads - opera singer
Add spring water - Tuna bowl recipe, celebrity
Seaweed cooking - hot pot
exotic food tasting - meat sauce pasta recipe
canned foods - dancer
cheese tasting - stew recipe
Toy prizes - Preschooler
Distribute tissues - Pork bowl recipe, Magnate
Online ads - tea master
Endorsement - TV personality
Skyscraper ads - PTA member
Health food club - Meat gyoza recipe
Free vouchers - beef curry recipe, exec assistant
Fish cooking - sumo stew recipe
Naming rights - Pop idol
Farm-fresh food - Noh actor
Birthday cakes - Champon recipe, wannabe singer
Fancy napkin - sumo wrestler
Banners - Performer
Birthday discount - Fried udon recipe, Kid
New equipment - Eel bowl recipe, Sports Kid
Skin care class - Pasta cabonara recipe
Pro chef class - Yakiniku recipe
Stew Cooking - Croquette dish
Space choco tasting - Seafood gyoza recipe
Food tasting - Combo ramen recipe
Gourment food club - Okonomiyaki recipe
Chocolate tasting - Yakisoba recipe
Pro Chef Lecture - Beef stew recipe
Eating expert class - Minestrone soup recipe

Kitchen Job Requirements
  •  Chinese Chef = Rookie Chef Lv5
  • Japanese Chef = Chinese Chef Lv5
  • Western Chef = Chinese Chef Lv5
  • Expert Chef = Rookie Chef Lv3
  • 5-Star Chef = Expert Chef Lv5 + Japanese Chef Lv5 + Western Chef Lv5

Floor Job Requirements
  • Manager = Trainee Lv5
  • Pro Staff = Manager Lv5
  • Performer = Manager Lv5 + Service Master Lv5
  • Service Master = Trainee Lv5
  • Ninja = Performer Lv5 + Japanese Chef Lv5
  • Roller Skater = Performer Lv5 + Western Chef Lv5
  • Popular Staff = Performer Lv5 + Rookie Chef Lv5
  • Recipe Master = Performer Lv5 + Expert Chef Lv5
  • Musician = Service Master Lv5+ Rookie Chef Lv5
  • Animal Trainer = Ninja Lv5 + Popular Staff Lv5 + Musician Lv5
  • Kairo Staff = Animal Trainer Lv5


  1. I'm so glad I found this guide! I just started playing over Christmas, I'm finding it very difficult to make any money to buy the ingredients. I've played Sushi Spinnery and Game Dev Story for a long time and just started to look at other Kairosoft games. Thanks for your posts!

  2. I am curious about the manager = level 5 trainee. Does the trainee become a manager after reaching level 5? Or is there something particular I'd need to do?

    1. The trainee reaching level 5 will allow them to be a manager, I think you would need to change their jobs, haven't been playing some time now, so I've quite forgotten some things.


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