Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forever 21 Haul

I have always like this brand when it first came into my country. The only one available 5-6 years ago was in One Utama shopping center. I remember my first clothing from it was a grey knitted sweater with a hood and the sweater is not a full body sized one and the sleeves were until my elbow. It was kinda expensive around 160 ringgit but looking at the knitted part I reckon it was around that price. It is a stylish sweater and I still have it in good condition in my cupboard. Overall Forever 21 has clothes that are the latest and trendiest styles around but sadly the price is not cheap. After looking at the US websites, I noticed that it was cheap in the states whereby t-shirt could be less than 10 USD and you could get bottoms such as skirts, jeans and pants less than 30 USD. Where else in KL, it cost a lot like I once bought a pair of skinny jeans for around 175 ringgit when it was around 30 USD. I'm quite sadden by the pricing here.

My friend Tracy was sent to Boston for work training and was kinda enough to help me bring back some items. So I took the opportunity to order from F21 and it's free shipping in the states if it's more than 50 USD. Hence I bought 2 skirts, 2 belts and 2 pieces of accessory. When she came back and handed me the items I was thrilled inside and looked forward to trying it.
Lace-Up Pencil Skirt (front)

The material for this is skirt a stretchy type of cloth and it hugs the body in a good way. The best part to me was it only cost 14.80 USD. I don't think you could find such cheap pricing here in KL at all which uses okay material. The quality is averagely good for a price like that.
Lace-Up Pencil Skirt (back)
I love the lace up part at the back it's so feminine.

Lace-Up Pencil Skirt (waist area)
Beaded Ballerina Skirt (Cream color)
Next this is a cream color skirt which I love a lot. There are a total of three layers where the most inner one is a lining. This skirt cost 22.80 USD which I feel is so worth it, so cheap. Great quality, latest trend of skirts now, I'm so happy to have picked it online and was able to fit it perfectly.

Buckled Elastic Belt (Brown), Woven Leatherette Belt (Brown), Caged Bird Necklace(Antic Gold), Birds in Flight Earrings (Peach/Gold)

I bought the necklace with a pair of earrings to match each other and I feel it's adorable. Those brown belts can match clothes easily and brown is a softer color than black which gives me the impression that it's more serious and brown is more casual. I would most likely match plain colored shirts with the ballerina skirt, not sure yet but maybe I can find some interesting shirts too. Looking forward to matching it to my style. I hope I will have other means of purchasing from the site as the style there are the latest and trendiest compared to those available for sale here in KL.

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