Thursday, December 22, 2011


Meena Harper was already running late and she thought she would enter a train that would have been crammed with people but to her surprise it was practically empty. It would be her lucky day if in her train ride she can avoid eye contact and human interaction all the way till fifty-first street stop. Unfortunately something caught her attention, a girl with white pumps that had life size plastic butterflies on the toes. She was definitely out of town as there was a roller suitcase in front of her. When she saw Meena, she removed her purse to offer the seat next to her. That was when Meena's heart sank because that girl was going to die by the end of the week.  

Meena took the seat and striked a conversation with Miss Butterfly. Meena asked her was it her first time visiting the city and the girl took out her mobile and showed Meena the picture of her American boyfriend. She said that the guy was going to help her obtain visa. Miss Butterfly also mentioned that her boyfriend will help her become a model/actress at the same time. Grand Central Station was announced in the loudspeaker and it was where Yalena (Miss Butterfly) was meeting her boyfriend. Meena searched through her handbag and produced her name card telling Yalena that if she ever found herself in need of help just call her. Meena being kind hearted went down the train and helped Yalena with her suitcase. As she bid her goodbye, she reminded Yalena that she could call anytime but keep this card a secret from her boyfriend. After that, Meena headed back to trains to take a new one to her destination where she was going to be late for her work.

As usual Meena grabbed her morning coffee and bagel before heading into the office. Today she hoped would be a good day as the head writer position for "Insatiable" was available. Meena worked hard all the time and it's time she got a promotion as she needed more money for her apartment loan. It was an apartment bought by her and her ex but then things didn't turn out well so now it's Meena's and she's paying for the place. Other than that, her brother who lost his job to the recession is living with her and Jon had no luck looking for new jobs. While Meena was eating her bagel, her colleague popped in and broke the news that Shosona is the new head writer. Shosona does not produce good work and always leaving work early. But Meena thought it isn't a surprise since her aunt and uncle are the executive producers and co creators of "Insatiable".

Meena head into Sy's office which is her boss as they had an appointment. The meeting was to let Meena know that the network is going to change the direction of the TV series as they were losing viewers to a show called "Lust" which had vampires as their main story line. With that show ratings going up, it's naturally that "Insatiable" will include a vampire as the main actress' love interest from now on. Meena was upset with this direction as she has always loved how "Insatiable"'s story was and hated vampires because it was not real in the first place. But she had no choice as if she wants to keep her job she would have to listen to the new head writer now.

Lucien Antonescu is a professor who teaches history in the University of Bucharest. He teaches at evening time and many female students who takes this class is not really interested in history but with Lucien himself as he is the most handsome professor and the girls all feel that they will melt when he is around. One of his students was asking him a question on the history of Romania and then he got a phone call suddenly which made him so furious that he chased that student away. The student was terrified as she thought she saw his eyes turned red with anger and usually Lucien is a very nice professor which have never throw his temper like that. The student tried to pry into the office to check on the situation but the professor simply disappeared into thin air.  Lucien received news that someone in New York is killing girls in the way that will reveal his secret to the world. And that is the existence of vampires in reality. As the prince of darkness, he  will have to investigate who is disobeyed him and might bring chaos to the order that he has maintained for hundreds of years. Lucien had no choice but to fly to New York to solve the problem himself.

Meena had a terrible day where she did not get the job she wanted and then in the afternoon she was invited to a dinner party hosted by her neighbor which she usually want to avoid. As she reaches her apartment building, she scouts around hoping that today of all days she would have a quiet ride in the elevator, but right as she enters her neighbor Mary-Lou shows up and for the whole ride she has been talking about "Insatiable" giving Meena all the ideas to add into the show. Mary-Lou also asked Meena whether she will be attending the party and Meena has yet to decide.  That night Meena could not sleep as she worries about Yalena so at 4 am in the morning she took her dog for a walk out in the streets.  As she nears the church, she saw a handsome man across the street and thought why would there be someone out so late. As she turns to look at the church which was under renovation, suddenly Meena could feel danger coming her way. A colony of bats were flying towards her and things happened so fast she thought she was going to die from the attack. The screeching of the bats were so loud and she could hear thudding at the back, the handsome man which she saw earlier was hugging and protecting her from the attack. Meena couldn't stop thinking that this man is going to die for her and it was scary. What's to happen to that man? Why didn't Meena foresee his death?

Insatiable by Meg Cabot is not your typical vampire story, it's mysterious, packed with romance and lots of action. When I first heard of this book, I thought "Oh why she followed the trend of "vampires" and came out with a book like this", I wasn't interested at all. But then being Meg Cabot's loyal reader I bought the book to give it a try. This book is not about the vampire but about a special girl who has special powers but not a pleasant power at all. Meena has a power which can see the future, but only one aspect which is when someone is going to die. It's not a power that benefits herself but to help people. This book does not have one main male character but two who are enemies. I love how the female interest of this book has two male interest for her. I love how a demon hunter is introduced in the story too that it's not about the vampires being vegan or good ones but they are bad in general and the good guys are the demon hunters.

