Thursday, February 16, 2012

I've Got Your Number

Poppy Wyatt is in a big disaster, the kind that might ruin relationships between people. She has lost her engagement ring which belongs to her fiance's grandmother. Poppy was just recalling the situation where her friends and her was attending a charity luncheon in the hotel. They were all talking about her ring and everyone wanted to try the beautiful Emerald family heirloom ring from Magnus (Poppy's fiance). The ring went from one person to another and suddenly the fire alarm rang and all the guest was escorted out of the building.

When everyone was outside they heard that the event is be cancelled and all of Poppy's friends headed home. That's when Poppy realise the ring isn't with her and when she texted her friends to ask and none of them had it. She started to panic and have searched the event hall for a long time. She has gotten a message on her phone but the reception in the hotel was terrible, so she went outside to get better reception and then her phone got nicked by a person riding on a bicycle. Poppy didn't know how to react because her phone is like her life, all her numbers are there and then she had given this number to the hotel staff for contact in case they have found the ring. It was such a bad day for her, she lost her ring, her phone and worse part is her future-in-laws were coming back from the States tonight and how is she going to hide the fact that she lost their family heirloom ring.

Poppy just keep pacing around the hotel lobby thinking what to do and also hoping that the ring might just turn up while she was there. She is scanning the objects in her view while turning in circles, then she realise there is a mobile phone in the bin nearby. She looks around to confirm that no one is around and then quickly she picks it out of the bin. Since no one wanted it and threw it into the bin, then finders keepers. Poppy was glad that now she has a replacement phone, so she quickly text her friends of her new number and then passed it to all the hotel employees. Suddenly the phone rang and instantly she picks up the call. On the other end of the line was a man asking Poppy whether she is still in the lobby and whether a Japanese man is leaving yet. Poppy told him that the man was going to leave and that she does not know who is on the line and told him that she picked up this phone from the bin. The man asked her to stop the Japanese guy from leaving at all cost while he tries to come down to the lobby as fast as possible. 

Poppy went to the Japanese man and distracted him for some time and the guy Sam managed to get down and meet up with Mr Yamasaki. Poppy quickly left the hotel lobby because she wanted to keep the phone. Sam called later to say that the phone is company property and she has to return it to him as it was his PA's phone. Poppy told him her situation of lost engagement ring and begged him to loan her a few days because she has given this number to the hotel workers. Sam agreed in the end as he does not want to set the police on her and asked for her to forward all emails and messages to his mobile. And so an agreement was made between them for temporary use. This phone containes many messages and emails that sounded interesting and Poppy could not help but read to find out more about Sam. 

I've Got your Number by Sophie Kinsella is a story about two strangers with only one link between them which is a mobile phone. These two strangers meet under a complicated situation and somehow some incident happened which kinda made the relationship even weirder. I wouldn't want to leave too many spoilers so I'm trying to keep this brief but my excitement after reading this book is just uncontainable. I'm typing right after I've finished the book now. I'm really happy with the ending, it's somewhat what I've expected. When it's comes to chic lit stories I love what I expect to come true or at least a close version of it. I must compliment the way the characters are in this book where they just fit the story really well. The story has a lot of mystery element in it where it makes one to keep reading non-stop just to find out more. 

There are a few characters in the story that will catch you by surprise and that is something that I love because you cannot judge a book by it's cover and sometimes first time impression is not everything. This book really stresses on that point and that we as people should not judge or assume too much because sometimes it might cause a disaster. This book has some moments of funny and silliness happening which is typical of Sophie Kinsella, else you wouldn't called it her book. I really love Sophie's writing style and her story all the time, it doesn't cease to amaze me. This book however have a bit of difference compared to other books which I will not reveal but to me it's a bit annoying but still acceptable because it goes with the story.

This book just gives me the same excitement when I picked up and read "Twenties Girl" which puts it at the same ranking now which is my two most favourite books from Sophie Kinsella currently. If I read it again I would still love it just the same right now. Definitely a story worth every penny and worth your time reading it. So please read this if you love other Sophie Kinsella's books because this one is a story that made me dream about in my sleep too.

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