Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Sport shoes

At this age, I start to feel the disadvantage of not exercising which leads to bad aches, stiff necks and many more. Therefore, I started to play badminton with my friends every Sunday. Sadly I did not fare well in those games as I can only hit the shuttlecock when it's heading my way and I couldn't go for those that are at the corners, near the net or way to the back.  So I thought about the problem besides my stamina, my shoes were the problem too as I was wearing my Adidas that is meant for casual wear. It's not a sport shoe and it's heavy. Last Sunday, after lunch my dad needed a new pair of jogging shoes and so I followed and looked for new sports shoe that can suite any type of sport possible. My dad told me training shoes would be good and I ended up with the shoe below as it had 40% discount. The shoe cost RM 199 and with 40% it was really worth it. After swapping to this new shoe, I could run better and move faster, so hopefully I can play better and exercise more.

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