Sunday, May 23, 2010

LeSportSac Spring & Summer 2010

As we enter the summer season many fashion industry will introduce their new designs to suite the season. When it comes to summer, it's a season of vibrant colours, thin materials in clothing to suit the hot weather, slippers and shoes that doesn't cover the whole feet.

I'm not a big fan of LeSportSac as the money you pay for those bags can be used to buy a nice leather bag too. But I do like the designs they offer, it's cute, colorful and you don't get those kinds of design patterns printed on leather, it just spoils the leather. Last month while I was browsing around in Kinokuniya I came across the catalog for the Spring & Summer designs. I couldn't browse because it was wrapped up and reason being that it has a free gift if you purchase it. The free gift was a pouch and a strap is given to change it into a small sling bag.

It had a wonderful design therefore I bought it plus there was a 20% discount on it when I purchase another item. It's a win-win for me as I have other books and that magazine with the free gift only cost RM 50++ after discount. After purchasing it, I went to Isetan as they were having a sale and went to look for that pouch. That pouch cost RM 210 and Isetan was giving 50% discount resulting it to RM 105 but still I got mine half of the price after discount. It was one of my best buy that I have ever made. Eventually my sister saw how nice and she bought the magazine too but with a different design pouch. This is the first time that I bought a LeSportSac and at a cheap price too.

It was my good luck day as I flip through the magazine the design pattern that I chose for my pouch is a design that can only be found in Japan. In Malaysia you won't be able to get the design I have unless you fly to Japan and bought it there. What a wonderful day it was.

My pouch design
My sister's pouch design

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pacman 30th anniversary

It's already been 30 years since Pacman came into the gaming world. A classic game that has been played by different ages. Even though it's a simple game but it's challenging as you eat up the dots and avoid your enemy. As you pass one level, the enemy moves faster and many years down the road there are many more new maps created.

I didn't know about the anniversary until I went to There you will see a beautiful banner displayed, what's more surprising you'll find an insert coin button. Once you clicked it, the Pacman theme starts and you see the monster moving about. What Google did was to allow users to play the game after you have clicked the insert coin button. Once you have lost it will redirect you to links related to Pacman's anniversary just like clicking any innovative banners they have.

I'm grateful that Google is doing this much to honor Pacman. It takes effort to do this and Google is certainly showing its uniqueness and that it is not merely a company that wants money but a company that wants to make a change in the IT world.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Trip to Singapore part 2

2/5/2010 (Sunday)
Today I woke up early again because I have an appointment to have lunch with my WoW (World of Warcraft) friends that I've known since 2003. It was a hot day and before meeting up with them in Vivocity, I went to Sim Lim Square aka The Low Yat Plaza of Malaysia. I search for the directions on google maps and drew it on a paper.

My sister and I walked out and took the MRT from Kovan to Little India. Upon reaching we just follwed the map, after 10 minutes of walk and 800 meters I realised we were lost. So  my sister asked a passerby and apparently we went the wrong direction from the station. There were actually two exits at the station and we took the south one which was wrong, and so we continue our walk in the hot hot sun. The 500ml water is already finished before we reach the building since the weather was so hot and dry. Sadly when we reach our destination many of the shops were not opened because of Labour day holiday, what luck I have. After asking around for the item I wanted which was out of stock but they still printed it on the price list, we left and went back to the station.

Upon exiting the building we took the wrong exit and walked around the building until we found the right path, this is definitely a bad day for me. From Little India we took the MRT to HarbourFront and exit to Vivocity, piece of cake since the station was linked to the complex. We were one hour early so we walked around and looked at clothes, shoes and stuffs. It was time for lunch and it was at a Brazilian restaurant called Carnivore. The food was served buffet style, the reason that it's called carnivore because they keep serving meat, grilled beef, lamb, pork, sausages and chicken. The meat was cooked really well, it was so juicy and you didn't need any sauce for the meat. It was an enjoyable lunch meal and it was fun catching up with my friends.

Around 4 something we had to leave because my parents were going back to KL first. My sister and I were staying until Tuesday. We did some shopping before we left, my shoes was hurting my feet from all the walking so I bought a pair of Crocs =P. We went to Novena Square to send my parents off, there we waited for the bus to arrive and then my parents said their goodbyes to my grandparents. After that we went to dinner at a place called Yum Cha. The food was good and tasty, we had Lotus soup, pork, taufoo, and fried Min Sin which was good. Dinner was over and we went back home and called it a night.

3/5/2010 (Monday)
We woke up around 10 something and my sister helped my cousin sister with her homework. After that off we go to Orchard Road, as usual we took the MRT and there were many people as it was a public holiday for the Singaporeans. After we exit the station we found ourselves inside a shopping complex (Ion Orchard) and we have no idea where we were. So we just walked around and we found many expensive brands in this place. We went out to Orchard Road to find that the building had a very unique design and figured this was a new complex as I don't remember it 10 years ago.

On the walking street itself there were many display items for people to take pictures, we wondered around taking pictures and headed for Takashimaya for lunch. The place was just like I remember and there were many Japanese food there for sale. We bought takoyaki, Korean pancake, yakitori and some drinks and looked for a seat at the food court area. The food was good and we left to find Forever 21 in a different shopping complex as we decided to come back here for tea on the dessert later.

