Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Japanese Word of the Day - 46 to 50

Another 5 words in this post, I try my best to learn them but honestly katakana is a bit harder because I have even learned the basics but it is soon to be one of the things that I will learn once I believe I am familiar enough with hiragana. As for words that are kanji, it's easier because of my Chinese education background. Apart from learning this, I actually have an idea of a post on how I learn Hiragana but I haven't started on the draft yet but maybe sometime this month or May.

  1. Keen - surudoi , 鋭い
  2. Laborer -  rōdōsha 労働者
  3. Machine - kikai, 機械
  4. Nail polish - manikyua, マニキュア
  5. Oasis - oashisu, オアシス
The first word is a mixture of kanji and hiragana. I was happy when I look through the dictionary on laborer and machine and found out it's written in kanji and it also sounds like mandarin. As for nail polish and oasis, it's in katakana.

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