Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Queen of Babble - Gets Hitched

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched is the last book of the series for Lizzie Nichols. The previous story ended with Lizzie waking up at her apartment to find Chaz next to her but dressed and Luke at her door looking for her. Luke was suppose to be in France but he came back because he wanted to propose to Lizzie. Lizzie temporary avoided a conflict between the two friends by asking Luke to get her coffee and then she shoos Chaz out of the house. Chaz is pretty pissed as he feels there is something between them and does not agree to Lizzie getting back with Luke.

Luke proposes and Lizzie accepted it and she is on her way of becoming a bride.Lizzie is busy planning her dream wedding but many problem arises where the best man (Chaz) and maid of honor (Shari) does not support the marriage. Lizzie's wedding will be in south of France but her family wants in at their backyard. At the mean time, Luke's family is influencing him to quit studying medicine and going back into investment banking. While Lizzie is busy planning her wedding she also is busy with her career where she needs to design a wedding gown for a celebrity. The celebrity is a troublesome person, wanting this and that, behaving not what a bride-to-be is suppose to.

In all these problems, Lizzie starts having doubts about her wedding and whether Luke is the one for her. Chaz is simply mad at her and thinks that he is the one for her instead. Lizzie doesn't want to be a bad girl and be with Chaz and dump Luke.

What you'll find in this book is the development of Chaz and Lizzie's relationship, her career development and more family involvement. Meg Cabot inserted special parts just like the previous two books, which are "A History of Weddings" and "Tip to avoid a Wedding Day Disaster", not to forget quotes but this time not on gossip but on soul mates and union of two souls. I really enjoyed reading those small small things that is in the book, it really widens my knowledge on history on weddings. Drama and funny are the key essence of this series and this book still gives plenty of it. You would read keep reading to find out how the drama ends and will Lizzie end up with Luke or Chaz or neither? I'm really happy with the ending and I find that this series is much better than Heather Well's which I will blog about later.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Queen of Babble - In the Big City

Lizzie Nichols has graduated and is out to find a job but she isn't lucky as she couldn't find the perfect job. Her best friend's boyfriend (Chaz) helped her and so she is working as a receptionist at Chaz's father's law firm. There she start her gossiping again and has many job troubles. In the mean time, she is volunteering to work in a wedding gown shop. She really loves it and wants to be a certified wedding gown specialist.

Lizzie's love life seems to have a good start where Luke from the previous book has ask her to live with him and she agrees. Then she manages to bring up the M word at Luke and soon finds herself no place to stay. Other than that, Lizzie is meddling with a famous person's wedding and soon find herself needing to design and refine the wedding dress of this person. Many troubles occurs as Lizzie does not manage to shut her mouth up at important hours.

What I like about this second book is the humour is ongoing and I'm curious at how things will end for Lizzie be it her relationship or her career. In this book, Meg Cabot has a topic before each new chapter and it is Lizzie's wedding gown guide. I learnt a lot from the guide on wedding gowns, it is really interesting. Also when a new chapter starts, there will be quotes regarding gossip from famous people just like the first book.

This books builds more on Luke and Chaz's characters where we find out more about those two gentlemen who are best friends. We get to see more of Lizzie becoming more mature and responsible and how her friend developed too.The second book definitely had more drama than the first one, I enjoyed this book more than the first where you don't know what to expect from Lizzie and the people around her. The ending of the book is sort of suspended which indicates that there will be another book coming. This is a must read to follow up on Lizzie Nichol's messy, dramatic but yet funny life.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Queen of Babble

With no place to go and no money to leave London, Lizzie Nichols is in big trouble, and also the money to visit her boyfriend in London is her college graduation money. When she reached London she was only filled with disappointment, she couldn't recognise Andrew and thought he was a stalker. She then went to live with Andrew and the family in a small flat which was kinda disastrous for she thought they would be alone. Lizzie was further disappointed when she found that that her boyfriend wasn't honest at all and was trying to cheat some money out of her, so then she gets away from him and calls her best friend Shari for help.

Thank to Shari, Lizzie managed to get a job by helping Shari cater at a wedding in south of France. She then takes a train to south of France to reach the Chateau Mirac. It's an exciting summer  where Lizzie's meets someone special on the train and found out that he (Luke) is the bribe's cousin.  She also messes up a lot because of her big mouth and the things she says. She still manages to fix the problems in the end and gets hooked up with the handsome Luke.

This book is filled with lots of laughter, interesting love story and great character development. I really enjoyed this book by Meg Cabot and you could see a lot of research must have been done for in every new chapter there is a quote that is related to gossiping for Lizzie loves to do that. Other than that, the writer also inserts Lizzie's final year thesis before every chapter which is some small parts of the thesis. The thesis is about history of fashion which I don't know anything myself so it was a good read. This is one of those Meg Cabot books that are hard to put down because you keep wanting to know who Lizzie will end up with, how she solves her problems and tries to learn to shut her mouth. I give this book a rating of 5/5, it's one of those chic lit that aren't normal because Meg fills it with humour and drama easily, I would definitely read it again in the future. A small note to all, this Queen of Babble is an adult series not like Princess Diaries who are meant for young adult and even children.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blood+ - 3 - Boy meets Girl

Around the world they travel and this time Saya and Red Shield have gone to Paris, France. Saya is busy training to toughen herself and Riku had become a Chevalier which puts Kai in the outs as Riku and Saya shares the same blood. Riku is happy but Kai feels left out and helpless. So he wanders off in Paris walking around aimlessly and suddenly he bumped into the enemy, "The Schiff". "The Schiff" are after Saya's blood as they think it's the only way to save their lives that are crumbling downwards. They are manmade chiropterans from a research lab in Kilbed which is funded by the enemy. Kai only saw one of the gang walking around alone, she was amazed by Paris and seemed harmless, therefore he followed her.

