Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mega mall story combos part 1

This is another Kairosoft game that caught my attention previously before Cafeteria Nipponica because personally I love games like these. Games are require you to build, manage and slowly earn money to rise among ranks. You could say that this game is like Sim Tower but minus out the resident and office lots. Of course it also has cute graphics, cute shops and cute customers. Throughout the game you unlock shops by either purchasing them or when you impressed a customer of yours they will offer it to you. This game is definitely easier than Cafe Nippon in terms of earning and unlock items but nonetheless it's still a fun game. I've manage to unlock 23 combos before the game records my high score and as I know there are 30 combos. If you're wondering what are combos, there are plans to help with your placements of shops to boost the stats of the store. I have yet to start a new game because I'm playing Cafe Nippon but soon I will start a new game to make sure I've unlock all the stores and combo available. For now, I've attached all 23 combos that I've come across in my game.

Once I get the other 7 recipes I will write in another post. Have fun and I hope this helps.

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