It's very hard to describe how much I love this book,  I can truthfully say this is one of my favorite from Meg Cabot and the story is just unique to me. I know there's a vampire theme to it but I feel this book is better than twilight. I do like twilight but Meg Cabot has always been my favorite writer as she not only has romance, she includes mystery, action and also humor to her stories. I felt that the plots of the story went really smooth, the climax totally got me excited. I had no expectations for this book but it totally captured my heart. I have purchased "Overbite" which is the sequel and I can't wait to read it after I'm done with my current book. I really love the characters of the book, especially Meena and Alaric. Looking forward to see how their relationship evolves. I will definitely re-read this as when I was reading it, I repeat some chapters.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Remember me?

Feet aching from wearing boots that did not fit and soaked wet because of the rain, it was a bad day for Lexi Smart. Lexi and her friends are trying to hail a taxi home as Lexi's boyfriend "Loser Dave" did not show up to pick them from a clubbing session. It was raining really bad and it seem that Lexi was the only one trying hard while Debs and Carolyn were singing "Dancing Queen" together and Fi was making out with a guy. Desperately Lexi called out for taxi and one happened to pass by so she chased after it. A man was going to hail the cab which made her ran down some steps quickly resulting in her slipping and tumbling down the stairs.

Lexi woke up the next day feeling that her head was splitting, things are kinda foggy and her mouth is parched. She isn't aware of the time and how long she has been awake or asleep. She just lie still as the headache is really bad and she keep recalling the past. When she manage to open her eyes properly, she realized that she was on a hospital bed. She panicked as she could not recall much of what happened and how she ended in the hospital. A nurse came to help and gave her something to drink. When asked how she ended there, Lexi couldn't answer the nurse as her memory is foggy. As Lexi passed back the cup, she notice that her nails are nice and pretty not bitten down as usual. Maureen then gave her a plastic bag that contained her belongings and inside was a Louis Vuitton bag which Lexi said it wasn't hers.

The next day Lexi woke up feeling hazy still but she managed to remember that the nurse is called Maureen. She was still confused but felt some comfort when her mother showed up to visit. Her mother looked older to her which she felt it was odd and things got odder when her mom mentioned Amy and Eric was going to visit soon.  She didn't know who is Eric at all and when she went through her hand-phone which looked advanced for the year 2004. In her phone there were all kinds of messages from a person E but Lexi had no idea who that person is. The doctor came in to check up on her and asked many weird questions, and he revealed to her that currently is the year 2007. She had the biggest shock of her life as so many things happened which she could not recall, she is married, working as a Director in a company and her figure looks really good.  She had an accident driving her Mercedes car and ended up in the hospital 5 days ago. To her it seems like time skipped three year for her and she is totally different in her outlook and living a different life. The last thing she remembered was year 2004 the night she went clubbing with her friends and got stood up by her boyfriend.

The doctor told Lexi that she will need time to recover and being exposed to things that should be familiar in her daily life should help. When it was time to leave the hospital, she decided to go home with Eric her husband instead of living with her mom. She wanted to know what kind of life she is currently living in. Her house was amazing with high class furniture, high tech electronics and best of all she had her own closet with plenty of branded clothing but all in dull colors such as black, beige, khakis and so on. She was living the dream life with a good career, wonderful house, handsome husband and not being poor. It all seemed too good to be true but when she went back to the office, all her friends ignored her and people were afraid of her. She found out that she is a bitch boss from hell in her department and everyone hated her. Things weren't as good as she thought because she couldn't remember how to do her job, couldn't remember people who was acquainted to her in this new life. What was she going to do as a secret was revealed to her?

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella is a book about a person who lost three years of memory and how she learns to cope with the changes in her life. Lexi is totally blank on what happened and it's difficult on her to just live her life as it was. The current her is the Lexi in 2004 not the one that is in 2007, hence many aspects are totally new to her. This book is kinda realistic to me as these incidents do happen to people in real life. There could be a person who lost a big sum of their memory and they struggle to continue back their life. I love how the writer gives the reader a point of view into people who have amnesia and how their life could turn out to be.  I don't feel that this book is like her usual funny writing but no doubt there are a bit of humor in it. It's more towards how dramatic things turned out for the character that keeps me entertained. The book really captures my attention as I want to know more how Lexi tries to live her new life that seems so dreamy. It has a really good climax and slowly more details are revealed in the book that keeps you reading. Overall I enjoyed this book but it's not a book that made me laugh so hard my stomach hurts like Twenties Girl but still it's a good book. My favorite from Sophie Kinsella is still Twenties Girl.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nail of the week - 4

Christmas is coming soon and I decided to paint my nails in the mood of the festive seasons. I used a skin food red nail polish with a slight shimmer in it. One coat was thick enough as the color is very opaque and then I topped with some glitter because it makes the polish more christmas-ish like light shimmering everywhere. The glitter is from The Face Shop and it's quite nice and cheap too. Next week I plan to continue doing my nails in themes related to Christmas.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nail of the week - 3

Sorry to have posted this a bit late, but I had this color for a whole week now and I loved it. It's Revlon's Creme Brulee (No.915) which I feel is on the champagne color side with a small hint cream color. But sometimes in different angles and different lighting it looks different that the bottle.With classic lights, it looks slightly on the bronze side but very light. I love how this color make my skin looks fairer than usual and the tiny specs of shimmer makes the color more eye catching, just like a bubbly champagne I guess. But the name suggest similarity to the desert? But it's definitely on the nude range of colors, perfect for the fall season.

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