Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cafeteria Nipponica part 1

Lately when I'm not reading I'll be gaming away on my mobile phone. I have long abandon my nds lite because it is heavy to carry it around. Since my phone is a smart phone I definitely took advantage of playing games on it. Kairosoft is a Japanese game developer that makes games in the simulation/management category. They have many titles as of now available for Android and iOS phones. The first game that I bought was "Game Dev Story" and I was hooked, playing on my phone non-stop for hours. It was a very fun game and then when I discover more titles I got hooked even more. This new game that has just been released is just as fun and the difficulty is higher. When playing "Cafe Nipon" in short, you will spend time making money but then it always seems it's not enough. Kairosoft likes to make games that will make the players play over and over again which makes the game a bang for your buck. 

I love that this new game is the same, it's not easy to earn and open new stores. It's definitely not easy getting recipes and ingredients to make certain dishes. That is the challenge in the game, unlocking more recipe, ingredients, and also items for use in the restaurant. The urge of wanting everything in the game is what's make you keep on playing even though the high score is after 15 years, you'll start a new game with the things you unlock and carry on with your will to unlock everything in the game. It was hard getting recipes because it takes a lot of time, sometimes you wait for the hunting event, sometimes you just have to use your brains to simply mix ingredients to develop new dishes or you wait that you impress a customer and they might give you a recipe. If this game means it requires too much things to do then it's not the short 10 minute game that you are looking for. I personally loved games like these and Kairosoft has plenty of it.

Below are some of the recipes unlocked in my game and I know there is more because I only own two stores at two different areas. There are more areas which feature different ingredients and customers so the 18 that I have below is just a small amount. I hope the pictures will at least help those who read this article in your game play. Just follow the recipes and develop a dish and you can sell it in your restaurant.

Updated a complete recipe list here : Complete Recipe

I will upload more recipes as I unlock them but it will be in a new post as this one already has so many pictures. Part two is here:

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