Thursday, March 22, 2012

Japanese Word of the Day - 31 to 35

There are 24 hours a day, 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep and the rest are just for other stuff such as eating, traveling and etc. But I don't know why I can't keep myself up to date with my Japanese learning. If I have to analyse properly, I have to be honest and say I spent a lot of my time watching YouTube videos, watching TV series and playing with my handphone. Sometimes I do wonder what I'm doing, thinking of what to do when I have things to actually work on. I lack motivation in a lot of matters in life and tend to go the easy way out which ends up with me being lazy. I have this inspiration app on my phone that reminds me everyday that in life without hard work there is no success, it also reminds me to chase after my dreams. To make my dreams come true I need to put in a lot of passion, effort and determination. Life is short and while I'm still young I feel it is time for me to put in my best effort to make sure my dreams come true. There is no time to waste and I will try my best to live the fullest. So today to catch up with my Japanese learning I will pick those 5 words from this short paragraph that I've written here.

  1. Motivation -  Dōki,  動機
  2. Passion -  Jōnetsu,  情熱
  3. Inspiration - Hirameki, ひらめき
  4. Effort - Doryoku,  努力  
  5. Determination - Kettei,  決定

Monday, March 19, 2012

Japanese Word of the Day - 26 to 30

Sometimes I have no idea what to write here, what words to relate to in my everyday life. So this post I'm gonna be a bit open and list my bad traits and learn those words in Japanese. 
  1. Lazy -  namakemono怠け者
  2. Stubborn - ganko (na) 頑固(な)
  3. Assume - katei suru 仮定する
  4. Waste -  Rōhi 浪費
  5. Careless -  Fuchūi(na),  不注意な
So these are my bad traits where I'm trying to get rid of. I really hope this is keep reminding me of my mistakes and encourage me to try to change everyday and improve to become a better person

Sunday, March 18, 2012

KONY 2012

This subject has been circulating and spread on the internet for two weeks now and I would like to present my thoughts about it. KONY 2012 is a movement by Invisible Children Organization. Below is the video about what they are trying to do. As for me I'm trying to spread the word too because after watching the video I felt bad about myself for not knowing what's going on in other places of the world. This video certainly touched my heart and it inspired me to work harder to achieve my goals. 
From what I see in the video the founder of Invisible Children is doing something noble, something that will make a change in the world. I feel that people like him deserve praise and a pat on the back telling him "Job well done". This world we need more people like him, people who are willing to go the extra mile in doing good for the world, not for himself. There are many negative things out there about Invisible Children and some even say that it's a con job. After reading an article in the link below, I too thought they were in it for something else and I was happy to find out it's not which leads to the second link. The second link is where Invisible Children released an article replying to the accusations that were presently by people who think that there are a scam. I like how this organization works with transparency on their financial status and how they are spending the donations.

My thoughts on this movement is it's a job well done and I hope that people will support what they do. I know you might think when this is over what will they do, I'm sure they will lend a hand and help other parts of the world with the same vision in their hearts and mind. Even though I may not be able to donate but I will continue to spread the word about them and all the good things they have done. They have come a long way and it's the final stage where Kony needs to be stopped in making him famous. As people who have access to the internet we can continue to spread the word and create awareness. If you have the money to donate, you should donate and help out because these are children who are suffering and with your donation they have a better chance to survive in this world. What I learned from all this is that I'm just a tiny person in this world and I'm lucky enough to have electric, to have a computer, to have knowledge and to be able to live a simple life. There are many out there who are suffering and we who have a better chance in life should not complain too much about when you have the capability to do something about it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

MAC shop & MAC cook

This is the new MAC spring collection that was recently launched in my country and it started on 7th March. As I know it has been in the states for about a month already and yes it came here kinda slow but no matter because there will always be cosmetic lovers who are willing to wait. I heard and read about it last month and was waiting patiently for it to come soon. When I bought a magazine for the month of March it's advertised in it, which made me kinda excited because I know it's going to come soon. I further confirmed the date when I walked in a MAC store to ask about the launch. Naturally an event is held to mark the launch and market the collection. From the reviews available online, I kinda already decided what I wanted to try and what I wanted to purchase. I won't be reviewing this because I'm not an expert and you can find it in good beauty blogger websites. I can recommend a few bloggers that gave good swatches and reviews. 

