Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cocktails for Three

On the first of every month, the girls will meet up at their favourite bar, have cocktails while sharing gossip and secrets, and so the monthly cocktail club has been born. Candice arrived first at Manhattan bar and remembered it used to be a small quiet secretive place and now it's busy as ever. The first time they step into the bar they were desperate for drinks and the environment didn't matter. Since it was not popular it was a good place to meet up and have their secret chats. Candice herself have worked in The Londoner as a writer for  years. 

Maggie with two weeks time before due finds it annoying when people asks her when is the baby coming. As she gives her coat to the coat-check lady and she was given the look as why would a pregnant woman be in a bar and as expected the questions was ask. She gave her answer and hurried over to where Candice was sitting. She was holding lots of things given to her as it was her last day in office where her maternity leaves starts the next day. Being the editor of The Londoner is a great job, it was a success in career for Maggie.Everyone around her is excited about her giving birth but inside her she feels she is not ready for it and is afraid that she doesn't know what to do at all. Even though people say that motherhood comes naturally but she does not have that feeling at all.

Roxanne is a freelancer working for The Londoner and she loves her job. She looks at herself in the mirror and she is proud with how she looks at thirty-two. You could say she has it all but sadly not in the love section where she doesn't have a solid relationship. Roxanne's man is someone's husband which she never reveals to the girls and has to meet him secretly. Sometimes she spend long hours waiting for him to show up as promised but there is always an excuse whether it was work or his family. She loves him very much and can't give up the relationship even though it was wrong. When he is free and spend time with her they always go out of the country where they can to spend long hours together and she cherishes those moment.

Once everyone was at the table they ordered their cocktails and talked to Maggie. Roxanne gave Maggie a tiny blue box, and Maggie was asking whether it's a Tiffany's and it was a silver rattle. Candice gave Maggie a massage voucher and Maggie was really happy because everyone bought gifts for the baby and Candice was the only one who bought one for Maggie herself. Candice thought that she could get some relaxation massage after the baby is born as it was difficult carrying. A waitress came and served their drinks and Candice thought that the girl was familiar and remembered it was Heather Trelawney who was a few years junior from high school. 

Heather couldn't remember who Candice was until she heard her surname Brewin. This name triggered many bad memories as Heather's family was wrecked by Candice's father. It caused her family to be broke and then her parents divorced not long after. As she moves away after a small chat she could not keep her eyes of Candice looking at how great she is and happy at the same time. Thinking that she could have been like that if not for Candice's father.

Candice suddenly went silent after Heather left the table and the girls thought it was odd. Candice spilled out the whole story telling them her father was called Good Time Gordon as he seems like a friendly guy who got along with everyone. It wasn't until her father's funeral that she found out the truth about him. He borrowed money from many people and told them it was for investment. Many people showed up at the funeral and many whispered to each other how much they have lost to him. It was a long list and it was utterly embrassing for the family to only realised at this moment of time. Candice felt ashamed as she has enjoyed life well when she was young, going on holiday trips to getting presents occasionally that were costly. It was all other people's money that she was spending and not her dad's. She find out that the Trelawney's were victims of her father too and felt that meeting Heather means she can finally do something good to help out and also to get rid of the guilt.

As Maggie's husband Giles arrive to pick her up they say their goodbyes and told Maggie that she will be missed as she will be away in their out of town home to get ready. Roxanne was text to meet his man and so she departed too. Candice was about to leave and thought of a great idea to help Heather out, she suggested Heather to come to The Londoner office as there was an opening for assistant editor. She would try to convince Ralph the owner to give Heather an interview.  The next day, Candice went into Ralph's office and told him how great Heather was and so an interview was given. Since Heather was unprepared and Candice expected it she prepared a writing she had and told Heather to use it as example. Ralph was impressed and gave the job immediately to Heather. Heather expressed how happy she was and they went for lunch together where Candice found out that she lives at a dreadful area and invited her to live with her in her home since her roommate has moved out. Disaster was bound to happen as Candice does not realise that Heather knows what her father did to her family and so Heather has a chance to be up to no good.

Cocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickam, is about these three girls who are best friends. It talks about their lifes and how it will cause the friendship to wreck when a girl from Candice's past shows up and triggers a chain of events. In terms of character development I'd say it was well written for a book that has 301 pages with fonts that are fairly large like 12px. To me it's an okay book because it wasn't exciting as it was kinda predictable to me. Having to read about three people at the same time makes the book skip parts quick in a chapter. Usually in Sophie Kinsella's writing it is witty all the time but not this one it was more towards that these things can happen in real life. Woman who are not ready for motherhood, women who are involved in an affair and also women who are kind that is easily taken advantage of. It's not a book that I would read again as the writing style is just simple revolving among those three people. People who are involved with them do not have major roles as the book centers them only. After reading this book, I have some doubts whether I should purchase other Madeleine Wickam's books.

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