Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Queen of Babble - Gets Hitched

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched is the last book of the series for Lizzie Nichols. The previous story ended with Lizzie waking up at her apartment to find Chaz next to her but dressed and Luke at her door looking for her. Luke was suppose to be in France but he came back because he wanted to propose to Lizzie. Lizzie temporary avoided a conflict between the two friends by asking Luke to get her coffee and then she shoos Chaz out of the house. Chaz is pretty pissed as he feels there is something between them and does not agree to Lizzie getting back with Luke.

Luke proposes and Lizzie accepted it and she is on her way of becoming a bride.Lizzie is busy planning her dream wedding but many problem arises where the best man (Chaz) and maid of honor (Shari) does not support the marriage. Lizzie's wedding will be in south of France but her family wants in at their backyard. At the mean time, Luke's family is influencing him to quit studying medicine and going back into investment banking. While Lizzie is busy planning her wedding she also is busy with her career where she needs to design a wedding gown for a celebrity. The celebrity is a troublesome person, wanting this and that, behaving not what a bride-to-be is suppose to.

In all these problems, Lizzie starts having doubts about her wedding and whether Luke is the one for her. Chaz is simply mad at her and thinks that he is the one for her instead. Lizzie doesn't want to be a bad girl and be with Chaz and dump Luke.

What you'll find in this book is the development of Chaz and Lizzie's relationship, her career development and more family involvement. Meg Cabot inserted special parts just like the previous two books, which are "A History of Weddings" and "Tip to avoid a Wedding Day Disaster", not to forget quotes but this time not on gossip but on soul mates and union of two souls. I really enjoyed reading those small small things that is in the book, it really widens my knowledge on history on weddings. Drama and funny are the key essence of this series and this book still gives plenty of it. You would read keep reading to find out how the drama ends and will Lizzie end up with Luke or Chaz or neither? I'm really happy with the ending and I find that this series is much better than Heather Well's which I will blog about later.

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