Friday, January 6, 2012

My new blog title

Hallo dear readers, for many months I have been thinking through what name to change Rush hours of life because I feel it was cheesy and not catchy enough. This new name "Anything but Everything" signifies that I love to write about anything that I've experience of that I would love to share BUT not everything. I'm not the type that blogs every single aspect of my life because that's boring. This blog will consist reviews, travel logs, things that I saw worth mentioning and anything at all.

I hope to bring about more new things into this blog and in future I will not be the only author of this blog. Other than that, I will go back to sharing a Japanese word a day that I learnt. Instead of putting it in the sidebar I will make it a post instead in order to have a copy for me to look back at. The purpose of this is to encourage myself to learn Japanese everyday and also to make it a habit to become a frequent blogger/writer. In order to achieve my dream of becoming a writer someday, I need to practice writing frequently.

Lastly, feel free to comment anytime for ideas or comment on my writing. I want to know how I can always improve. Thank you for the support though I have very little but I will work on boosting the readers of this blog. Take care and I wish everyone the best of health.


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