Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mid Valley Parking System is crap

The purpose of this post to increase awareness on this horrendous parking system. Firstly the management decided to increase the parking rate yet again, it has become the worst type, the money sucking type as it has no maximum charge at all.It used to be max RM 7 for weekdays and RM 9 for weekends and public holidays. With this new rate if you work there from 9-6 you'll be paying RM 9. We should see changes in maintenance of the parking but it did not improve.It is always so packed and people always park illegally. Below is the picture for the new rate:

I was okay with this parking rate until I was charge unreasonably. It was last Friday when I went for a midnight movie, I arrived at 11:30 ish and left after because the Harry Potter movie was quite long.The receipt is below:

As you can see the timing of in and out is clearly printed. I always know how much to pay for carpark because I do keep track of time, I prepared RM 3 because it was 4 hrs, so RM 2 for 1st 3 hrs and RM 1 for the subsequent hr. I was shocked when the machine asked to pay RM 5 and I could not make any complain as there wasn't anyone personnel working at that hour. I payed and collected my receipt and I found the mistake that made it charge me more. The machine calculated that I was there for 6hrs and 1 minute which was absolutely wrong. If you do the equation it would be
                                                        26:48 (02:48 adding 24hrs system)
                                                      - 23:33
                                                      = 3:16
So I was there for 3 hrs and 16 minutes and rounding the charge would be 4hrs. Last time when I went for midnight movies like this I only pay RM 2 for having been there for 4 hrs and now an extra RM 3. I believe that after they changed the system the programmers screwed up the algorithm in calculation. Another thing that got me angry was tonight when I went there for dinner the machine still make the same mistake in calculation.

If you look at the bottom it calculated 4 hrs but actually it's only 3hrs and 1 min. Even passing 1 minute they charge an extra ringgit. Stupid parking system is just like a blood sucker which can't even fit in a proper algorithm. Can't they not charge people who just exceed 1-5 minutes, since they give people 20 minute grace period to leave. you should also not charge the person extra for exceeding a mere minute. What's so hard to code it?? Just add an extra IF logic to check whether the exceeding minute is > 5 or not then BAM! you got it. I have come across a parking system which is Bangsar Village, once I exceeded by a minute but there was no next hr charged.

Tomorrow I will write an e-mail to their management and make my complaint formally. I hope they will provide me a proper explanation. I hope my friends and readers who visit there take note of the charges, let's not feed these systems blindly as RM 1 a person is a lot in a day for them.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Out of date....

I haven't been blogging for two months, eek so lazy of me. I have been reading but quite slowly, like a book in 2 months time. There are some books that I've completed but I didn't find any time to do it, soon I guess. If you ask me what have I been up to these time? Nothing exciting, just read when I can, play Sims 3 Ambitions (taken a lot of my time) and the thing that I do everyday is watching all those dramas and TV series from USA. Everything just started again since end of September, I have at least one series to catch a day. 

Another thing that I've been obsessing was my skin, I haven't been taking care of it consistently and lately I notice that the laziness is showing. Spend most weekends out with my sister looking at skin care brands. I have yet to find anything that shows me results that I'm satisfied with.  At this century many women depend on make up and I've seen many China girls who look almost like men and with loads of make up they are transformed into someone pretty. I know make up can hide flaws but I feel that I would invest in skin care to retain natural beauty, that way I don't need make up at all.

One month till the last month of the year and I bet many people are planning their holidays, Christmas parties and new year's party, time really flies. As for me I don't have anything planned, but before xmas I'll be visiting Singapore as my grandparents are there. Let's hope it will be a fun trip because my cousins are on holiday we get to do plan some activities then. 
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