Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adults Movie in Carrefour???

One fine day I did a little grocery shopping in the said place of this entry's title. After passing the sections for electronics, car accessories I think it was the videos section. It shocked me when from far I saw Top 10 Adults Movies. I know they had made a mistake as it's not legal to sell these in this country.
As I approached closer I couldn't stop laughing at the titles that I saw displayed there. They should have placed the movies according to categories/genre.
You will have a better view if you click on the pictures. It was really funny to see that Barbie was a movie for adults and not children instead. I also don't get why Karate Kid is for adults too. Most titles displayed are definitely for general view.

I get that Carrefour doesn't really care how they label their sections or categorize their products, it doesn't matter because most people who shop there don't bother reading labels. They just walk in every aisle until they find what they need. I bet some don't even read English at all. I wonder how this country is trying to improve literacy when these major hypermarkets aren't even advised to properly label things. This can cause so much confusion to the illiterate people. 

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