Sunday, January 23, 2011

Caught up with Nintendo games

This is my mandatory post for the week, =P. I know I'm suppose to work on my posts that I said to be coming soon but instead I spent my free time playing games on my favourite console, Nintendo DS lite. It has always been a joy playing games that were created for this console. I had my first game boy when I was in high school, it was the big fat yellow one. The game that I played and spent lots of time on was Pokemon Yellow, and also assorted mini games.

And then I got an upgrade to Gameboy Colour, it was so cool because it has colours and I played pokemon Pearl on it. I didn't have much games to play on it because it was costly to buy the game cartridges.

Many years I stopped playing the gameboy colour and when I was 21 I asked my father for a DS Lite as my birthday gift. Of course I got it, it was such a beauty to me. I was captivated by how much creativity the games had utilizing the touch screen below. The first game that I bought to play was Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 : March of the Minis and I loved it.

It was a game about solving puzzle, getting the little mechanical Marios to collect coins, items and arriving at the door to march on to the next level. The point of the game is to use your brain, start the minis on a route that reaches your target of destination while collecting items. As a gamer I always try to get the highest score and earn the awards before I move on to the next level.

Lately I wasn't paying attention to what new titles are in store  for Q4 of 2010, so I didn't take note of this game until I was surfing last weekend on reviews for another game. Surprise, surprise another titles was out for this genre. I was excited when I got the game and the new title is "Mario vs Donkey Kong : Mini-land Mayhem".

Trailer :

The concept is the same but it's still fun because it's a new set of puzzles, new minigames included and also Special stages are unlocked with the amount of Mario coin you have collected from the levels. There are a total of 8 attractions with 8 levels to play, and after those 8 levels there will be a level where you need to defeat Donkey Kong. I'm currently in attraction number 7, there are many levels that needed more of my time to solve it so I decided to look for FAQs and walkthroughs but I couldn't find a good one. Therefore I looked for it on Youtube and there really was video walkthroughs for it. The walkthroughs were nicely done, and all of it scores the highest possible score for each level. This group of people also do walkthroughs for other games and it's a good job. So nice of these people to share and help weak gamers like me.

The walkthrough link:, just search for the miniland and it will result those walkthroughs.

After I'm finished with this game, probably 2 more days to go, I'm going to play my favourite game franchise, Kingdom Hearts: Re-coded. I hope it will be good.

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