Monday, March 19, 2012

Japanese Word of the Day - 26 to 30

Sometimes I have no idea what to write here, what words to relate to in my everyday life. So this post I'm gonna be a bit open and list my bad traits and learn those words in Japanese. 
  1. Lazy -  namakemono怠け者
  2. Stubborn - ganko (na) 頑固(な)
  3. Assume - katei suru 仮定する
  4. Waste -  Rōhi 浪費
  5. Careless -  Fuchūi(na),  不注意な
So these are my bad traits where I'm trying to get rid of. I really hope this is keep reminding me of my mistakes and encourage me to try to change everyday and improve to become a better person

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