Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tragedy strucks, but people still....

We all know last friday Japan was struck by earthquake and then a terrible tsunami hit Sendai. It was horrific looking at the videos, the way the sea easily washes buildings, cars, boats and other objects away. The damage from the tsunami was worse than the earthquake. Many Japanese who witnessed and lived through the tsunami are still traumatized by what happened. It had damaged the country so badly that they now have power crisis. They will have to do rotation in blackouts because the lack of power due to damage to their nuclear plants.

As a person who lived far away I feel helpless and the only thing we can do right now is keep praying for them and donate money. But during this crisis there are still people who have many opinions and say things that are bad. It sounds as though they have no compassion for the people there. Here are some links:

These are just a few that happened but there was many more. This is how Google is helping Japan.  Please have a heart 10USD is not a lot just donate if you have more donate more. 

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