Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bijoux cupcakes

Cupcakes has been a trend for quite some time replacing cakes for tea time and some other pastries. I think a few years ago I've reviewed this shop Cupcake Chic's cupcakes and I love it but it's not a store that can be found everywhere. I went to KLCC on Friday last week as I had some Kinokuniya vouchers to use and decided to try Bijoux. Bijoux is a store where beside cupcakes, there are cakes and cookies and also some light food sold. There is one that is very near my home but I've always been reluctant to try. Since I had a friend that day to try with me, I bought 7 cupcakes in total. The normal promotion that is on going in the store is buy 5 free 1. Another one that I bought was for charity, it's a purple day cupcake and all the proceeds of the cupcakes goes to NASOM (National Autism Society of Malaysia). Below are the pictures I've taken of the packaging and the cupcakes itself. Bijoux features quite a number of cupcakes but most are repeating flavors such as vanilla and chocolate. 

Regular cupcakes of the store

Purple Day cupcake : Chocolate frosting with chocolate cake

Top: Vanilla frosting with vanilla cake
Bottom: Cupcake of the month : Cookies and Cream

Top: Coffee frosting with coffee cake
Bottom : Cream cheese frosting with vanilla cake and raspberry filling

Top : Vanilla frosting with chocolate cake
Bottom: Red velvet cupcake
I love the designs of the cupcakes it looked so yummy sadly it's doesn't taste as fantastic as it looks. The frosting tasted really good where the it's creamy and true to the flavor. But unfortunately, the cake is dry and when you chewed it tasted slightly powdery because of the dryness. The price of the cupcakes are RM 6 each. The only thing acceptable is the frosting and the design is lovely. It's too bad the cake is dry and with that pricing I wouldn't try again for some time. Probably like a year's time with the hope that they will improve on their cake. 

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