The Forever 21 store that we were looking for has 4 floors as described by my sister and so we walked and walked and followed a direction where many ladies was holding the bag. Somehow we got lost again and we asked a young man but he seemed lost too. Then a lady overheard and pointed us to the right direction of 313@somerset. The moment we walked in, the atmosphere was different, it was another new shopping complex and was nicely built. Everything inside was new and we could see that the brands there were also more expensive. The Forever 21 store had 4 floors and was crowded with many ladies, even the dressing room had a long queue. My sister and I looked around and had a few pieces of clothing to try on. I think we spent about 30 minutes or more there and I bought a tunic type shirt.

We went back to have tea in Takashimaya and went to Kinokuniya. We spent some time exploring the book store but didn't buy anything as the books in KL were cheaper after the exchange rate was applied. We continued walking around and waited to meet with my sister's friend for dinner. Since we were so tired we decided to eat at Ion Mall food court because it was next to the MRT station. We tried the Singapore laksa there and it was delicious wished I could eat another bowl but maybe next time. There was also Japanese food for sale at the same floor the food court was located and we bought Hokkaido steam cakes to bring home and share with everyone. We went home and tried the cakes and it was delicious, I'm definitely trying other flavours the next time I came back. It was a fun day walking and shopping at Orchard Road, too bad it wasn't the sale season as things will be cheaper. And so the night was over and we packed a bit before we went to bed.
Ion Mall

4/5/2010 (Tuesday)
 We woke up feeling sad as it was the day to go home. My cousin sisters were in school and my uncle and aunty were at work. I spent some time chit chatting with my grandmother asking her whether she had gotten used to this new home. We talked about my aunts who were living in Belgium and Paris and that they were coming to visit my grandmother this summer.  My grandmother asked my sister and I to go out and buy McDonald's which was nearby. We had lunch together and I went upstairs to finish up my packing. While half way packing my grandmother suddenly went "EH??" and I went downstairs to check what's up. Apparently my cousin sisters convinced the bus driver to send them home first because they wanted to say their goodbyes to us, so adorable. We took some pictures before we left and took the MRT to Novena Square. We felt sad that we were leaving and my grandfather said the next time we visit, we should visit longer. This ends the journey of our visit and we reached KL at 9:30pm.
 For more pictures visit: Singapore Trip

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Trip to Singapore part 1

The last time I went to Singapore I was 15 years old, so now after ten years has passed I went there again. This time it was to visit my grandparents who have moved there. It was a four day, four nights stay and to me it wasn't enough. 

30/4/2010 (Friday)
6:30 p.m. was the time the bus was leaving and at 6pm my family and I have yet to get a taxi to where the bus departs. My parents drove out to the streets to find a taxi, luckily by 6:15 we got one. Once we were there we just rushed onto the bus and then my dad's phone rang, First Coach was asking my dad to register first. It was funny because this is the first time we took a bus to Singapore and we didn't know what needed to be done. Our 1st trip to Singapore as a family started with anticipation and excitement. The journey on the bus took more than 5 hours, my sister was watching the movies provided by the bus, my mom was recalling her time in Singapore when she was younger and I was sleeping as I couldn't watch any show from my seat.
We reached the Singapore customs after 11:30 and went into Singapore, it took about 30 minutes to reach the drop off point for the bus. My aunt and uncle also came at the same time to pick us up where the bus drops us, Novena Square. My grandmother was inside the car waiting for us, it's so good to see her, missed her so much. My grandmother insisted to look for food for us as we have been on the bus without dinner. We passed by a place selling chicken rice and so decided to pack it back to eat.

At home we all shared the food and it was good and tasty. The packaging was really clean and neat, the chili was in a sealed plastic bag. In Malaysia the rice and chicken are packed in polyester packs and in Singapore it's inside nice plastic box.  We were all tired and so we went to bed in the third floor.

1/5/2010 (Saturday)
Early in the morning I could hear my cousin brother crying, but I continued to sleep until 9 something my sister and I woke up. We got ready to go to the nearby market for breakfast, one thing good about Singapore's area structure, every housing area have a market, food court and a train station that is walking distance. It took less than 10 minutes and less than 1 km to reach the place, my aunt, cousin sisters, my mom, sister and I walked there, it was fun. We had beef ball noodles and my aunt showed us more of their new home and the area. There was a small shopping mall and the MRT was very near too. We walked home to rest as lunch time we were heading to Resort World Sentosa.

At 11:45am, my uncle drove all of us to Resort World Sentosa, my aunt's new work place. My aunt treated us lunch there at a VIP restaurant, the food was good and special. After that, we walked around the hotels and took some pictures, in our next trip we decide to visit Universal Studios, for there were many people as it was a public holiday in Singapore. It was a hot afternoon, we also went in the casino. The casino was so crowded, many gamblers at roulette table, blackjack table and poker table. Even the slot machines were full of people sitting there and gambling. My grandmother gave my sister 10sgd to try her virgin luck, she won back the 10sgd and then lost it to the classic slot machine. It was a confusing game as we don't understand how we got points. We went home tired and took a nap until dinner.

For dinner we went into the city to a restaurant that had the same reading sound as my grandmother's name. The food that was served was Hainan style, the pork chop was very good. After that my uncle drove us around town awhile and we passed by Little India, there were many people there and mostly are Indians, it's like looking at Brickfields, KL that is 5 times bigger and more crowded. My parents went to visit my grandaunt who lived nearby after that and all the children and my grandfather went to bed. 

Trip to the market
Resort World Sentosa

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