Sunday, April 22, 2012

To Sir Phillip, With Love

Sir Phillip had lost his wife and when he was sorting through his mail, a letter of condolences came from his wife's distant cousin Eloise. Phillip thought it was appropriate to return some words and unexpectedly they corresponded for a year. From the letters, Phillip found out that Eloise was a spinster and she was not young anymore which is at the age of 28. Since Phillip needed a mother for his children and a wife to take care of the house he decided that it was a good idea to ask for Eloise hand in marriage if suitable.

When Eloise heard of the news of her cousin passing, she wrote to send her condolences and little did she know that one year in the future Sir Phillip had invited her to visit and if they suit they should marry. It was a marriage proposal through a letter and Eloise thought that she couldn't marry a man she never knew. Eloise wanted love like how she saw her elder siblings have gotten it so she wanted to wait for that spark to happen to her too. It was ridiculous to accept that offer but after her best friend Penelope who declared to spend spinsterhood with Eloise gotten married to her brother Colin, she felt lonely. She didn't know what to do and then without any hesitation she left London and headed to Gloucestershire. Eloise did not tell anyone and she left in the middle of the ball when Anthony was going to make an announcement.

Phillip was in a good mood because the weather was lovely and it would be a nice day to work in his greenhouse. While he was changing he could hear noise from upstairs and he knew his children were up to no good again. Just as he left his room, the butler was there telling him that a visitor arrived at his house. Phillip could not have imagined who would come at this time and went down where he saw a person who was young and quite pretty. Phillip thought he could drown in those beautiful eyes of hers. When she opened her mouth she couldn't stop talking and it slightly annoyed him, also the children were making much more noise upstairs. Eloise was talking and talking because she was nervous, she apologized for showing up without any word but it seems like Sir Phillip was lost in her words and it made her angry.

 To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn is about the fifth child of the Bridgerton family Eloise. As usual, the character of the book is unique, different on her own from the family yet still having some traits that is telling you that she is a Bridgerton. After three books about the men of the family, it's refreshing to read about the daughters. I like how Eloise is and she has this trait that remind me of myself which is a person who cannot sit around and do nothing. Not to say these people can't relax, but more like people who when they have time they would like to do something meaningful and fun.  The male character of the book is definitely different in ways such as his background, his current situation and most of all his personality. About his personality he is not a typical guy that you will find from the ton. I think that's because of how he grew up and also where he is living in.

This book was okay for me, it wasn't like the others that made me kept reading. There wasn't the type of romance spark that you find in previous books. It is still funny but not as much as others. For me the time spent between the characters was a bit too short and things happened too fast. I do enjoy the climax in the middle of the book and it suddenly made things more interesting. Before that it was just okay for me, not much excitement. I'm slightly disappointed with this book since it's previous books has been dreamy and wonderful but this one is just normal to me. It's doesn't have the type of romance that made me excited or dream about. Unfortunately, this is not a book that I will read again in future if I wanted a dreamy romance story.

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