Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Romancing Mister Bridgerton

Penelope has always loved her best friend's brother Colin and it's been a long time. She has always watched him from afar knowing that she would never have the chance to be his. So Penelope was determined that she would be a spinster with Eloise who had the same mind set. Colin had travel far most of his years because he loved it and also to avoid the season where ambitious mamas will aim for the Bridgerton man. It had been long but Colin was finally home from Cyprus and the season has just started.

There was a ball that Penelope attended and Colin was also there. He asked her to dance out of politeness and also because it was usually what he did when his mother ask for him to dance with the ladies. Penelope was sort of a friend to him too and the only Featherington he liked. After their dance, they both were intercepted by Lady Danbury and after some conversation, Lady Danbury announced to the crowd that whoever who can unveil Lady Whistledown's identity will be rewarded one thousand pounds.

It was a challenge that everyone accepted and many started their speculation. One afternoon when Penelope was visiting the Bridgerton house as usual she found Colin's secret and then she saw him as a different person. Colin was furious with what she found out and it have gotten into an argument. They were arguing really bad and an accident happen where Colin and cut his hand. The atmosphere changed because Penelope was worried and helped to wrap the wound. She expressed that she like what Colin was doing and thought it would be nice to share with the world.  

Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn is about the third son of the family Colin and the wonderful person Penelope Featherington. My favourite of the Bridgerton family series is the first book and this is the next book that I loved. Colin has always been the character that I'm quite interested in. As for Penelope, she's always just mentioned in most of the books until she became best friends with Eloise. You would have read her name last time where her mother always dresses her in every ball where it does not flatter her at all. It's just wonderful to finally read about these two people because they are not who you think they are. They both have secrets and this book is about how they find out and how they deal with it.

I was surprised in the storyline somewhere pass midway of the book and it really excited me more to read continuously.  I truly enjoy the interactions between Colin and Penelope, it's really funny. This book is really wonderful because of the characters, I love what the author write about how they are as a person by the thoughts they have and the conversations spoken. I really ran out of words to praise this book because it's just good. I just want to say that this is the type of romance that is dreamy, funny and dramatic as well. I definitely will read it again in the future to relive the enjoyment I have reading the book.

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