Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Wedding Girl

A group of tourist was staring at Milly as she stood at the registry office steps with a wedding dress on. One or two of them even took pictures and Milly smiled happily with the attentions she is getting.All pretty in her dress Milly looked at her soon to be husband Allan feeling excited. Three week ago, when Milly just graduated from high school and arrived at Oxford. While her friends are spending the summer having fun in Ibiza, traveling Europe she came to Oxford to study a secretarial course.  On her second day there, she saw at the campus grounds two men having a picnic and one of them approached her to ask to borrow a lighter for his cigarette and sure Milly had it and then she was invited to join them. She gladly accepted and spent her whole day in the sun with them and then went to a bar at night. She had a lot of attention from the men there and she loved it. She spend most of her free time with two of them Allan and Rupert. Allan asked for her hand in marriage and shocked in the moment she said yes without asking why. Apparently it was to help Allan stay in the country as he came from the states.

Forward ten years, Milly and her mother is preparing for her wedding to Simon which will happen in a few days time. It's going to be a grand one where her mother Olivia planned it. Simon's father is a well known business man Harry Pinnacle who is the owner of Fruit 'n Smooth. he started with a small juice bar which serves healthy drinks and it became an instant hit. Soon the business multiplied and it had many franchises around the country. Olivia planned the reception dinner with ice swans, beautiful decorations and secretly planned a helicopter for them to leave for honeymoon.  Everyone was excited about the wedding especially Olivia but only one wasn't too much which was her father as he questions her many times that whether she is sure of her decision. Her father James was having bad days where he felt he was too distant from his wife and it was hard to talk to her.
Milly's older sister Isobel was going to fly in for the wedding as she was her maid of honor but sadly she has some bad news herself. She was with child and does not know what her next steps would be. In all the excitement, everything seems too good to be true, the photographer hired (Alexander) says he knew a secret of hers. Alexander was actually one of the spectators during her wedding at Oxford ten year ago and he advised that she should have told Simon which she hasn't. After consulting with Isobel, Milly realized that she might be still married with Allan and she had to find out whether the divorce went through. All Milly could do was track down Rupert which was Allan's partner. Milly went to London as she couldn't get him from the phone and so she had no choice with just three days before the wedding. After tracking down Rupert she found out that he was a married man with a woman and things have changed. she advised him to tell the truth as she should have done it herself. Sadly she couldn't find Allan and her divorce was not finalized and Milly went into a state of panic.

How things went on with the wedding well I won't tell. "The Wedding Girl" by Madeleine Wickam AKA Sophie Kinsella is not like her current books. It wasn't as funny as The Shopaholic series or others. The Twenties girl was by far the funnies one for me. This book is more on things being dramatic and also more realistic about families, the problems some family have and how the children are affected. I did find one similarity in this book with her latest which was Harry Pinnacle's business story with "The Twenties Girl" main character's uncles who successfully opened a chain of coffee shop like Starbucks. Other than that, it was all really new and refresh for me. This book shows that Sophie used to write in a more serious manner regarding relationships and how real people can behave towards gay issues, father issues and spouse issues. It's not a book that I would read again but it was an eye opener to a different type of writing that Sophie used to have.
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