Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I like about this Fall....

Whenever late September approaches I'm always excited as most American TV series are back on air. This is because there are quite a number of new series introduced by major TV networks which I look forward to this year. After viewing the trailers I usually decide which shows I want to pick up and follow. This year there's more interesting ones than last year in my opinion. Before I continue with which TV series and what I recommend I would also like to state other things that I love during Fall.

The changes in the weather is something I love, even though where I live does not have four seasons in a year there are some changes. When fall is here, it tends to rain more in the evening and leave the air feeling breezy, and it makes sleeping more comfortable. Even the sun comes out later than usual during this time of the year where else, when it is summer the sky is usually bright around 6:45am but now it's about 7-ish that it starts to get bright. Another thing that I love bout Fall is I get to wear long sleeves t-shirt without feeling hot or sweaty, blazer is still somewhat acceptable in an air-conditioned office but not outside on the streets. Wearing skirts with stockings are more comfortable too as it keeps your legs warmer and light sweaters are okay too. One thing that I find ridiculous to wear in the Fall from where I live is wearing boots. Ankle boots are okay but not knee high boots, because it's suppose to keep your feet and legs warm but not in this part of the world. It's just ridiculous when you see people wear knee high boots with shorts walking around in shopping malls. This style doesn't fit this country as it's a tropical country where most of the time it's just hot more than chilly. Another thing that I find acceptable is wearing scarves but it depends on your attire. But still it's a bit weird in this hot country.
Picture taken from Nine West
Picture taken from Nine West
Picture taken from Zara

Picture taken from Zara

So enough about fashion and back to my favourite past time, watching TV series. Firstly, the series that I'm looking forward for a new season is Fringe. Out of those that I watch, this was the only series that kept me on my toes, that made me want the new season badly. The way it ended was at a suspense that none expected and I was looking forward to how the writers will start season 4. Before watching the first episode I did watch some interviews regarding the new season, especially their Comic Con interview. Not much was revealed so I still have high hopes. I have watched 2 episodes and without the presence of a certain character it was not exciting as the season begins with how Agent Lee is brought into the team and introduced to Fringe division. I still look forward to the new season as I have heard that that someone will appear soon (fingers crossed).

Another series that I am really excited is How I Met Your Mother. Because it ended with Ted and Marshall attending their best friend's wedding and I keep anticipating it was Barney's and I was right. The lady whom he is marrying was never revealed. So the start of the season sort of indicated that Barney was thinking whether he picked the right one but then it ended there. Hopefully the season will end with revealing who that person is.

The new series that I've picked up are Ringer, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, The Secret Circle, Up All Night and Terra Nova which all have been aired in the US for quite a few episodes. Coming soon in my list are Grimm, Once Upon a Time and maybe Person of Interest. Just gonna give some summary because I will have post on individual TV series. New Girl, 2 Broke Girls and Up all Night are 30 minute sitcoms. The rest are 1 hour long slots. I will give my personal rating after watching 5-6 episodes but not now as I'm kinda behind in most series currently. But most of it got my attention in the first 2 episodes itself. I'm really loving these series and I hope it will continue to be good to last more than a season.

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