Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Remember me?

Feet aching from wearing boots that did not fit and soaked wet because of the rain, it was a bad day for Lexi Smart. Lexi and her friends are trying to hail a taxi home as Lexi's boyfriend "Loser Dave" did not show up to pick them from a clubbing session. It was raining really bad and it seem that Lexi was the only one trying hard while Debs and Carolyn were singing "Dancing Queen" together and Fi was making out with a guy. Desperately Lexi called out for taxi and one happened to pass by so she chased after it. A man was going to hail the cab which made her ran down some steps quickly resulting in her slipping and tumbling down the stairs.

Lexi woke up the next day feeling that her head was splitting, things are kinda foggy and her mouth is parched. She isn't aware of the time and how long she has been awake or asleep. She just lie still as the headache is really bad and she keep recalling the past. When she manage to open her eyes properly, she realized that she was on a hospital bed. She panicked as she could not recall much of what happened and how she ended in the hospital. A nurse came to help and gave her something to drink. When asked how she ended there, Lexi couldn't answer the nurse as her memory is foggy. As Lexi passed back the cup, she notice that her nails are nice and pretty not bitten down as usual. Maureen then gave her a plastic bag that contained her belongings and inside was a Louis Vuitton bag which Lexi said it wasn't hers.

The next day Lexi woke up feeling hazy still but she managed to remember that the nurse is called Maureen. She was still confused but felt some comfort when her mother showed up to visit. Her mother looked older to her which she felt it was odd and things got odder when her mom mentioned Amy and Eric was going to visit soon.  She didn't know who is Eric at all and when she went through her hand-phone which looked advanced for the year 2004. In her phone there were all kinds of messages from a person E but Lexi had no idea who that person is. The doctor came in to check up on her and asked many weird questions, and he revealed to her that currently is the year 2007. She had the biggest shock of her life as so many things happened which she could not recall, she is married, working as a Director in a company and her figure looks really good.  She had an accident driving her Mercedes car and ended up in the hospital 5 days ago. To her it seems like time skipped three year for her and she is totally different in her outlook and living a different life. The last thing she remembered was year 2004 the night she went clubbing with her friends and got stood up by her boyfriend.

The doctor told Lexi that she will need time to recover and being exposed to things that should be familiar in her daily life should help. When it was time to leave the hospital, she decided to go home with Eric her husband instead of living with her mom. She wanted to know what kind of life she is currently living in. Her house was amazing with high class furniture, high tech electronics and best of all she had her own closet with plenty of branded clothing but all in dull colors such as black, beige, khakis and so on. She was living the dream life with a good career, wonderful house, handsome husband and not being poor. It all seemed too good to be true but when she went back to the office, all her friends ignored her and people were afraid of her. She found out that she is a bitch boss from hell in her department and everyone hated her. Things weren't as good as she thought because she couldn't remember how to do her job, couldn't remember people who was acquainted to her in this new life. What was she going to do as a secret was revealed to her?

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella is a book about a person who lost three years of memory and how she learns to cope with the changes in her life. Lexi is totally blank on what happened and it's difficult on her to just live her life as it was. The current her is the Lexi in 2004 not the one that is in 2007, hence many aspects are totally new to her. This book is kinda realistic to me as these incidents do happen to people in real life. There could be a person who lost a big sum of their memory and they struggle to continue back their life. I love how the writer gives the reader a point of view into people who have amnesia and how their life could turn out to be.  I don't feel that this book is like her usual funny writing but no doubt there are a bit of humor in it. It's more towards how dramatic things turned out for the character that keeps me entertained. The book really captures my attention as I want to know more how Lexi tries to live her new life that seems so dreamy. It has a really good climax and slowly more details are revealed in the book that keeps you reading. Overall I enjoyed this book but it's not a book that made me laugh so hard my stomach hurts like Twenties Girl but still it's a good book. My favorite from Sophie Kinsella is still Twenties Girl.

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