Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of the year

31 December 2010, last day of the year, some people party, some people ponder, some people don't bother, I would be flipping through  my schedule diary. I like to look at what activities I've done for the year, ponder on my achievements, maybe set some goals, plans and resolution for the coming year.

My 2010 was quite ordinary, many common things happened such as friends getting engaged, getting married, and many of my friends went to Taiwan. It's funny that I have seen more than 10 friends having pictures of their Taiwan trip, it must be the trend now. I myself only traveled to Singapore twice this year to visit my grandparents, my uncle & family, at the same time do some shopping there. I found a good place for cheap stuff, if I'm low on clothes I'll definitely go there again. 

I have also evaluated myself and here is a list of achievements:
  • Traveled oversea (just crossing a bridge from Msia to SG)
  • Finished Professor Layton game without FAQ/Walkthroughs ( I love testing my sense of logic thinking)
  • Finished reading 15 books
  • Finished some DS games 
  • Learnt makeup online and learnt to take better care of my skin
  • Avoided conflicts (talking about pissing ppl off or get pissed at ppl)
I know these achievements are lousy but to me it meant something.

Things that I failed to achieve:
  • Still haven't completed Zelda , 365/2 days game
  • Still haven't gain any weight
  • Failed to learn all the katakana and hiragana words
  • Failed to learn simple japanese
  • Still have tons of self help books sitting in my cupboard
Overall I think it was a not bad year, it wasn't great but I'm satisfied although there could be more that I should have done, so I'll leave it to next year. So long 2010 and welcome 2011 where I hope that I will do great things and achieve what I didn't this year.

PS: Went to Singapore at 15th December, will update on that once I sort the pictures.
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