Thursday, April 1, 2010

Enchanted Glass

We all live ordinary lives, have ordinary jobs and ordinary friends. Things changed when Andrew's grandfather(Jocelyn Brandon) passed, he is given an important duty which is to care for his grandfather's field of care. When he was young he spent many of his summers with his grandfather at his home in a village. He loved spending time with his grandfather but he has forgotten most of it. Andrew quit his job as a Professor in a university to write a book. He moved into the house his grandfather left for him, he also kept the servants that his grandfather had.

The cleaner and the gardener have never been in good terms but they work fine with Andrew's grand father. Mrs Stock likes to moves things when Andrew rearranges the furniture and Mr Stock grows huge vegetables in the garden. Whenever Mrs Stock was mad at Andrew she will cook cauliflower cheese to make him angry. Both Mr Stock and Mrs Stock had think that Andrew was weird in a way and wanted to set him straight, thus they both offered their relatives as help to Andrew. So Andrew hired Mr Stock's niece(Stashe) and Mrs Stock's nephew(Shaun) in order not to make the two elderly angry.

Adventures began when a young boy Aidan Cain came to seek help from Andrew's grandfather but did not know he had passed. Weird people were after Aidan and many of them are unable to pronounce his name which was a relief as they would be able to command him to them. Thus Andrew begin his adventures with Aidan where they find out how big is Jocelyn's field of care. The story goes on how they came to realize the power of the enchanted glass. Along with the many people who are associated with Andrew they fight the evil who is after Aidan.

Dianne Wynne Jones have not cease to amaze me, from the first time I picked up Howl's Moving Castle I have been in love with her writing. Her fantasy stories are not the typical ones where there are swordsman, magicians, thieves and priest. The stories are unique in a way where magic are just in our current world, where it is living parallel with us. Her stories are often about family, about love that just happens without you knowing, you'll never know what you get from reading her books. Though her target of readers are either children or young adults but I still love the type of fantasy stories because it always fresh and new.


  1. Keep up the good work! I really like your book reviews :) As usual, you still like to read fantasy novels ya? :)

  2. I read chic lit also, just that I'm kinda picky at the writer, I only read Meg Cabot and Sophie Kinsella's novels :P


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