Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blood+ - 3 - Boy meets Girl

Around the world they travel and this time Saya and Red Shield have gone to Paris, France. Saya is busy training to toughen herself and Riku had become a Chevalier which puts Kai in the outs as Riku and Saya shares the same blood. Riku is happy but Kai feels left out and helpless. So he wanders off in Paris walking around aimlessly and suddenly he bumped into the enemy, "The Schiff". "The Schiff" are after Saya's blood as they think it's the only way to save their lives that are crumbling downwards. They are manmade chiropterans from a research lab in Kilbed which is funded by the enemy. Kai only saw one of the gang walking around alone, she was amazed by Paris and seemed harmless, therefore he followed her.

A gang of man tried to harm her and Kai thought she would fight back but she couldn't do anything. Kai jumped into the rescue and escaped with her and decided to help her. He brought Aurelien back to the hideout and everyone had their guard up for fear it was a trap. The Schiff followed Aurelien's scent to the hideout and tried to save her which cause a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of fighting.Aurelien and Kai tried to clear the misunderstanding and managed to convince Saya to save The Schiff by givng her blood willingly instead of forcefully taking it. Since Aurelien was dying, Saya gave her blood but it did not work. The Schiff are greatly saddened as they lost one of their sisters and lost hope that they can save themselves. They decided that Diva could be their only hope now.

Kai is saddened too by the situation and also distanced himself from the family. He went to the Eiffel Tower to commemorate Aurelien's death and found that Saya was there too. They talked it out and their bond became stronger.After that Saya decides to read Joel's diary and find out her past and how she came to be. The story reached it's climax when the leader of the chevaliers found a mole in Red Shield and plans an attack in a month's time. Diva and Karl decided to have some fun and went to the ship where Red Shield's headquarters are after the mole told the location. Everyone was caught in a fight and many were hurt. Saya lost someone dear to her and after the incident she disappears for a year along with Hagi. The story continues in London where Saya meets her only family member left again. Diva is up to no good as she took over the body of Saya's family. Saya defeats two of the five chevaliers of Diva's.The book ends where Saya have to travel to USA to continue chasing after Diva and to put a stop to whatever sinister plan that the enemy have.

This novel is separated into two sections which is Paris and London which indicates the location where Saya is in. It's kinda hard to imagine a sword fight and even a war zone for me which in this case the third book has much to offer. I liked the part where the writer gives Saya and the Schiff a good relationship this time where they help each other to one common goal. The whole story stresses on family bonds and relationship many times where we read about The Schiff's, Saya's and also Diva's chevaliers. All of them have tight bonds and care greatly about each other, the devotion and loyalty is wonderful where we often question ourselves it is the same for us. Despite being family members, some people are willing to abuse them at will, to manipulate the bonds and trusts to gain what they want. This is just wrong. It is awful to hear but you can't deny the fact that it's happening right now in every part of the world.

The writer did give the readers some fun where good versus evil isn't hopeless. Sadly there aren't always happy endings where one good character dies but two bad people dies. I'm looking forward to how the last book will end the story. I would give this book a 3/5, it has good action but I feel some parts are quite draggy and some parts lacks some explanation. Overall the writer did a good job on the important parts.

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