Friday, March 16, 2012

MAC shop & MAC cook

This is the new MAC spring collection that was recently launched in my country and it started on 7th March. As I know it has been in the states for about a month already and yes it came here kinda slow but no matter because there will always be cosmetic lovers who are willing to wait. I heard and read about it last month and was waiting patiently for it to come soon. When I bought a magazine for the month of March it's advertised in it, which made me kinda excited because I know it's going to come soon. I further confirmed the date when I walked in a MAC store to ask about the launch. Naturally an event is held to mark the launch and market the collection. From the reviews available online, I kinda already decided what I wanted to try and what I wanted to purchase. I won't be reviewing this because I'm not an expert and you can find it in good beauty blogger websites. I can recommend a few bloggers that gave good swatches and reviews. 

Below are pictures of the collection launch event in Mid Valley Megamall Center court Ground floor last week. I did stop by and tested the collection which led to me purchasing too. The items that I bought are in pictures below and I will list the prices.

The brochure for MAC Shop
The back of the glossy card brochure with the items featured
The event in the mall

Make up station for testing, customers attended by MAC makeup artist
Grocery/Supermarket look

Stacked up fake groceries box
The collection which has eyeshadow palettes, creme blushes, lip gloss, lip stick.
There is also gel liner, lip balm in the collection but I forgot to take pictures of the display. The setup of the event is cute with it looking like a supermarket. On both ends are where the customers can try out the collection with the help of MAC's make up artist. Below is my MAC purchase from the collection which is one eyeshadow palette (RM 140), a tendertone (RM 65), a kissable lip color (RM 80), a cremeblend blush (RM 75),and lastly a MAC fluidline (RM 72). All the items that I purchased are limited edition. Most items are limited edition but I'm not sure about the lipsticks because I didn't purchase any.  

Top: Eyeshadow palette, cremeblend blush. Middle: Kissable lipcolor. Bottom: MAC fluidline , MAC tendertone

Top: Tendertone in Hot 'N' Saucy. Bottom : MAC fluidline in Added  Goodness

Kissable lipcolor in Enchatee
Palette named Call Me Bubbles

Top: Call me bubbles, Fresh Daily. Bottom: Full of flavour, Brash

Cremeblend blush in Florida
The tendertone has a nice smell like watermelon and the fluidline is a brown liner with some shimmer in it which is gorgeous. I really love the palette as I do not have colors like these and there quite pigmented from what other reviewers have said. I have yet to try it because I'm not sure what look I wanna do with it. Further below is a sample given to me after I purchased my items where this cream is put on the cheek bones to give some glow. Also for purchasing in the event there is a small lucky draw where you draw a ping pong ball from a box and something is given to you, the only choice there was between a sponge or washing gloves. I was also given the recycle bag when I first bought the tendertone, palette and lipgloss. After that when I went with my sister on a Saturday they do not give samples or that bag anymore.

Overall I really like this collection but not all things suite me and I try not to overspend myself. When I do try the products I might share it in the blog. I'm kinda shy on showing it because I'm not an expert and I don't look good on photos. If you do want to buy some remember to try to see how it looks. Lastly, I'm not affiliated with MAC to do this post, I just wanted to share my experience and little haul. Hope the pricing listed will help you.

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