A gang of man tried to harm her and Kai thought she would fight back but she couldn't do anything. Kai jumped into the rescue and escaped with her and decided to help her. He brought Aurelien back to the hideout and everyone had their guard up for fear it was a trap. The Schiff followed Aurelien's scent to the hideout and tried to save her which cause a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of fighting.Aurelien and Kai tried to clear the misunderstanding and managed to convince Saya to save The Schiff by givng her blood willingly instead of forcefully taking it. Since Aurelien was dying, Saya gave her blood but it did not work. The Schiff are greatly saddened as they lost one of their sisters and lost hope that they can save themselves. They decided that Diva could be their only hope now.

Kai is saddened too by the situation and also distanced himself from the family. He went to the Eiffel Tower to commemorate Aurelien's death and found that Saya was there too. They talked it out and their bond became stronger.After that Saya decides to read Joel's diary and find out her past and how she came to be. The story reached it's climax when the leader of the chevaliers found a mole in Red Shield and plans an attack in a month's time. Diva and Karl decided to have some fun and went to the ship where Red Shield's headquarters are after the mole told the location. Everyone was caught in a fight and many were hurt. Saya lost someone dear to her and after the incident she disappears for a year along with Hagi. The story continues in London where Saya meets her only family member left again. Diva is up to no good as she took over the body of Saya's family. Saya defeats two of the five chevaliers of Diva's.The book ends where Saya have to travel to USA to continue chasing after Diva and to put a stop to whatever sinister plan that the enemy have.

This novel is separated into two sections which is Paris and London which indicates the location where Saya is in. It's kinda hard to imagine a sword fight and even a war zone for me which in this case the third book has much to offer. I liked the part where the writer gives Saya and the Schiff a good relationship this time where they help each other to one common goal. The whole story stresses on family bonds and relationship many times where we read about The Schiff's, Saya's and also Diva's chevaliers. All of them have tight bonds and care greatly about each other, the devotion and loyalty is wonderful where we often question ourselves it is the same for us. Despite being family members, some people are willing to abuse them at will, to manipulate the bonds and trusts to gain what they want. This is just wrong. It is awful to hear but you can't deny the fact that it's happening right now in every part of the world.

The writer did give the readers some fun where good versus evil isn't hopeless. Sadly there aren't always happy endings where one good character dies but two bad people dies. I'm looking forward to how the last book will end the story. I would give this book a 3/5, it has good action but I feel some parts are quite draggy and some parts lacks some explanation. Overall the writer did a good job on the important parts.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Enchanted Glass

We all live ordinary lives, have ordinary jobs and ordinary friends. Things changed when Andrew's grandfather(Jocelyn Brandon) passed, he is given an important duty which is to care for his grandfather's field of care. When he was young he spent many of his summers with his grandfather at his home in a village. He loved spending time with his grandfather but he has forgotten most of it. Andrew quit his job as a Professor in a university to write a book. He moved into the house his grandfather left for him, he also kept the servants that his grandfather had.

The cleaner and the gardener have never been in good terms but they work fine with Andrew's grand father. Mrs Stock likes to moves things when Andrew rearranges the furniture and Mr Stock grows huge vegetables in the garden. Whenever Mrs Stock was mad at Andrew she will cook cauliflower cheese to make him angry. Both Mr Stock and Mrs Stock had think that Andrew was weird in a way and wanted to set him straight, thus they both offered their relatives as help to Andrew. So Andrew hired Mr Stock's niece(Stashe) and Mrs Stock's nephew(Shaun) in order not to make the two elderly angry.

Adventures began when a young boy Aidan Cain came to seek help from Andrew's grandfather but did not know he had passed. Weird people were after Aidan and many of them are unable to pronounce his name which was a relief as they would be able to command him to them. Thus Andrew begin his adventures with Aidan where they find out how big is Jocelyn's field of care. The story goes on how they came to realize the power of the enchanted glass. Along with the many people who are associated with Andrew they fight the evil who is after Aidan.

Dianne Wynne Jones have not cease to amaze me, from the first time I picked up Howl's Moving Castle I have been in love with her writing. Her fantasy stories are not the typical ones where there are swordsman, magicians, thieves and priest. The stories are unique in a way where magic are just in our current world, where it is living parallel with us. Her stories are often about family, about love that just happens without you knowing, you'll never know what you get from reading her books. Though her target of readers are either children or young adults but I still love the type of fantasy stories because it always fresh and new.
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