Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

Becky is not as financially troubled as she used to be because she managed to pay off all her debt and landed a job as a financial guru in the Morning Coffee TV show. At the show, she gives financial advices to callers who have various financial problems. It's a fulfilling job where she gets to help people. Becky is busy trying to pack her luggage as she will be going on a weekend trip with Luke to the country side. She is having trouble because she can't decide what to wear and she practically wants to bring her entire closet. Her best friend Suze came out with a good idea which is to pack clothes that is wearable at any occasion and Becky agreed but thought that she was missing a pair of shoes that would fit that category. So Becky remembered a pair of beautiful sandals from LK Bennett and she went out to buy it. Once she reached home she was still in a dilemma in packing and a courier guy came by to deliver a package to Suze. It gave Becky the idea to courier her clothes to the venue she's staying so that she can pack light and show Luke she can pack light.

After her show on Friday, Luke came to pick her up and slipped in that he would not have the whole weekend with her as he had a meeting set up there. Becky was upset because she thought they could enjoy themselves together and got out of the car and in the end she got persuaded by Luke to go on the trip still. Once they reached their destination which is Blakeley Hall, Becky was concerned about her delivery and it did not make it. She was in trouble as she did not have anything to wear the next day. Luckily for her the next day, Luke gave her back a CK T-shirt which she left at his place and she wore it as a dress with a headband as a belt that was found in her make up bag. While Luke had his meeting, Becky went to visit a cathedral St.Winifred to pass the time. Back from her trip, she went to the reception to look for her package but bumped into Alicia Billington. Alicia mentioned she popped in for an introductory meeting with the new associates which made Becky curious about the situation. Alicia continued saying there was new business to be established in New York which caught Becky by surprise but acted that she know about it to Alicia. Then she manage to escape from talking further when the reception called her name to collect her package.

Becky did not dare to ask Luke whether he will be leaving for New York since he kept it a secret from her. She also had no chance to ask since Luke flew to Zurich for business and it pondered her mind a lot.While she was browsing magazines at home, she saw in Tatler that Luke was featured and went on to read the article. In the interview, it was stated that Luke was single and it made Becky even more paranoid that he was going to leave her behind and forget about her. She desperately called him and asked about that interview and was told from Luke he wanted to keep his love life private and Becky then understand. Luke said he will talk to her more on Saturday where he was to attend Becky's neighbor wedding with her.

Saturday came and Becky went to her parents' home first and saw that many were preparing for Tom and Lucy's wedding reception at the garden of the Websters. She went in her house and was asked where Luke was because Becky's parents have yet to see him even though they had been dating for some time now. Even her neighbors was looking forward to see Luke as they think that Becky made Luke up for the reason that she couldn't get over Tom. When she went upstairs, Lucy's mom was doing her hair and reading the Tatler which shown that Luke was single. Angela thought that Becky was lying and delusional and asked where was this Luke. Becky told that he was going to show up as he was on his way back from Zurich today. After that awkward talk with Angela, Becky decided to sit near the back at the church ceremony and while the vicar was talking her phone rang and everyone thought Becky interrupted on purpose. She darted outside and the call was from a pre-recorded ad and turned off her phone. It was embarrassing to enter back, so she went to the Webster's garden to wait for the reception to start. When the party started, people were asking where Luke was and Becky lied that he was already there and they missed him. She mentioned he was at the dining table, then at the bar which no one seem to have spotted him at all.

It was time for picture taking and a group photo was requested. Becky was asked to join in with Luke and then everyone combined their stories to find found out that he was wasn't present. Lucy greatly accused that she made it all up and was very happy about it because she was triumphant over her. It made Becky sound like a lunatic and she couldn't hold up any longer and walked away quickly to the other end of the garden. She could hear from far that her parents were scolding the people there and left the wedding immediately. When Becky was far enough she sunk down to the grass and cried. It felt like she sat there for ages and everyone was enjoying themselves. She could faintly hear her name being called but was not convinced it was Luke and he showed up in front of her. She was happy and sad to see him as he was 4 hours late. Luke said that the bride Lucy was shocked till speechless when he congratulated them. It was clear to everyone that he exist and they were all whispering about it. Luke told her the big news that he was going to New York and asked her to come along with him.

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella is another hilarious and fun journey into Becky Bloomwood's life. On to New York she will go, where she'll find that it's a shopping heaven of designer brands and all sorts.  Can Becky really hold her urge to shop in this new foreign land? Well I won't tell but I have greatly enjoyed every bit of the book. Some parts of the book I found it was not important but then it plays a part to get the story going. Of the people she met, I was really happy how the writer can cover a little bit of basis with them and yet made them relevant. I was shocked nearing the back chapters of the book as the climax was just so well thought of. I am really satisfied with this book as I love how it continued to make Becky's life interestingly messy yet it's not a doomed situation. It was a good ending for me and I look forward to the writers other books on Becky's colorful life as a shopaholic. But if you asked me to compare then I think the first book was the best as it is the first time we read about who Becky is and her life's challenge. This book just continues on with her story and a bit about how she grew as a person. Good read but the chances of me picking it up again will not be in this near future.

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