Thursday, March 8, 2012


Gashapon is a capsule toy that is created by Bandai. The name itself describes the sounds that are made by turning the crank and when the capsule toy drops out. I personally like this very much because when you put in the tokens and slowly turn your toy out, the feeling of anticipation and the excitement of discovering what you get is just awesome. The capsule toys are usually from Japanese manga, video games, anime and etc which consists of characters or icons from those genres. Here in this country Gashapon can be seen placed in the premises of Toys 'R Us. When I visit the store I will definitely stop by the Gashapon vending machines and look at the sets available. Two days ago I had dinner near the store so I dropped by to take a look and it had okay selections, not all the time you'll see something you like but I assure there's always something for anime lovers or game lovers. I saw something I like and I couldn't resist purchasing two gashapons. Below are the pictures of the gashapon that I obtained randomly, it was definitely good luck that I got something I wanted from the designs available.

Android Robot Colors Mascot brochure found inside the capsule

Poor android trapped inside, look at the tear

Actually the tear is for the battery dying out soon

cute adapter at the back of the android
Sweet Usagi brochure

Help! I'm trapped inside and I can't breathe, poor bunny

A pink bunny with a leaf no top kinda like a japanese desert

Front view of the bunny

Side view of the bunny
When you look at what is advertised on the machine you kinda think wow they look good but unfortunately the sweet usagi cleaner isn't made as nice as the brochure. It's a bit deformed, the shape of the think is not oval and a bit weird instead. Even the android toy was not perfect, the head was not straight on the body but looking slightly to the thing's right side. Overall I enjoyed the feeling of turning the thing and opening it but I'm not so happy with the pink bunny, would have been happier with the white one instead. 

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