Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Japanese Word of the Day - 16 to 20

So when we reached SG on Friday night it was already quite late and everyone just went to bed after reaching my uncle's place. The next day, I woke up feeling hyped up and thinking what to do for the day already. I had my breakfast which I can't remember what. Later lunch which unfortunately I can't remember either, my memory has not been good like how I used to be when I was in college. I do remember what we did after that, we all went to Orchard Road for shopping. The streets were really crowded with people as I think most of them are aiming to do last minute CNY shopping.

It was a fine day but my cousin was sick so we rushed home when we had planned to have some ice cream :(. Totally took a nap before heading out for dinner. Dinner was messy as the place was flooded with people, the food was average nothing amazing. After dinner, my grandparents went back first, where else my family and I went grocery shopping with my aunt at Nex's fair price. I was shocked to see the place as it was so so crowded until trolleys was banging other trolleys, it was so hard to walk and look at every aisle. For a person as skinny as me, I already had difficulties moving around. It was crazy because I know people are stocking up for the holiday. So in conclusion it was an okay day where I feel it was not spent to the fullest. I suppose a holiday is a time where you rest and relax which I totally agreed.

So the words that I want to learn from this experience are the following below:
  • Home -  katei, 家庭
  • Crowded -  kondeiru, 混んでいる 
  • Shopping - kaimono, 買い物
  • Nap - hirune, 昼寝
  • Sick - Byōki no, 病気の 

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