Below are pictures of the collection launch event in Mid Valley Megamall Center court Ground floor last week. I did stop by and tested the collection which led to me purchasing too. The items that I bought are in pictures below and I will list the prices.

The brochure for MAC Shop
The back of the glossy card brochure with the items featured
The event in the mall

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Sport shoes

At this age, I start to feel the disadvantage of not exercising which leads to bad aches, stiff necks and many more. Therefore, I started to play badminton with my friends every Sunday. Sadly I did not fare well in those games as I can only hit the shuttlecock when it's heading my way and I couldn't go for those that are at the corners, near the net or way to the back.  So I thought about the problem besides my stamina, my shoes were the problem too as I was wearing my Adidas that is meant for casual wear. It's not a sport shoe and it's heavy. Last Sunday, after lunch my dad needed a new pair of jogging shoes and so I followed and looked for new sports shoe that can suite any type of sport possible. My dad told me training shoes would be good and I ended up with the shoe below as it had 40% discount. The shoe cost RM 199 and with 40% it was really worth it. After swapping to this new shoe, I could run better and move faster, so hopefully I can play better and exercise more.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maybeline Baby Lips Lip Balm

I'm always on the look out for good lip balms as my lips crack easily and peel like mad everyday. I thought drinking lots of water would help but it doesn't and with this problem it's so hard to wear lipstick :(. This Maybeline Baby Lips lip balm was really rave about in the states. It did come to my country but in a different packaging and it's not a tinted lip balm like the states. I love eating cherries so I picked out this flavour from many of the available ones in Sasa. When I opened the item and turned out the lip balm I was sadden as it had a defect where the stick was damaged. Sadly in this country there s no exchange policy and given that this is a lip product, the chances to change it is even lower. I have no choice but to use it and see how to manoeuvre around that hole. It is a good lip balm which keeps my lips smooth, you'll have to reapply when you have eaten food or drank any water though. Other than reapplying, I think it's okay for the price of RM 10.90 plus it's better than Burt's Bee lip balms for me because those make my lips peel more and it's less moisturising.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Gashapon is a capsule toy that is created by Bandai. The name itself describes the sounds that are made by turning the crank and when the capsule toy drops out. I personally like this very much because when you put in the tokens and slowly turn your toy out, the feeling of anticipation and the excitement of discovering what you get is just awesome. The capsule toys are usually from Japanese manga, video games, anime and etc which consists of characters or icons from those genres. Here in this country Gashapon can be seen placed in the premises of Toys 'R Us. When I visit the store I will definitely stop by the Gashapon vending machines and look at the sets available. Two days ago I had dinner near the store so I dropped by to take a look and it had okay selections, not all the time you'll see something you like but I assure there's always something for anime lovers or game lovers. I saw something I like and I couldn't resist purchasing two gashapons. Below are the pictures of the gashapon that I obtained randomly, it was definitely good luck that I got something I wanted from the designs available.

Android Robot Colors Mascot brochure found inside the capsule

Poor android trapped inside, look at the tear

Actually the tear is for the battery dying out soon

cute adapter at the back of the android
Sweet Usagi brochure

Help! I'm trapped inside and I can't breathe, poor bunny

A pink bunny with a leaf no top kinda like a japanese desert

Front view of the bunny

Side view of the bunny
When you look at what is advertised on the machine you kinda think wow they look good but unfortunately the sweet usagi cleaner isn't made as nice as the brochure. It's a bit deformed, the shape of the think is not oval and a bit weird instead. Even the android toy was not perfect, the head was not straight on the body but looking slightly to the thing's right side. Overall I enjoyed the feeling of turning the thing and opening it but I'm not so happy with the pink bunny, would have been happier with the white one instead. 
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